dont mess up his hair come on he just got it right

“Come on babe” 
"No li, we’ve got quite a big crowd out there and what would the boys think if they caught us shagging Huh?”
Liam shrugged completely oblivious to the fact that there were cameras and people they didn’t know just right next door along with the rest of the crew. Sighing Zayn smiled looking in the mirror admiring his greedy boyfriend, being crammed in a small over lit and crowded dressing room had its perks. “One kiss?“ Giving a toothy grin Liam huffed, he wasn’t giving up that easy, He would’ve settled for a peck but Zayn’s a goddamn tease and he makes Liam’s wheels spin. Rolling his eyes Zayn chuckled                                                               

"You being persistent is cute babe, it really is but Lou is going to come in here any minute to do ma’ hair and I do not need any distractions.”  Flicking Liam’s pout as he turns back around trying to fix the mess he called his hair. Hearing voices more clearly than before from the next room Liam whined. "It’s one timeee Zayn, I want ask for another like this … It’s just -“ giving a sly one eyed glance towards Zayn. ”Tours been so hard and we rarely have time to make love (Zayn scoffed) and I’ve been stressed out cause of all the sneaking around, haven’t had any time with my babe"                                                  

And just maybe Zayn went soft as Liam said making love because dammit he is not just a needy fuck, he likes slow and passionate things and really doesn’t care how many times Liam might laugh at him for it but he’s a romantic and he holds true to that side of him. “oh tours been hard yea?” he said mocking Liam’s adorable pout  (almost tempted to get a taste of his pink lips ) “and all this sneaking around -” sighing as he grabs Liam’s hand “with not even a satisfying wank in the loo” “ Zayn!!" grinning he looked at Liam from under his lashes ” well I suppose one kiss could…suffice"  Smirking with anticipation Liam leaned down , captivated by Zayn’s beautiful eyes , holding on to his boyfriends shoulders , meeting his soft lips by almost an inch …                                                                

“If only you were a great liar babe" putting on a Cheshire grin Zayn sat back down just as Lou walked in her brush and comb in hand. “Everything all right" she gave a smile as she stared at Liam who was clearly very un-amused and somewhat aroused. ”Yea everything is just peachy” he replied giving out yet another signature shrug adjusting his pants slightly before walking out.