dont mind me i have feels in my eye

I don’t think you understand how much I hate staying up at night with you on my mind. Or how much it sucks to always have my eyes wander over to you, and to see you looking at me too. You don’t know how much my heart hurts when I watch you walk up to her. You don’t get how painful it is to know you have feelings for her and not me, and that you dont see me the way I see you.
—  I can’t take this.
She looked up with watery eyes when I asked her what was wrong, she said she was scared. I looked at her confused, of what? I whispered. “I’m scared that I feel happy, I’m scared that I just want to be friends with him and not his girl, I’m scared that I don’t mind if my friends don’t have time for me… I’m scared why the things that used to make me cry for days dont bother me no more” She said.
—  I smiled and told her “your growing up baby girl”

God damn this boy, he’s a lyrical genius in my books who tares up a stage like no one can…. Yeah he’s a dork but that’s what makes him, him and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Zico follows his dream and doesn’t give up. That’s why I look up to him so much.
No matter the shit him and BlockB have been through him and the boys bounce back with a stronger energy.

And I can’t wait till him,P.o , Kyung, B-Bomb , Taeil , Ukwon & Jaehyo make a come back.

I’ll probably piss my pants but what evs, it will be worth it
Because its Block B.

Forever a proud and loyal BBC.

Real nigga shit

Yall wanna know some that’s disrespectful? When you ask a nigga to see his girlfriend nudes/ass/titties any shit like that. that is straight disrespectful you dont ask a nigga you dont know to see his girlfriend ass im not one those dudes who post shit like that on tumblr cause i feel like my girlfriend is rare she is someone exclusive she is someone who not many people have had she isnt someone who strangers deserve to see idc how fine she is i treat her like a queen and what queen you know just let any dude have her? See her? And shit like that like she not no celebrity like beyonce who dont mind showin her body off like she is something precious so precious her body could only be seen by certain eyes and this nigga gon have the audacity to ask me some shit like that? Tf ? Then its a respect thing you dont ask no nigga no shit like that and expect him to be chill bout it like if a nigga calm bout that shit then he really dont give a fuck bout his girl