dont make me dance

Say it!
  • For malfoyheritage <3
  • Draco: Do that thing!
  • Harry: Draco, really?
  • Draco: Come on! Do it!
  • Harry: I really don't understand why you-
  • Draco: DO IT!
  • Harry: *sighs* Alright.
  • Harry: *lifts Draco up over his head Dirty Dancing-style*
  • Draco: Now say the line like we discussed.
  • Harry: It's kinda obvious, you know?
  • Draco: Harry!
  • Harry: Everyone knows it.
  • Draco: Say it!
  • Harry: *mumbling* Your hair looks better than mine.
  • Draco: *breathing hard* I’ve never needed you as much as I do now!
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Prompt: “Sometimes what you’re looking for is right where you left it.”
A/N: Rucas fic inspired by the movie ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’
Chapter Two: “These boots are made for walking.”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2
Word Count:  2,317


“Morning Sunshine.” Eric sings, hitting Riley on the back of the head with a throw pillow.

Since she was staying in Texas longer than she initially anticipated she had no place to stay at such short notice. Luckily both her grandparents and her Uncle Eric were kind enough to offer their houses for her to sleep for the next couple of days. She ended up staying with Eric since he was less likely to pry.

“Morning.” She grumbles into the sofa cushion beneath her face. She sighed deeply, rolling over in her slovenly sheets as the sunlight hissed at her face.

Her disheveled, chestnut brown curls were scattered across the pillow, and every breath she exhaled smelled faintly of pine sol and burnt coffee. Glancing around the room she noticed a messy assortment of notebooks, freshly-sharpened colored pencils and other stationery items. Plenty of books and an assortment of magazines were all stacked up neatly by the television set. Slowly but surely, she pushed herself out of the makeshift bed, letting her feet hit the cool, wooden floor.

“Coffee?” She asks, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Before she could move Eric was sat across from her on the coffee table, handing her a mug. He smiled at her, glancing down at the giant rock on her finger as she accepted the drink and offered him a mumbled thank you.

“So, engaged huh?” He asks, breaking the silence. “I’m guessing your little walk yesterday was to see the Mrs.”

“Hilarious.” Riley retorts, with a slight eye-roll. “But to answer your question: yes. I did see him.”


“And what?” She arches one of her eyebrows expectantly. It didn’t surprise her that he was inquisitive. Eric was always a big fan of Lucas.

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aquiladafirenze  asked:

A request for you - more human Genyatta or simply McHanzo? <3

anything for my boys!!!

trying to do anything calm with young genji around would be a nightmare, i feel. luckily zenyatta doesnt seem to mind too much!


I’ve been listening to 울고 싶지 않아 (Don’t Wanna Cry) on repeat since yesterday… I think everyone in my house hates me… and one of them doesn’t even speak english…and I’m pretty sure she’s so done with me… but it’s so good… I can’t stop… live everything from it is too good to stop… but I need to find a job… to get the money for their F*CKING CONCERT A WEEK AFTER MY BDAY GEE THANKS… *heavy sobbing in a corner*… but I’m so happy…



this is kind of a test so I apologize for any weirdness ;;; but yayy expect more video translations in the future!

also pls make sure captions are on otherwise you won’t be able to see the translation

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for the ask meme..... gorillaz (i got ur back fam)

Thanks bro 😎

1. Song I like the most: Stylo! And DoYaThing! And Momentz! And Ascension!
2. Album cover I like the most: uhhhhh i honestly love the Humanz cover??? they are all nice i dont really have one special favorite tbh
3. Song that makes me wanna dance: Rock the House :^)
4. Song that made me cry: havent cried over them….. yet
5. Member I feel the closest connection with: uhhhhhhhhhhh that changes every single day tbh… would have said Murdoc last week but im in a 2D mood rn
6. Hottest/most beautiful member: hmmm im gonna say Damon… 
7. Most entertaining member: Murdoc absolute ledge 
8. merchandise I own: 1 (one) poster that I got yesterday
9. If I have seen them live and where: SOON!!!! BITCHES!!!!!!! seeing them in november in Amsterdam :^)
10. Memories involving the band: dying for the fresh tunes, dying while getting tickets and dying while queueing for the spirit house….. they are killing me


Make me choose: Malcobbs asked: Drew Baylor or Danny Archer?

Famous Last Lols
Famous Last Lols

Whether you wanted it or not, I present to you a terrible synthesizer rendition of the intro and first verse (because I don’t know if I should continue or not) of Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance. 

Muke Appreciation Post

Bc I dream of a friendship like Michael and Luke. This is a dedication to their wonderful friendship.

the synchronization tho.

michaels a right lil shit.

Lukes smile.

This is rly cute.

I’ve never seen this and idk why

Luke in this tho.

there facial expressions make me think bad things.


Mikeys dance.

dont know who id rather be.


And im going to end this here with pouty Muke.

how they say MAMA awards work:

20% voting

80% committee and proffessional judges

how the MAMA awards actually work:

20% voting

10%  committee and proffessional judges

70% money and influence from the entertainment companies