dont make this a zayn harry moment !!!

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what are your favorite ziam moments from every year (2010-2016)?

favorite ziam moment from every year 

this is so rude 

since is ziam from every year gonna start with 2008

2008-zayn was supposed to go to xfactor liam did go to xfactor but didnt go too far 

2010-zayn finally go to xfactor and liam was back to xfactor they finally meet

this is some “couple predestined to happen”


2011- zayn talking on bravo about ziam first kiss(?)

bonus-liam tweet about zayn 

2012-It is the worst year to choose so much has happened is the the ziam year roller coaster.

you have liam really missing zayn and not knowing how to function

because zayn place is 

and ou have ziam more and more close but then ( because always have a but)

vegas It happened and everyne have a  opinion about vegas  but the question is zayn was with a “ I had enough”attitude

the girlfriend leave and zayn mood get better 

but then we have liam quoting a classic zayn’s tweet

but then the last concert of the tour 

but then have liam’s birthday

and FINALLY itunes festival say hello to the new couple :D

but then we have MSG and as every big 1d moment we must have “all the boys must have girldfriend less niall” so liam “girldfriend” is back 

but you know actually my fave 2012 moment is ziam Germany

because nothing warms up the heart,make people happy,get your in better mood that a newly couple in love

bonus- last first kiss

2013-ziam on 1dday because has so much happen that you dont know where to focus

ziam sex time

ziam dancing

ziam sex kinky time

ziam what is personal space

ziam comforting boyfriend

ziam proud boyfriend

ziam sex kinky time (again)

ziam worried boyfriend

ziam singing for the other

bonus-  the toothpaste kiss

liam harry run to put the toothpaste bu zayn stay to listen the instructions but for some reason the 3 are back in the same time and ziam is like that

and you have zayn smile “ “I just kiss liam when we’re live for all america”

2014- “you and i“this song is on midnight memories that is actually from 2013 and explains liam’s tattoo and that is actually liam fave song in 2013

but in 2014 we have liam crying when they sing the song for the first on zayn solo

and honestly if liam says “its you” to me like that even i would do a song called its you to liam 

bonus- ziam brits

thanks for make clear that this was a ziam holiday

2015-liam always talking about zayn 

bonus- liam extremely embarrassed with a (sex) joke about zayn

2016-nobody asked but liam want you to know that he loves zayn

bonus- zayn tattoo hand that reminds me liam smoking

juicy j wiz khalifa-you feat.liam cover /mykl posting a picture that is the inspiration of zayn tattoo

liam you/zayn its you

and of course 

none of the gifs are mine 

all credits to the owners

  • Friend: Hey, you ready?
  • Me: just One Thing left to do
  • Friend: Okay well hurry up
  • Me: I have No Control over these Little Things okay?
  • Friend: Tay we really need to leave
  • Me: What A Feeling being late is, I will Happily be quick because at the End of The Day it's just You and I
  • Friend: Tayah. I know what you're doing. Stop it.
  • Me: Don't Drag Me Down, this is the Best Song Ever and I want to Live While Were Young
  • Friend: Fucking stop it.
  • Me: If I Could Fly away from you I Would, I deserve More Than This .
  • Friend: I will fucking leave
  • Me: Moments like these are What Makes You Beautiful to me, and One Way or Another I will not let us be late. C'mon, C'mon!
  • Friend: Fucking Christ
  • Me: [gets in car, starts leaving] I'll be Back For You so we can do this all Over Again!

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what are ur top ten favorite zouis moments and why are they your favorites? :)

Buckle up, sweetcheeks, You’re in for a wild ride.

1. “…And I Love You.”

This is my favorite, by far. Cant explain to you why, but seeing how naturally that came to mind for Louis, how randomly he chose to say it, just strikes me really hard in the heart. Like, he just wanted to remind Zayn how much he loves him, and is glad he’s with them. Then, you see how quickly Z goes from smiling and being silly, to looking at Louis with utter genuineness, “…I Love You, Too.” LIKE…how does this not play on your Zouie emotions?

2. Just play with his hair, Zayn, dammit!

Do I really need to explain why I love this? Like…? Probably couldn’t if I tried, but the fact that Louis was unspokenly prodding Zayn to pet him was too much sweetness in one moment. And knowing Zayn, he does as he’s asked and rakes his hands though. PLEASE, you two.

3. “You want a spring roll, bebz?”

The entire Zouis moment is great! But, what i love most about it was seeing how adorable they looked feeding each other!

Do you see how tenderly Louis brings the food to Zayn’s mouth? Just nimble little fingers bringing the food right to Zayn’s lips. And like a fresh, newborn spring deer, Zayn takes the food, then offering some back. If you wanna factor in Harry ‘getting jealous,’ so be it. But this is undoubtedly a Zouis moment, full stop. Not a care of anyone else in that room besides the other.

4. The Kiss Down Under

You can literally never ever, ever make me forget this happening. The visuals, the sounds, the kissing. Its all permanently burned into my brain. I can understand Louis throwing his arm over Zayn’s shoulder. What I DONT GET is why Zayn kissed it. He deadass kissed his hand, loud enough to make a sound. The sound of his LIPS smacking against Louis’ hand. How Charming of you, Zayn. To make it even worse, though; Louis acts like a giggly little school boy getting away with something he shouldn’t on the playground. they seal the deal by Louis dragging Zayn away playfully after the interview, off to cause more trouble.

5. Pucker up, pretty paper boy!

It’s silly, but it’s also very cute, and very playful. Louis simply could not deal with not drumming up the theatrics, so of course he had to bring in the kissy sounds while their paper dolls made out. But, judging by that look on Zayno’s face, he didn’t much mind it. : )

6. “What Is The One Thing You Can Not Live Without?”

Ughhhh….We all knew this was coming. We did. And when i watched the video back just now, I literally had to hold my head in my hands and sigh for literally two minutes. I simply have NO words to describe this moment. Do you? Does anyone?? It’s all too much sometimes, how serious and out of left field that response was. Louis wasn’t expecting it, that’s for damn sure. He thought Zayn would come up with some silly, throwaway joke like Niall. BOOOY, did he play himself. Zayn literally looked Louis in the eye, put on a serious face, and answered it as heartfelt as he could. Simply, “You.”

Zayn literally couldn’t imagine not having Louis in his life. Let that settle in your brain. He needed, and still does, need Louis in his life. That makes him happy. And Louis actually was so stuuned Zayn would choose him, he had to clarify whether he meant the fans and not him. “Cause surely he wouldn’t mean me,” Louis thinks. But he did. and pulled Louis into a warm hug. This is one of the most adorable Zouis moments ever. They love each other so much!

7. The Broz and That Balloon

Now, listen….This is a moment I truly cannot comprehend. I simply cant understand why. For some unknown reason, Tumblr only allows five videos in a post, so i’ve linked it here. It literally is such an underappreciated moment. Please, for my sanity, PLEASE look at Zayn’s hand on the back of Louis’ head. And wallow in the pain with me. That balloon is merely acting as a thin, latex barrier between their love. The verge of a kiss, i will never get over it!

8. The Mystery Machine!

Oh, my my! What a fantastic time that was when they revealed they combined their money and ideas to get a personalized, monogrammed, decked out Mystery Machine! Again, video linked here. But truly? We did not know true Zouis happiness until we watched their faces in this video.

They were like two kids in a candy store. All the gadgets, devices, and comforts one two would need for a night of booze and blunts, coffee and video games. I, truly, cannot say enough about this, but i’ll just leave it at this. The Mystery Machine still resides at Louis’ London home; while Zayn, to this day, commemorates it with a tiny, toy version to remind him of what they still have.

9. Soft Bros AT Spin Radio

This one is…Goodness. I have never seen them so touchy-feely before. Louis was so needy that day. Draping himself over Zayn,

Zayn draping himself over Louis,

butting heads, in the cutest way, of course,

And even getting a little handsy,

I couldn’t tell you why, but they were in their feels that day. Video here. My brain has successfully short-circuited, so i cant explain why these gifs are everything, but you can all clearly see how touchy and close they were that early on. Blows my mind!

10. Got Your Back, Bro.

This is a sweet one to wrap up. I couldn’t tell you why this makes me so happy to see always, but it does.

I die twice over every time Louis goes in for a *pat-pat* on Zayn’s bum after fixing his pants. Is that typical dude bro behavior? I dunno, but its cute. Video here, as well. It’s such a simple gesture, but not one you’d be comfortable with just anyone doing to you. Which is why it caught Zayn so off-guard, but once he knew it was his Lou, its was all fine. I love this.

Anywho, this has gone on WAY too far, and my brain hurts from how much Zouis i had to re-digest. But it was worth every minute. They are the cutest, and you cannot simplify  them and their relationship in just a few videos and gifs, but there’s surely so much i HAVENT talked about, but we’ll save that for another day. Thank you for asking, gorgeous, i hope this was worth the read!

Don't Tease Harry Styles

Hehe, I’m on a roll! Two imagines in two days, Woohoo! :D Enjoy guys!

-Niamh x

“Y/N, are you nearly ready?” Harry shouts from downstairs.

“Almost!” I reply, slipping my heels on and doing the finishing touches on my hair. I grab my clutch and open the bedroom door, meeting those bright green eyes I love so much. Harry looks like a god, dressed in a sleek black tux, his wild floppy curls making him look as hot as ever. His eyes widen as they take me in. I’m wearing a black and white off-shoulder gown, my hair tumbling down my back in waves. He licks his lips slightly and I blush, hoping it doesn’t show through my makeup. He sees it of course and smirks devilishly.

“You look beautiful Y/N. So much so that I’m half thinking not to go to this awards ceremony at all. I can think of something else that is much more fun.”

He’s looking at me with lustful eyes, stepping closer to me so we are only a hairs length apart. As he reaches out to tuck a curl of hair behind my ear, I suddenly feel a pull of electricity between us. Before I know it, he grabs me and crashes his lips against mine. I let out a gasp in surprise, giving him access into my mouth, and he pulls me closer by the waist, grazing his teeth against my lower lip, making me moan. Leaving my mouth, he places butterfly kisses down my neck, along my collarbone, sucking and nipping at the spot below my earlobe. I wrap my arms around his neck, dropping my clutch in the process. The sound breaks me out of my Harry induced haze. I push him away and step back to retrieve my clutch while Harry looks at me in confusion. I shrug at him.

“We wouldn’t want to miss the awards ceremony, now would we, Mr Styles?”

Smirking, I push past a speechless Harry and walk down the hall, careful to swivel my hips as I do, just to tease him.

                                        *                *              *       

“Well down for the award Eddie,” I say, smiling at my friend Ed Sheeran, who looks proudly at the golden statue.

“Thanks, Y/N. I still can’t believe it!”

I smile and look across the table at Harry, who hasn’t said a word to me since the incident in the bedroom. He’s laughing and chatting with his friend, Niall. He isn’t taking any notice of me, and I feel guilty. I enjoyed the kissing as much as him, and I still feel turned on from it. I know he does too, because there is a glint in his eyes that’s only there when he is. I decide to catch his attention. Still talking to Ed, I kick off my heels so I’m barefoot. Raising my leg, I press my foot to his crotch. A loud splutter comes from across the table. I look over at him and see that he is staring at me wide-eyed, a wine glass in his hand. Niall looks concerned beside him, lightly tapping his back. I turn away from him, stifling a smirk, and go back to talking with Ed, removing my foot off him.

When the food is served, I wait till he just about to eat till I place my foot back on him and slowly start stroking him with my toe. He squirms in his seat, and shoots me a lustful glare. I smirk when I feel his hard, and raise an eyebrow. He turns away from me and grabs his jacket from the back of his chair. Excusing himself from the table, I snigger when I see he is holding the jacket in front of his crotch.

Waiting a few minutes, I pretend my phone is ringing and excuse myself to take the call. Rushing out of the ceremony room, I look around for Harry. I’m about text him when I’m pulled inside a janitor’s closet. The room is in total darkness until Harry flicks a switch, giving the room a hazy glow. I look at him innocently but I can tell that he is no mood for games. He steps closer to me so I am pressed against the wall. He puts his hands on either side of the wall so I’m trapped. He towers over me, like a dark god.

“You better finish what you started, Y/N,” he growls, making a delicious shiver run through my body. In this moment, I make a note to self,

Teasing Harry Styles is a defo!

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hey sasha do you think mark dont know about ziam? like there hasnt been any ziam moments unless when liam say to zayn that he should come with them (in the 1 episode) but if like larry has more moments like when they go shopping together,louis worried about harry,louis watching old photos of larry and harry remember louis birthday and liam left and zayn dont say anything unliked louis who was worried.(there has been ziall,nouis,zouis,larry but still not ziam):(

I think he knows as much as 1D wants him to know since I do think they approved and collaborated on AAOOD3. Sometimes we make the mistake of looking at Harry&Louis and Liam&Zayn as if they were actually cartoon characters and not real people. The way they choose to present themselves is their choice–they’re four different people and two different couples and there’s no logical reason whatsoever to expect both couples to be identical. You wouldn’t expect that from any couples you actually know, so why them?

Larry has long since exploded into a thing and Harry&Louis seem to have more or less made peace with that. They’re slowly taking back control of their narrative. Ziam are different. Remember, “we are the quiet ones”? Remember “beautiful things don’t ask for attention”? I doubt there’s any reasonable celebrity couple, same sex or otherwise, who looks at the Larry circus and says, “Yes, we want that.” Hell no. Although I’m certain they appreciate the support, sometimes it does get intrusive. It gets downright scary at times. The line is crossed sometimes. Why begrudge Ziam the right to insulate themselves from that a little bit? Like I said, I think Harry&Louis have made peace with it–up to a point–out of necessity. But if you can avoid that, why not swerve on it? So maybe they have a different approach? That’s ok. Any way either couple wants to handle the public face of their relationship is ok. It’s their relationship, not ours. It’s up to them to decide. And ultimately, they’re under no obligation to entertain us via “Larry” and “Ziam”.

So if we get more Ziam moments, cool. If not, that’s fine too. But I think it’s important for us to understand that 1D views ALL their intra-band relationships as important. That’s why Niall has been so critical to the AAOOD3 series. Because it’s not the Larry and Ziam show. Larry and Ziam have been physically separated most of the cartoon. I don’t think that’s an accident either. 5/5 and all their dynamics are critical to what 1D is as a unit. That’s a very important takeaway.