dont make me feel bad for enjoying the things i like

batjokes 👏 is 👏 the 👏 least 👏 healthy👏ship 👏

all these batjokes shippers like “i bet bruce loves when joker gets all blushy and stutters” like have you fucking met these characters like once in your fucking life

(i mean, enjoy shipping things the way you want to, far be it from me to tell you how to do your thing)

i just don’t understand it. how can you normalize this ship so bad you can utilize standard otp tropes??

JOKER IS A MASS MURDERER and i just get really frustrated because treating him like a nekoboy uke or whatever feels?? like it trivializes??? mass murder????

like dude, in-universe he is a scary-ass dude and just because he’s white doesn’t make him any less a terrorist

(unless you’re working with a B:TAS or lego canon, thats cool.)

like you can have your fluff just dont forget to think critically about it.

((also i’m a batjokes shipper and i don’t mean for this to be an anti post, just an in-ship criticism to adjust the ship’s course))

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hi! i just wanted to say i really love your art style, and i especially love going through the tags after the new Samurai Jack has aired and seeing your work!! i hope you keep up the art you're amazing at it!

um wow. thank you so much. i dont think you know how much this means to me.

for almost a year now i felt like there was no real point in keeping up with my art anymore, or at least sharing it with others. i felt uninspired and like i wasn’t trying anything new. my art is really, really important to me. it’s my outlet for basically everything, so it felt really bad to feel like i was in such a rut and that no one really cared about it.

but samurai jack has inspired me so much, and reading your guys wonderful tags and getting support like this just. makes me so, so happy. it means so much to me and to know that people actually enjoy my work is one of the best things to hear.

(so thank you so, so much)

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Over the past couple of days i have been debating on something i should do but i know its going to end bad last night i wanted to hurt myself again like last time.i dont know what to do.i have done nothing but i thought of it

What makes you feel most at ease, honey—that’s the question you should ask yourself. What makes you feel better and ignore pains such as this?

Sometimes we get so down in the dirt, we cannot help but think about how easy it would be to just end it completely, and trust me, I understand how you feel, but we do have to remember that tomorrow is a new day. For all we know, the day might actually turn around into something greater than the last few.

While I cannot see to it personally that you not hurt yourself, I think it is better to sit back and try to ask yourself: will it be worth it? Hurting yourself might make it hard for you to do the things you enjoy for awhile, and that could make it worse than better. That happened to me when I banged up my wrists not that long ago. It hurt to type, draw, play games, ect, and I was stuck sitting in a pool of extra misery for awhile.

Do know that we’re here for you, honey, and you are loved.

About 50 shades

Alright people sit the fuck down, you’re in for a ride. i’ve been silent on this topic for way to long, but i just can’t deal with this anymore!!

Repeat after me:

“wanting to watch/read 50 shades does not make you a bad person”
“liking 50 shades does not make you a bad person”
“feeling sexually stimulated by the content of 50 shades does not make you a freak”
“if you go to the cinema and see it, you dont HAVE TO FEEL GUILTY.


Now before everyone goes bat-shit crazy, lets get a few things straight here.
- 50 shades is not a depiction of a healthy bdsm relationship
- hell 50 shades isnt a depiction of a healthy relationship in general
- cristian grey has abusive tendencies. (mildly put)

However, you are allowed to enjoy it anyway!

Liking a show about murder, does not make you a murderer
Liking a show about a cannibal, does not make you a cannibal
And liking 50 shades does not make you a bad person

50 shades, and twilight for the matter, and any other piece of fiction that tumblr has decided to throw under the bus as being “problematic”, are problematic SINCE the relationships are depicted as being a healthy and romantic,WHICH THEY ARE NOT.

But as long as you are aware of this, go forth and enjoy it as much as you fucking want! Im so tired of seeing posts endlessly shaming and shouting and screaming at people not too see, read, and enjoy these works of fiction. WORKS OF FICTION.

But Alright. Lets make this a bit more relatable shall we?
Johnlock? Sherlock left john all alone thinking he was dead for 3 years? Isn’t that emotionally abusive?
Destiel? Omg where do you even want me to start on the problematic relationship status here? LIKE THE AGE DIFFERENCE AS THE FIRST THING???

Again NOT SHAMING ANYTHING HERE. These are both lovely and cute ships but they are NOT WITHOUT “PROBLEMATIC” FLAWS!

This hasn’t stopped people from shipping them anyways? And dont even get me fucking started on the will/hannibal ship (AGAIN NOT SHAMING)

see the whole point here is that you KNOW that this has flaws. Most people new to the bdsm world is going to see 50 shades as a standard depiction WHICH IT IS NOT! And a lot of young people reading twilight (myself included) thought that Edward was to most romantic guy ever WHICH HE IS NOT!
But when you know, when you are aware that this is not health, and wont bring it from fiction into your own relationship, DON’T YOU LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHAT YOU SHOULD AND SHOULDN’T WATCH IN THE CINEMA. Or what you shouldn’t read, or watch, or even FUCKING LIKE. i fucking caught myself feeling guilty for watching the trailer for fucks sake! im sorry i just dont want this website to emotionally manipulate people that way!

like, go forth let people know the truth about 50 shades, it is not a perfectly healthy relationship, and shouldn’t be seen as such.
but let it end there, dont go yelling at people who enjoy it, dont go shaming people into not watching it!

So if you are aware of the issued with the thing, go forth and enjoy the fucking thing!

This has been a psa

Im so fucking sick of people giving me shit on the things I like and enjoy doing.Why is it bad to like things?? Why is it bad to be happy about things?? I really don’t fucking understand. Just because I don’t like your interests doesn’t mean that im going to talk shit about it and make you feel bad about liking and enjoying it.