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hey like here’s a reality check from a bi woman-aligned person in a long-term relationship with a man: 

my relationship and my wellbeing arent threatened by lesbians. posts on the internet don’t make me feel unsafe in real life. the reality of being bi and being with a man is knowing that if i don’t stay with this guy, i lose safety. it’s knowing that this relationship is safer than one you might have with a woman…like…if you think erasure is a bigger problem than visibility you can choke i know the privilege is real cos i feel it every time im in public w my boyfriend. lesbians aren’t stopping me from dating a man homophobes are pressuring me to date a man. get real

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also i lied about there being no WoH they’re in here

first up we have the crack AU me and my friends made up: Instead of a killing game, it’s an Uno tournament. If you lose, you’re out.

I forgot how to draw Komaru orz

Next up we have the Naegi sibs strangling Junko

Why did I draw them like rotisserie chickens? I dont know

Next we have a shitpost I made in a skype call. Make of it what you will.

everyone is alive except peko

i really don’t like komaeda but i shitpost about him anyway

me and my friend on flockdraw (hey look it’s that one nagisa)


I was in a Skype call trying to draw with my left hand and my friend and I made up a story…Kotoko is trying to shoot Nagisa (why? Idk) and jataro is trying to backstab Nagisa, Komaeda is trying to stop them and Masaru is gonna jump on Komaeda. Also Hinata is crying.

This is just a draw your squad meme lmao



(I spelled literally wrong smh)

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Hello, I'm not trying to be insulting, but one of the reasons you did not get into calarts THIS year(there's always next) is your lines. You have to think, it's a studio from Disney and while you must take pride in individuality your lines are messy and people have to be comfortable watching whatever it is you make and messy lines are usually not comfortable. While even shaky lines are accepted yours went over each other in a supposed attempt to purposely look messy.

i dont purposely attempt to make my lines to look messy. its a style that i like and comes most naturally to me. i enjoy taking a more experimental approach to art and cartooning. that isnt to say my art isnt a little untidy. i acknowledge that, but i also know im a growing artist and lack a lot of needed skill and experience. i dont believe “messier” styles are inherently bad. also, im pretty sure calarts is no longer affiliated with disney. 

Jason Todd x Reader

My first fanfiction. Idk what I’m doing tbvh. 

This really sucks, I cant believe I freaking wrote this.

Warnings: I dont like nsfw but at the end it’s pretty uh..sexual? I mean its not that much but like….it’s dirty to me. Eh, you’ll see once you read the end.


It was 3am when you heard noises in your living room. Living in Gotham never really phased you but the thought of someone sneaking into your apartment did.

You slid off your bed very carefully, trying not to make any noise. What were you thinking? Why aren’t you hiding away from the danger? Crouching down, you grabbed a metal baseball bat laying under the bed.

Alright (Y/N), you can do this, you thought to yourself, maybe it’s just a cat.

You slowly made your way towards your bedroom door, noticing a dim light shining from underneath. 

This time, you weren’t even thinking at all. Your thoughts were blank. Only your feet were guiding you. You finally made it outside your bedroom, sliding your back against the wall slowly, stopping right at the corner. The lamp next to the couch was on. You know for a fact that was off before you went to bed.

What confused you the most was the sound of someone munching on food.

The night was quiet enough for you to hear a husky rough voice say, “(Y/n) is going to kill me.”  

You glared at the wall across from you. Growling, you gripped the bat harder and turned around the corner, “I should hit you for this!” You exclaimed.

Your outburst surprised Jason, making him choke on your left over pizza. He was wearing his usual Red Hood outfit. His helmet was on your kitchen table next to a now empty pizza box. 

He raised his gloved hand up, motioning you to put the bat down, coughing while hitting his chest slightly with the other, “(Y/N) why the fuck did you scare me like that?” He tried to raise his voice, but the food stuck in his throat prevented him from doing so.

You placed the bat down, making it lay against the wall, “Scare you?! I thought you were some kind go burglar!” You retorted, and snatched the half eaten pizza from his hands, “And get your hands off my pizza!”

Jason finally recovered from his coughing fit, and slumped his huge body down on of the stools in your kitchen with a bored look, “Reality check, I paid for that pizza this afternoon,” He said, pointing at your hand, “You were the one who ate almost all the slices, I didn’t even eat one, one.” 

You blinked and glanced at the pizza now in your hand, “I did?”

He crossed his arms over his chest and nodded, “Yup, now hand it over.” He reached out his hand. 

You groaned in response giving him his pizza back.

He grinned and bit into the pizza, “What do you say?” He asked, looking up towards you.

You rolled your eyes letting out an exasperated sigh, “Sorry.”

He smirked, throwing the crust into the box, “Sorry what?” He grabbed you by the waist and pulled you towards him making you stand in between his legs.

You gushed, placing both hands on his chest, “Are you for real? Now? At this time?” Knowing Jason, he’s always up for anything. Even if it was this.

Jason dove his head into the crook of your neck, kissing your favorite place, making you shiver. He always made your legs feel like putty, “It’s been a long night, babe. I need to relieve some extra rage in me.” He ran his hand up and down your back, placing the other right above your panties.

You closed you eyes, loving the way his hands feel on your body, “Alright.” You wrapped your arms around his neck, bringing him closer.

Jason smirked against your neck, “What’s the magic word Princess?”

Oh you hate and love it when he calls you that. You squirmed around in his arms a little before whispering into his ear “Yes, Daddy.”

He left your neck and smashed his perfect lips against yours. But before he started ripping your pajamas off, you pushed him away smirking at his cute confused face, “You have to take a shower first.”

He groaned in annoyance and stood up abruptly, stomping his way towards the bathroom, “God damn it, why you gotta be like that?!”

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Oh my god no, please no dont name 'us' fans. I mean in a way, we are fans of your art, but really we're all in one fandom together, in a kpop fandom. We're still normal people, not 'public' people like idols or youtubers lol. Having a 'name' as a follower would just make me feel really weird and kind of low? LOL like I said you're not a public person, neither am i, neither are any of us, we're all fans of a group doing art, gifs, fictions etc you know? :(

tbh it would make me feel kinda weird too zeijoiefj bc i really see everyone as my friend so idk

we can be a squad tho, man that would be nice

// please dont follow me if you cant handle a giant inky daddy
I made it specific in my description i will most likely post stuff and i will keep it to a minimum of humor (i have a nsfw blog if I’m going to post deeper shit anyways) but if you are underage and are uncomfortable with my Bendy so please leave or ill block you myself
I dont need dms and asks about my Bendy being shit or gross
Why the hell you follow a blog with Daddy in it 💭

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i hope you dont mind me asking but regarding your post that you wish ppl knew how to act when sb is nonverbal - how DO i act? is there anything in particular i should do, or is it different for different people? so so sorry for bothering you and feel free to ignore this if you dont feel like answering! <3

all of these are based on my own experiences but might apply to others

  • don’t ask questions like “why arent you talking? When are you going to talk?”
  • don’t ask too many questions at all actually
  • don’t make loud or sudden movements or noises
  • don’t make fun of them or ridicule them in any way, it does Naught help and will only make things worse
  • Do remember that sometimes there are other ways to communicate - via text, nodding (in some cases, not everyone can nod when theyre nonverbal), writing on paper
  • AND do remember that nonverbal episodes arent always a sign of anxiety, sometimes people just… dont walk to talk

also here’s an app that i would recommend

and you should like, ask your autistic friends When theyre verbal, what you should do when they go nonverbal because every autistic person is different and they might prefer different things than what i would want (which is what i listed)

sometimes autistic people like to hear someone talk when we’re nonverbal, sometimes not. sometimes they want to be left alone, sometimes not

i may have forgotten a lot of stuff but Yes

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What do you think of "Who´s it gonna be?" by Boys generally Asian? :D

uhh not to be a spoilsport but i really dont like them lmao, for me,, its just really annoying ?? sndakfjda look i dont have anybody making a kpop parody or whatever theyre doing, making fun of kpop fans nd kboos and the kpop culture that surrounds all of this i have nothing against that tbh bdisak i think its a good thing evn to make some people realize what theyre doing lmao but the disrespect (idk i dont think is disrespect i just cant find the right word rn hah) towards the idols is what kinda bothers me idk, the mv got like 5 million views in 3 days ? see there are trainees that work thier asses off for YEARS to debut and then flop with 78k views on the mv and disband after 2 songsbc its not making enough money for the company and all of this u know nd there we have these 5 yt fame guys that jokingly start a “kpop group” nd they suddenly have a huge fan base nd shit ? alright. i also feel like they were making fun of idols leaving the group which reminded me of tao kris nd luhan but i dont want to get into that jnsfkjnfdsda its rlly not that deep ik that myself its just bothering me

i honestly have nothing against people that think BgA is funny and enjoy watching their videos ( i like nigahiga myself, he usually makes good videos im just not here for BgA lmao) but i just think,,, its really ,,unfunny and annoying ?? 

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Whenever I hear people saying camilas voice is really high-pitched I dont know about y'all but like I grew up with Indian female singers voices to be SO high-pitched I'm surprised you voukd hear them but Camila... Oh my god I can't like , those Indian female singers still lowkey have more skill

Indian female singers are still singing tho. Like it’s not about how high it is that bothers me it’s how she does that stupid ass falsetto and it makes her sound super whiney

I was tagged by @verseziam and @rindaanah thanks guys :))

Rules: tag 20 blogs you’d like to get to know better

Nickname: qudas, qusa, gutchi (dont ask), qudsis which huda invented but its cute :))
Zodiac sign: aries
Height: 5′5 / 5′5.5
Last Thing You Googled: trying to find a song cus i cudnt remember the name could only think of a few disjointed lyrics
Favourite music artist: way too many but top ones: Zayn, Liam, The Weeknd, Ariana, Rihanna, Atif Aslam 
Song stuck in my head: laila main laila from raees (the opening 30 seconds make me wanna let out my inner ho and i cant stop listening to it)
Last Movie you watched: Bad moms 
What are you wearing right now: black shirt, grey pajama bottoms
What do you post: zayn/liam/ziam/ot5/bollywood/multifandom sometimes
Why did you choose your URL: cus zayns eyes are like bambi eyes?
Do you have any other blogs: i have alot of urls saved and most are nsfw ziam ones lol
What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: never had one
Religious Or Spiritual: religious
Favorite Color: blue and pink 
Average Hours Of Sleep: 6 hours
Lucky Number: dont really have one… 9 is my fave number though
Favorite characters: too many omg…. a few: robb stark, jon snow, daenerys targaryen , chandler bing, phoebe buffay, robin scherbatsky, barney stinson, brooke davis, serena vanderwoodsen and chuck (both from GG) , all the kids in Stranger things, wolfgang and lito (both sense8), wes (Htgawm), bruce wayne/batman etc etc
How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: one (if its really cold then 2)
Dream Job: bad time to ask me this im having a crisis thinking of what i wanna do with my life since my life did a 360 (i dream of becoming an editor for a publishing company but it prob wont happen and i should lower my expectations) 

im very sleep deprived so im gonna tag whoever pops into my head: @0xyzen @zayniepaynie @malikaesthetics @diortitties @awwwhoopsehdaiseh @zaynliam @befourjavadd @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow @zayndrogynous @zaynfeatliam @oh-no-its-elle @ziamspaynus @sameoldbloganddance @luzcoziam @champaynezaddy 

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i didnt know if you heard about the mulan movie and how they plan on making the general li??(? correct me if im wrong) hate mulan until he finds out shes a woman because they dont people to view him as bisexual and i just thought id share because it makes me kinda mad because its like theyre invalidating bisexuals


I’ve heard about it. Sounds like some classic bisexual erasure to me. It’s a shame and it sucks big time.


I dont think that it could be posible but 2017 power ranger make me love trini more that before, like you dont understeand…. she was my absolutely favorite when i was six years old.
When i found out that she would be mexican i didnt know what to think because i really really really like her before but i am mexican, and i love representation.
But the mexican representation is usually a doble standar, even in mexican t.v, the mexican women whe see are not the average girl, they are usually skiny, tall , lighter skin, hyper sexys girls, we never seen small, brown, kind of chubbyish girl in tv. Less in blockbuster.
But trini wasnt any of this stupid tropes.
She is visible shorter that everyone else in the team, every time she stand up next to jason i smile of how tiny she is, her hair is dark and tick, her face is round and she is so dam perfect and just so shy and you dont know how much i love her.
I love her and i love this movie and i love power ranger and trini is my new daugther and i hope my new hija chola get a cute girfriend i a secuel.


i was tagged by @protoguts for 9 characters im most like!! thanks for tagging me!! this was kinda hard bc fictional characters are kinda hard to relate too because their personalities are so out there in order to make them memorable.

i tag @kashiwagisae @nonjapanese @medusamae @margaritablankenheim @snailpatrol @agenderfukase @k-k-armadillo @corathon @malpi @f-rget @ch0ukei @jimmymsi @utauwiki @nonbinarynaegi !!!!!!!!!!!!

anybody else who wants to do it just say i tagged u

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I have bpd and stuff and every time I try to explain my feelings to my friends or I joke about my Symptoms they act like they can relate completely??? I get that they have depression but??? It makes me so angry because No! They do not understand at all. Am I a bad person for being annoyed about that? I dont want to invalidate their pain but it makes me feel like I'm faking my mental illnesses when they think I'm oh so relatable..

good lord I feel you on this one, it doesn’t make you a bad person and honestly so many people are like “wow me too!!” like stfu Karen you don’t experience the extent of our symptoms, like they might have mood swings,but not every damn minute or something. It’s a very invalidating feeling and I don’t think they understand how much it affects us, but there isn’t much we can do but correct them :/

hey everyone! new mod here ouo. im mod dylan, and its nice to meet y’all! im just makin a lil intro post so you guys can get to know me a bit more. im currently sixteen, turning seventeen in may. i have an awesome bf who lives in texas and he’s the light of my life. im an actor, and do a lot of theatre stuff (its even part of my summer job!), i like to make movies, and i like video games. so. ye. i cant wait to talk more with you guys!! 

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I'm a trans woman and I wanted to say thank you for the way you wrote Galinda in TLC, and the way you approach transness in general in Shame Machine. The frankness, humor, sadness, and sexuality all ring true. Its incredibly validating to see sex scenes and romance with trans and nonbinary protagonists, and I can only hope for more from you (and that more people will write stories soon. the options out there are dire)

oh my gosh, im so happy you like my fic!!! :’’’’’) being trans is v important to me, so it’s good to know I’m doing an alright job depicting The Trans Experience. And dont worry, I will never not be writing about trans people.

Seriously, to all the gelphie authors and artists on here - embrace the trans hcs!! Elphaba at least is like, basically canon nb and intersex in the books. make them trans give it a go

18 Questions about Music

i was tagged by @notconsolation, @stalk-softly and @iltauinti!! im super Late with this,,, but thank you💞💞

1. Which bands/artist do you own the most albums by?
physical albums?? twenty one pilots. 

2. What was the last song you listened to?
free me by youth lagoon. 

3. What’s in your CD/Record player right now? 
nothing is on it right now, i put my vinyls back when i dont listen to them??

4. What was the last show you attended?
i saw banks last month and she was an angel!!!! 

5. What was the greatest show you’ve been to?
my!! twenty!! one!! pilots!! show!! i’ve honestly never experienced anything like that and i miss every aspect of it :((( that day/night really holds such a special place in my heart. (i kinda wanna make a post talking about it?? i just didnt have this blog a few months back and i wanna compensate for all of the talking there could’ve been about this show)

6. What was the worst show you’ve ever been to? 
i dont know, cant really think of anything super disappointing, apart from maybe some festival shows i didnt really care much about in the first place.  

7. What is the most musically involved you have ever been? 
probably playing the recorder @ school when i was 7 lmao.

8. What show are you looking forward to? 
i dont have tickets for anything right now, but i do have a few in mind…

9. What is your favorite band shirt ? 
uhm probably my ers tour shirt because i love when tour dates are printed on the back and its super soft and holds good memories, a close second is my cage the elephant shirt because it has the prettiest artwork on it(someone on it is spitting and has an unnatural amount of eyes, I Love It)

10. What musician would you like to hang out with for a day? 
twenty one pilots, whom am i surprising here
(also….. hannah….)

11. Who is one musician or group you wish would make a comeback? 
idk cant think of anyone right now

12. Who is one band/ artist you’ve never seen live but always wanted to? 
glass animals!!! i wanna see them live so bad oh my god. i also really wanna see børns headline - i saw him open for halsey last year, but i wasnt into him back then and im so bitter about it now lmao.

13. Name four or more flawless albums some really throghout solid albums?
i could succumb to my biased self and just say everything twenty one pilots has ever done,, but im gonna try not to do that and pick some other albums, so: anti by rihanna, melophobia by cage the elephant, hozier by hozier and pure heroine by lorde!!  

14. How many concerts have you been to, total? 
i’ve been to 10 concerts if im not counting small local stuff or festivals. 

15. Who have you seen the most live?
i’ve never seen anyone more than once live :((((

16. What is your favorite movie soundtrack? 
i think angelo badalamenti is magical, so probably most david lynch films. but i also have a really soft spot for grease. 

17. What was your last musical ‘phase’ before you wisened up?
i dont think ive had a phase tbh

18. What is your ‘guilty pleasure’ that you hate to admit liking?
im… Not Embarrassed

ok recently i just got a few new mutuals, so im gonna tag them and if they feel like doing this then i guess i’ll kinda get to know them that way, so im tagging @shyloft, @blinded-by-fairy-lights and @starredwars, im also gonna tag @wdbwotv just because hes Lovely !