dont mess with our queen

The pacing of Gracevas/Cardivas

Guys, I adore it. This is just something real quick ‘cause I need to stop writing in the middle of the night. 
So this right here:

has become my favourite.
Grace seems to be under the impression that staying as friends with Zoe is for the best. I can’t blame her because admittedly for Grace, going further with Zoe or even anyone..with her situation, is terrifying and painful. She’s made that apparent with her storytelling on middle school (my heart cried) and her not wanting to deal with relationships (fucking pinged my cardivas radar yall.) So she lessens the pain by keeping her feelings concealed and staying as friends because it probably won’t hurt as much right? However she will be reminded. Reminded of who she is friends with. Zoe is a fighter, a girl with a powerful personality. This girl does not back down. She will take action. She will stumble trying yes but that’s because she’s learning. 
In the end though, what truly matters is that Zoe Rivas is not going to leave her side and I absolutely love how we might see this through Grace just like how we did tonight.
Grace realizing someone (probably for the first time) truly, truly caring about her and being so touched by it is beautiful. I may have teared because I thought she was going to cry.

Being reminded that Zoe’s going to be there through thick and thin…she’s going to fall more (more ‘cause we all know she’s probably got the Zoe feels already) in love and I am so excited for that. 

(if the writing quality doesn’t die. HMM 1x07)