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being @gayradwhitedad ‘s friend means u automatically sign up for vore jokes and i still dont know how to deal w/ this information em im love u i promise

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Probably went a whole month without kissing. Of course I'm sure kissing was allowed on other places, like his neck and shoulders, just not the lips. But despite that, Black Hat really missed those lips. After a month, Flug finally lets Black Hat kiss him again. But warns him before hand. "Bite me again and we're not kissing for two months." How to train your eldritch horror boyfriend 101.

first of all anon, great content thank u so much

secondly, black hat isn’t about to let flug know he missed his dumb face a lot

Fun fact: Did you know that if you drop an apple on the ground your horse will actually go after it. 

I dropped an apple on the ground for Wolf Link so he could heal a bit of health, and Achak actually stole it from him, stepping on him in the process. Wolf Link legit took half a heart of damage. I’m pretty sure it was a glitch or something, since I couldn’t get it to happen again, but it was incredible.

Leeleesims1′s Curli Bun hairs, recolored in WildlyMiniatureSandwich’s naturals and unnaturals. Added as additional swatches. I’ve wanted to recolor these since they were released and finally got around to doing it. Separate files for naturals and unnaturals for each hair. 

Download - Meshes needed here (make sure you download the fixed mesh for the bun with braid hair if you downloaded the originals before May 24th)


@leeleesims1 for the hairs, @wildlyminiaturesandwich for the colors

remember my tablet pen that was wrecked and I couldn’t find a replacement? So I went and arranged buying a new one and already put in a payment for it? WellI figured ‘hey I’m getting a new one might as well take this old sucker apart!’


fixed it