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your comic of long haired mob and reigen is AMAZING! if you dont mind me asking, how did you make the colors in your comics look uniform (ie: blue in that one comic) and yet still recognizable of their original/normal color palettes, did you use a layer mode? or something else?

OKAY THIS IS. a challenging question to answer, even though it’s easy in practice.

The Doozy ABoT comic is a bit of an exception to the rule of how I color in general, but I can show you a glimpse into how that color process went. Also I use Sai for everything listed.

I’m using a picture I haven’t colored/merged yet to show what I mean, since you need to keep the lineart separate for my process to work. You can see how I color lineart here. Here it’s just at 30% lumi&shade.

Ya start with ur flats. Rad. (and always have backup flats on a duplicated layer)

getcha some faded blue set on a grouped screen layer.

Some faded blue on a multiply layer

(this is where i divulge from how i usually color comics, to be continued below **)

Because the comic was a night scene, i leave the darks/contrast as is, since you lose a majority of it in dark scenes, and just apply an orange screen layer where the light’s gonna hit them.

select the inverse of that (with some space to give that weird shade-line in my stuff) and add some more blue on a screen layer and viola! you got my basic process for coloring that comic. and you didn’t even have to do much to preserve the original color palettes in people’s minds.

**back to how i normally color comics (here i used faded purple on my screen/multiply layers)

your average scene is very well lit, so it’s important to show the regular contrast as is. so – you get your sucker all done up, then

you adjust the brightness/contrast/color deepen until it reflects the difference you started with. now u have your original set of hues looking like it got passed through a purple color filter, but functioning better imo.

I personally like it a little toned down, so I add back in some of that reserve flat layer. I eyeball it, but this was around 52% opacity.

Multiply layer where your shades go. (with more faded purple)

Luminosity layer on top of the shades to make that solid line in my darks I was talkin about. (with even more faded purple)

And you can have an optional screen layer in the highlights (by selecting the inverse of your shade layer.) Here I used yellow bc why not. 

That is the other important thing about my art. My shades and highlights are kept to 1-2 colors. Here it’s orange and green

Here it’s blue and red. The simplicity looks better to my eyes.

aight you made it to the bottom go treat urself to smth nice

hello everyb. it me, doctor elly, cat doctor ph.d (Ph.luffy Doctor).

so many people sufferin so much lately. in world, and also on small human scale. human roommnt Rave Sahnsyed and me hear from especial many of yu in this week. some of u lost somebyyd or somthin important, or anticipting loss. som of u feel so lonely n isolated. some of u have get in truble for mistake & torn between fel guilty bad (for mistake) & resent (for unfair reaction). other ppl feel guilt for have problem in face of global scary tension. some of u just very scared for no reason, or all reason.

im dont mean 2 minimize all individ problem by combinin response this way. but i am nonly one small cat & carnt even read. so, its hard 2 answer all of this. especial hard for me 2 answer questions no one can answer, like, what happen if we cannot stop unraveling of global systm? jeez, i donnt no. im domb as hell.i mean yestrday i got trap again between glass tabletop n table.

so look, i say this only. i make recomend:take some time 2 NOT BE ON INTERNET. i know this sim like denial – STOP ABSORBING INFORMATION! – but internet IN PARTICULAR is machine for collapsing of experience. is no way 2 make emotional distinction betwen things Happenin to U and things Happenin to World that matter and things Happnin to U And World that dont matter, on itnernet. its all comes at u all time and it only make so tired.

so this is why im ask  u to unplug for couple hours or days if u can. ok? try maybe only tomor saturday. read book from paper, newspaper from paper. go outdise if u can, see how flowers comin in on trees. perhaps go to tax march tomor if u feel like u must engage with World. listen to new kendrick album!! (doctor lely luv kendric.) enjoy sensual, concrete pleasure and pains. try 2 spend time living consciously in those sensations, good n bad. 

adapt this recomnednatin to yur personal situat and limits. i cant atully go outside bc will die of panic attack if bird or squril gets 2 close. so im just stick my butt out window in the sun. this give me perspectiv and warm.

will this solv world problem? of course not. but mayb will give u strength & distance from feeling of crushing overwhelm, deep breath from which yu can re-enter heartbreaking lovely pointless important garbage endeavor of being alive. im tellin yu, those flower are gud.

So yesterday I was working phones at the Chinese restaurant I work at (this consists of taking take out and delivery orders mainly. Occasionally answering questions about the menu and stuff) and two things happened.
First: I had a guy order an entree then ask for a side of lo mein. Well, at least at my restaurant, we don’t offer sides of lo mein. Just steamed white or brown rice. I start to tell him that we dont offer what he’s asking for, and he interrupts me to tell me he orders it all the time and I should just do it. We argue back and forth for a minute or so and i make no progress. Finally i get my manager on the phone and she tells him the same thing I did, that we dont fucking offer lo mein as a side. Finally he moves on. Fuck that guy, he literally made what couldve been a 1 minute long conversation 5 minutes long. Not to mention I had calls on two other lines that both hung up. Dear god please listen to the employees and what they tell you, we do actually know what we’re doing.
Second: I happened to be the only person on phones this particular occasion, and it was a saturday meaning i would likely be talking to someone on one line and probably have at least one hold on another line at any given time. Whatever, this is normal for a saturday night. So as I’m taking someones order we get a call on another line, so I casually tell the woman ordering to hang on for a sec, I answer the other line and put it on hold, then go back to the woman’s line. As i start my “sorry, continue please” line, all i hear is this woman calling me annoying cause I have to put her on hold again (she was on hold for a minute or so before I got to her). Like sorry they only have one person on phones and people are calling in? Im not gonna let one call get dropped cause you have a giant ass order. Please don’t take it out on the worker when when they have to deal with customers other than you.
Anyway, fuck everyone who called in that night anyway, it was stressful and everyone sucked


I blame Harry Styles and his damn choker. And @tomhardy-harrystyles​ and everyone else who talked me into this. I apologize for making @permanentcross my lab rat and making her suffer. Enjoy xx

P.S.: this was not proof read



You had spent the day under spotlights and camera flashes, just observing him. It was his first photoshoot – the first solo thing he’d done for himself, the first step towards something that’s been on the works for so long and you couldn’t be more proud. As you watched him during the day, a calm but powerful aura around him as he stood in the bright studio, you could feel  the warm bubble of joy and pride swelling in your chest, making your heart burst with love for him – he was doing things the way he wanted and there wasn’t a soul in this world ready for everything he had yet to unleash. You couldn’t be more proud.

As he undressed after the shoot, you sat back and watched him, curls looser than you were used to framing his face, expensive designer clothing being replaced by his usual attire – black skinnies and a sweater that looked three sizes too big even for his broader frame, after all the working out he’d done for the movie he’d start shooting soon.

The collar, the black and leather choker he’d been sporting for most of the day, is left on top of the expensive jacket that he’s thrown so carelessly beside you on the couch and your eyes can’t help but flicker towards the small but not so innocent accessory. It had startled you when he emerged from the dressing room, outfit fitting perfectly to his tall and lean frame and the black, the heavy piece of leather wrapped around his neck standing out to you even through the most eccentric fashion choices he was given for the day.

Harry smiled when he saw your wide eyes, nails digging into the skin of your thighs. It’s Harry but then, it’s not the Harry other people are used to. The outfits, the hair, the collar… it gives him a dangerous quality and it’s a shadow of the man he reserves for it’s just the two of you between for walls.

It’s not just pride that’s been bubbling up inside you while the hours go by and you hear the click click click’s of the camera and your eyes get used to the sudden flashes – it’s lust. You can feel the tight knot low on your tummy, you can feel the pulse of your walls and the wetness that ruined your knickers long ago. You need him and it’s making you restless as you watch him fumble with the hotel key, the dark hallway hiding your flaming cheeks.

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Im currently unable to go to a gym and i dont have any equipment at home that i can use to work out. Are there any workouts i can do at home without any equipment to help me tone my arms and/or stomach? I do have access to a pool but it can be kind of crowded sometimes. Also, will going for walks/running every day make my legs thinner? Sorry if you already answered similar questions, i couldnt find any in the tags

11.  I can’t afford/go to a gym, what are some things I can do at home?
If you can’t make it to the gym, I do highly recommend you at the very least invest in a pair of dumbells and possibly a pull up bar! Here are some workouts:
- Push ups                                (chest/triceps)
- Bicep curls                             (biceps)    
- DB lateral raises                    (shoulders)
- DB shoulder press                 (shoulders)
- DB rear delt flys                     (delts)
- DB pec dec flys                     (chest)
- DB tricep extensions             (triceps)
- DB rows                                (back)
- Chair dips                              (triceps)
- Pull ups                                 (back/biceps)
- Leg raises (w/ pull up bar)    (core)
- Squats (can add db)             (legs)
- Wall sits                                 (legs)
- Planks                                    (core)

going on walks/runs wont necessarily make your legs thinner but it will definitely strengthen them and build muscle in your legs which will make your legs appear to have more form to it

  • Wigglytuff: bruh deadass hungry rn… yo Chatot
  • Chatot: ya, Guildmaster what u want?
  • Wigglytuff: lemme get uhhhhhhhh.. BONELESS APPLE from the provisions wit a 2 liter of coke
  • Chatot: fuck kinda apple? and 2 LITER MACHINE 🅱️ROKE we got 1L tho
  • Wigglytuff: fuck you mean 🅱️ ight look lemme get that apple BONELESS.
  • Chatot: uh? apples don’t got bone on it
  • Wigglytuff: tf did i just say then
  • Chatot: u said, lemme get it BONELESS, like apples got a damn bone on it
  • Wigglytuff: we all got bones in our shit then
  • Chatot: nah
  • Wigglytuff: so whats the problem
  • Chatot: D IC KHEAD name one apple that got bones on it
  • Wigglytuff: just dont get apple with that shits on it bruh how many times i gotta say it
  • Chatot: bruh jus explain me how tf apples can be boneless?
  • Wigglytuff: if it dont got bone on it iss BONELESS
  • Chatot: son what school you go to
  • Wigglytuff: dawg i dont understand the problem just make my shit BONELESS DEADASS
  • Chatot: im deadass not bringing you this apple
pebbles//solangelo fic

summary: “I tried being romantic annoying and throw pebbles at your window, but you opened it at the wrong time, and oh my gosh are you okay?? IS THAT BLOOD?“ x

Will walked down the sloop of the sidewalk, hands in pockets as the light cool breeze nipped at his neck. He kicked at the scattered stones that littered the squared pavement, finding satisfaction in every crunch of the occasional dried leaves.

Fall was reaching it’s peak, and Will found it the season that he felt most comfortable in. In Summer it would be too hot to take walks in the evening time, in Winter the roads would be full of blankets of snow and salt and In Spring the allergies would kick in and the trees that he found comfort walking underneath would soon become unbearable to be near.

This season of slight chills and fallen leaves was the time of the year where he could take hour long walks in the evening with the five o’ clock hue to sort out his mind and go over the events of the day. Mindlessly, he found himself walking near the entrance to a certain village of houses.

He’d never gotten along with his classmate, Nico Di Angelo. They were the two people who glared at each other from other parts of the room for no particular reasons. They purposefully walked into each other, slamming shoulders. They’d always roll their eyes and mutter something under their breath every time they were forced to talk.

Recently, however, the nonsense tension had simmered into something different. Ever since they were forced to be partners on a one week long field trip and had inevitably gotten to know each other better, they found themselves merely glancing at each other in class before they’d look away, flustered. Their hands would brush against each other all the time now, and they’d find the dumbest excuses to argue just to be interacting with each other.

It confused Will, but also made butterflies in his stomach every time he’d think about the brooding kid. Just thinking about Nico in front of the entrance to where he lived was enough to make Will’s cheeks flush a faint red, but he blamed it on the light cold.

A beat, and Will had the random urge to walk over to his house and make up some stupid excuse to call out to Nico. Then he realized it was a pathetic idea and hesitantly walked forward achingly slow. He tried to return to kicking stones and letting his brain wander but his mind was focused strictly on a certain pair of chocolate brown eyes and raven black hair.

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  • A friend: Honestly, what is more important to you than Louis Tomlinson.
  • Me:
  • A friend:
  • Me:
  • A friend:
  • Me: The summer star constellation.
  • A friend: Didn't you just go on a rant last week about how the freckles on Louis' cheek make...
Between The Lines: Part 3

Notes: teasing, tension, swearing, smut. :)

feedback appreaciated, was kinda nervous about this one, but here it is! hope you enjoy it!

Oh and btw, song during the smut Reignite by Knox Brown.

Also, remember that sexy gif I posted earlier ;)

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im sorry if i add another question/message ^^ (perhaps, all fans who think they are new to changjo's fandom end up find your acc&start asking this&that --just like what i did, hope it dont bother you/make you tired answering the same-old quest. really, sorry) my question now is , for how long shinhwa living in the dorm? do they leave the dorm one by one or? and who's sleeping with whom? and do you have post to explain the original relationship between ricdy back when their in LA?

It’s alright, actually you’re the first person to ask me this question XD My brain is rusty when it comes to their stories from their SM era, so pardon me on this.

If I’m not wrong, they only lived in a dorm during their SM days, until their 6th album? And I’m not sure if they left the dorm one by one, but I do remember Minwoo saying he moved out cuz of Dongwan lol (news articles wrote he was the first to move out) You can watch him mention it here.

And who’s sleeping with whom sounds a bit ehem HAHAHAHAHA Anyway, they had change dorms before, but at one point it was Eric and Hyesung sharing 1 room, MinJinDy in 1 room and Dongwan had his own room.

This should be another dorm of theirs, the room distribution is different.

RicDy knew each other for the longest, hence they are very close with each other. Eric was Andy’s school senior’s friend. There are a few stories on their days back in LA. Andy, Eric and H.O.T’s Tony Ahn were childhood friends, all of them lived near each other, their schools were close to each other too. The 3 of them used to dance together in a team as well. (Eric’s the one with his face half covered and wearing glasses in the pic below)

You can read some of their stories here:

Andy sees Eric as his real brother, and I remember reading somewhere in the past that Andy would tag along Eric everywhere, not sure how true it is but it’s cute XD The both of them are so close that Minwoo is jealous of it lol, which you can watch him talk about it here at 8:18

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im kind of confused by always sunny like what is it actually about? like some of the things in it make me rly uncomfortable like the whole thing with carmen and mac's homophobia and the casual racism nd stuff in it nd i just dont kno how im supposed to react to it like am i supposed to love it and find it funny or hate it and the characters or? idk nd ive been on the iasip reddit as well and its a lot different from what ive seen the fandom on here talk abt tbh? idk

this is a really good question! and one that i had myself before i started the show. unfortunately it’s not something i can answer very briefly so please bear with me. i’m just gonna throw out the facts and things as i see them and then you can draw your own conclusions on how to feel about the show; i will readily admit that it has more than its share of legitimate issues and that the show just isn’t for everyone.

so the basic premise of the show is that four self-centered assholes (joined by a fifth self-centered asshole in season 2) own a shitty irish bar in south philadelphia. they never actually RUN the bar, though, because they’re too busy trying to run get-rich-quick schemes or because they’re doing other stupid things.

if you ask the writers, they will say that there IS no premise; it’s just a show about these horrible characters living out their sad, pathetic lives.

the truth is somewhere in the middle– the show is one third social/political satire, one third nihilist comedy, and one third character-driven tragedy.

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The Breakfast Club (1985)

Dear Mr.Vernon,

We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Sunday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. What we did was wrong, but we think you’re crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us. In the simplest terms. The most convenient definitions. 

But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain…

and an athlete…

and a basket case…

a princess…

and a criminal.

Does that answer your question?

Sincerely yours,

The Breakfast Club.

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Hi. If i join the w2h ships and draw fanart around the ships will that make you uncomfortable? If it is then i'll post the ship art(?) somewhere else and don't put a tag on it. (Sorry if my english is broken i'm not used to english grammar yet.)

I dont moderate the tags or what people post in them, that’s totally up to you! If you’re talking about something that could be potentially hurtful to people (like shipping adult characters with minor characters) I would.. advise against it… but just regular shipping art is totally fine, there isn’t really anything that makes me uncomfortable. Haha. I’ve seen it all. Hope that answers your question!

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Can you give us any kind of anecdotes between tony and the kids or cats? How does tony win the loyalty and love of the kids? What kind of shenanigans do the cats get up to? Can tony not do magic or does he just now choose not to? Does he have the arc reactor or something similar? Sorry to bombard you with questions, feel free to ignore :)


So Tony got the cats while he was on the run. They were all strays, like him, and they had all been injured in some way or another. Dum-E is a little bit on the stupid side, Tony thinks he had a head trauma when he was a little kitten, and sometimes he has seizures (each one scares the fuck out of him and he cries every time afraid to lose his longest standing companion throughout all this). Butterfingers has a limp from a broken back leg that Tony didn’t know how to set right (he feels incredibly guilty over it, but Butterfingers loves him a lot anyway and won’t let him wallow in self-doubt). U was abused and starving – Tony found him when he literally jumped on his head out a window and the owner started screaming (Tony ran away, clutching U to his chest as the poor cat mewled pitifully. There’s no way he would let any of them go. None of them were very old when he found them, and he cares for them deeply. He’s not sure why they got so attached to him. When he found them, he couldn’t just leave them to suffer, it wasn’t right – helping them was the right thing to do.) ((He doesn’t realize that a lot of people would’ve left the lame cats to die, and they know it))

He’s got no idea why the children like him. They’re all poor (it’s a poor town that he settled in) and they played in the village square a lot. He would make them little trinkets and toys to play with, or tell them stories, not to mention that he does defend the townspeople from wandering bandits and the like, and one day the kids just. Never left him. They cling to him, like leeches. He’s terrified of screwing them up, of not being the person they want him to be, but he tries so hard!! They deserve so much!!! 

The cats get up to a ton of shenanigans. They like bringing Tony gifts, but their idea of a gift is anything shiny, soft, or edible. Many times Tony has had to sheepishly return coins or blankets or scraps of fabric to the grandmothers around town. They always find him endearing, returning small trinkets that his proud little kitties steal for him, and they adore having him around. 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

iamravensdreams  asked:

No offense or whatever but could you chill on the God talk? Because I really like aliens and I don't wanna unfollow, but I'd rather not have religious stuff on my dash. (I'm agnostic, think every religion has a statistically equal chance of being accurate btw)

Hey friend! People ask a question and I will answer it. There is no harm in it, simply scroll past the posts if you dont want to see it. I am over joyed that people are curious about the church and what ill be doing. And considering most of them have been on anon there is no way for me to message them privately.

I will never shove my religion into a corner because it makes someone annoyed or they dont like it. If people have questions, they will be answered. It’s as simple as that.

God bless!

Wrong Number// Imagine Idubbbz// Imagine Ian Carter

The long candle lighter rests against the wick, and you click the trigger, your finger a bit sore from lighting all of the candles along your nightstands and dresser. you reach for your long cardboard box, and pull out a powder covered deep red incense stick, pressing the wooden end into the incense holder tray. you light that as well, and the sweet smell of cherries lightly trails with the smoke. These are the nights you love, peaceful ones where you just grab a book, cuddle up under your blankets and read until you fall asleep.It’s kind of strange when you read too much, you have the dark words burned into your eyes, and can see them against the walls.just as you’re about to take a break, your phone rings beside you. It’s an unfamiliar number, but you decide to answer anyway, could be someone from work.

“hello” you say casually, attempting to read at the same time. theres alot of background noise on the other end, static yelling, and laughing.

“where are you cunt, we’ve been waiting half an hour for your faggot ass” a voice you dont recognise, you stammer a bit.

“uh… i think you’ve got the wrong number” you say, hearing another voice in the background.

“gimme the phone you stupid fucker thats not the number” it says, you panic and hang up the phone, nearly throwing it away from you, picking your book back up, theres no point in worrying over that. Wrong number calls and texts happen all of the time. the sentence you left off on in your book is still pretty fresh in your mind, so you scan the page for that. another noise pulls your focus away, the sound that signals a text message, you sigh and grab your phone. Same unfamiliar number.

“hey, im sorry about the phone call, and calling you a cunt and faggot.” it reads, if you dont text back, theyll probably think you’re some uppity bitch. why do you care what they think though…?

“It’s alright, wrong number calls happen all of the time” you write, you care because you’re a nice person.

“must have really caught you off guard, that’s actually a term of endearment between my friends and, i believe it or not” by the sound of the voice, you feel safe to assume that it’s a guy.

“guys are like that, us girls just call each other wonderful names when we dont mean it” you write, it’s honest.

“ah, so you’re a girl, and one of those types” he says, one of those types? Admittingly, you did make it seem like every girl does that.

“not entirely, i mean i guess i say alot of things i dont mean. Like ‘sure strange person, its fine that you called me a cunt and a faggot” you hit send, wondering if maybe that sounded bitchy.

“hahaha, I’m not that strange, honestly” he says

“you call your friends a cunt, lovingly, that’s pretty strange” you reply.

“maybe, but it’s just a guy thing according to you” he writes.

“yea it was pretty stupid to bundle those stereotypes up, and connect them with entire genders, my bad.” you write. This is a stranger, it could be some total weirdo, and here you are having a conversation with him. What if he’s a murderer?

“you’re really a girl?” he asks, you huff a laugh.

“do i sound like a man over the phone?” you ask.

“right, no you dont, you did have a very feminine voice. Anybody could fake a voice though” he says, he isnt wrong.

“you caught me, i get off on answering random phone calls with a woman’s voice and luring unsuspecting men into my creepy man dungeon so we can call each other cunt, and play videogames, and watch football and such” more stereotypes, for sarcasm’s sake of course. you cant help but to feel clever and a bit proud of yourself.

“ah, i knew it, dungeon huh? that sounds creepy as fuck” he writes, man cave, you meant man cave.

“alot more stalkerish than i was going for, i meant mancave, sorry havent been a man for long” you hit reply.

“i look like an idiot, i just got the strangest look for the bartender” he writes.

“??” is all you reply.

“im laughing and smiling at my phone like a fucking faggot, in the middle of a club i honestly dont want to be in.” you feel a smile curve over your lips, and blush, even though no one can see you.

“club’s arent my scene either” you write, trying to play it cool.

“i dont even really like drinking, my friends are wrecked” he says, you laugh aloud.

“you’re the babysitter then?” you ask

“always” he replies.

“no fun” you say simply.

“nope, i have to drive now” he says.

“alright, have a good night” you say, thats the end of that. The exhaustion hits you all at once, making you look up at the clock, it reads 3:40 am. Staying up this late has always seemed juvenile to you, but you actually had a fun conversation. The pillow calls your name, and you cant resist the beckoning. Your dreams are always strange, you could be walking on alligators made of marbles, and it would be completely normal. Flying was always fun as well… consciousness sets in lightly, and you sigh, yawning deeply, opening your eyes. Candles all gone out on their own, incense burned out. The smell lingers though, thats one of the things you like about them. you reach for your phone, as you usually do when you just wake up. After unlocking it, your phone is still on the text screen.

“Good morning” it reads, a new one, from him. A smile again, and your cheeks warm. You remind yourself that you dont even know this guy, and text back.

“hey, morning” you say, yawning and pulling the blankets up tighter around you.

“Afternoon now, technically, how’d you sleep?” why are you smitten by this? simple questions? It just seems so cute, and nice. flirtatious? you dont know about that yet.

“pretty well, had a strange dream that the ground was made of aligators, but the aligators were made of marbles.To me in dreamland that was completely normal” you write.

“lol, thats wild. I lost my keys last night” he says.

“oh no, how did you manage that?” you write.

“my phone case is ice cream, and it catches my pants pocket, must have ripped it last night” he says. Another smile, he’s making you smile far too much.

“ice cream? i wanna see” you say.

“haha, really?” he says.

“yea, mine’s a panda”

“ill show you mine if you show me yours” he writes.  a rush shoots through your chest, and you know your blushing now.

“lol” is all you write.

“i meant that in the most innocent way possible” he says. 

“im sure, let’s see it” you say. theres an image attached to the next picture. upon opening it your immediately attracted to the ice cream phone case, but you see long fingers across it, and you look down to the strong arm attached to it. a long sleeved grey thermal covered arm, and a slim waist. As far as you can see, hes got an attractive body. you get up and walk into the bathroom, switching the camera on and snapping a quick picture. The only part of yourself shown in the picture is your hip, and your pajama shorts. blue ones with yellow frilly fabric at the bottom. Theres just barely a view of your side and up to your arm, your black tank top leaves little to the imagination. You feel safe enough to hit send and walk back to the bed, getting under the blankets.

“cute shorts lol :)” he writes, you roll your eyes, but your still smiling, he seems so nice.

“thanks lol, the point was to show off my phone case not my pajamas” you write.

“cute phone case too, but mines better” he writes.

“at least mine doesnt rip things and make me lose my keys” you say

“found them so ha” he replies. you huff a laugh.

“well good,your friends might need a dd later” you say.

“it’s monday, who goes to a club on a monday? do you have school, or work or anything?” he asks.

“monday is my day off, i planned on doing some grocery shopping later though” you respond, thinking of grocery shopping makes your stomach growl.

“i need to go to wall mart as well, maybe ill see you there” he we says. you get a little strike of fear, how could he know where you are.

“how do you know we’ll be at the same wall mart?” you ask.

“area code? theres only one on the north side of town” he says, you get an uneasy feeling, and it takes you a bit to respond.

“oh yea” is all you write.

“i sounded a little stalkerish didnt i? sorry, you’re fun to talk to is all, i didnt mean to scare you. I just mean we could be there at the same time, not im purposely going to spend all day at wall mart to meet you. not that i wouldnt want to meet you, wow I’m just digging a bigger hole arent i?” he asks.

“no its fine lol youre fine, it just took me off guard,i dont even know who you are, i dont even know your name” you write.

“It’s Ian, I’m Ian” he writes, you tell him your name as you walk to the kitchen to get something to eat. Apple sounds good, it’s all you have really.

“great, now we have names, youre becoming more and more human by the second” he says, you kind of understand what he means.

“yea, talking over text kind of gives off a inhuman, mechanical feel. meeting might be cool, after im sure youre not a murderer or something lol” you joke, biting into the apple, and walking towards your closet.

“well i mean, you could never know that, if Im any good ive been hiding it successfully for years.” you laugh while you pull a long sleeved shirt over yourself, and wiggle into some jeans.

“not helping” you write.

“lol, im kidding of course, but its true” he says.

“gotta drive” you say grabbing your keys and slipping your shoes on.

“talk soon” he writes. you feel your phone vibrate in your pocket as you pull into the wall mart parking lot.

“would you ever buy a roomba that plays music?” he asks. the question is strange, so out of context.

“uhm… maybe. Actually yea, i like to listen to music while i clean” you answer.

“thanks. what kind of music do you like?” he asks.

“wait lol why did you ask me that? i like nirvana, and iron maiden, the lyrics kind of remind me of lord of the rings. Very quest like lol but the instrumentals kick ass so dont judge, offspring and coldplay, i like alot.” you say

“a kickstarter i came across, and wow thats awesome, great bands. coldplay? what are you fucken gay” he says, making you laugh, a gust of wind hits you as you open the car door.

“i said dont judge, i gotta get this shopping done, ill text you when im done with it all. I hate grocery shopping” 

“sure thing, talk soon” he says.

Grocery shopping isnt fun for you, having to maneuver around people, being around people in general pretty much sucks. You’re relieved when its finished, and you go home, unloading everything and take it up to your apartment. Honestly, you like shelving everything, organising it, and putting it on the fridge strategically. Like tetris, everything fits if you try. It’s nearly dark by the time you text Ian back.

“all done” you write. he doesnt reply for a while, so you make yourself some dinner and watch some t.v.

“sorry, i was a bit busy. How was shopping?” he asks.

“it was fine, i just dont like people” you say, turning the volume of the t.v. down a bit.

“lol introvert?” he asks.

“i bit maybe, not full on though” you tell him.

“thats good, socializing is good for you.”

“why thanks doc” you say teasing him.

“lol, what are your plans for the night?” he asks. you snap a quick picture of your t.v..

“maybe have some ice cream later, but youre looking at it.” you say.

“is that a cartoon?” he asks, you smile.

“yep, christmas cartoons are the best” you say.

“hahaha, very cute” he says, making you blush.

“lol,thanks” is all you write. you continue texting him, and attempt to flirt back a bit, but its getting late.

“ive got work tomorrow, so i gotta go to bed now” you say.

“alright, that’s fine, you can make fun of me more tomorrow” he says.

“not you, just your band preferences ;)” you say, plugging your phone in.

“ lol fair enough, as if yours arent as weird as mine. anyways,goodnight, sleep well” he writes.

The morning air is colder than usual, puts you in quite a good mood. You slept in too much, and now youre late, no time to text Ian.You slip on a black long sleeved shirt, and your work polo over that, along with some black slacks. you walk in and see your boss standing behind the counter.

“im sorry foley, i woke up a bit late, thanks for covering” you say, he smiles a bit.

“you woke up late? must have had a fun night” he says. foley is a great guy, never too harsh, but you dont push your boundaries either. hes a chunky guy with long shoulder length blonde hair. 

“oh yea, my ice cream and i had a party of two” you say. foley laughs and walks into the isles of books. you help a customer who’s looking for a text book. by the time lunch rolls around you realise you didnt bring anything. the smells from the food court linger in the store anyways, always taunting you. you grab a quick slice from the pizza bro’s across the way and eat hurriedly before your shift starts up again. There isnt many people in around lunchtime, so you check your phone.

“good morning! how’d you sleep?” Ian’s constant good morning texts are actually quite comforting.

“sorry i woke up late, had to get on the road, i slept fine, im at work now so im not going to be so consistant with texting you” you say.

“thats fine, where do you work?” he asks.

“stalkerrrr” you write teasing him.

“right right, sorry lol” he says.

“Barnes and Noble” you answer.

“no way im in one right now” he says. your heart skips a beat, and fear strikes through you. you look up, theres only three people in the store, a family in the children’s section, a tall guy over in the autobiographies, and a woman in mysteries.

“im kidding” he says. you feel relieved, but now you’re going to wonder if every man is him.

“thats not funny jackass i nearly had a heart attack” you say back.

“why lol i thought you wanted to meet eventually” he says.

“well yea, but idk if youre a murderer or not” you say

“im not” he writes, simply.

“okay maybe not a murderer but you could totally do meth and like steal peoples puppies” you say

“hahahaha no, i dont do that either, im a normal guy” he says.

“what do you do? for work i mean” you ask, the tall guy approaches the shove your phone in your pocket and smile.

“will this be all?” you ask. the man nods.

“yep that’ll do it” he says. This guy is actually pretty cute, hes got wavy-ish light brown hair, tan skin, and very defined facial features. a strong jawline, and a bit of stubble. broad shoulders and a slim waist as far as you can tell. you’ve learned how to hide the fact your looking at people while on the job. you scan his credit card and hand him the bagged book.

“have a great day” he says before you can say it, you smile.

“thanks, you too” you say, with an honest smile. he turns, but you see him look back at you. you blush and look down at your phone, no reply yet. you take a drink of water.

“i do videos, on youtube. nothing special” he answers.

“really? what kind?” you ask.

“cancerous kinds, its lame dont look me up” he says.

“alright i wont lol” you promise.

“good, i wanna be the first time i meet you, the first time you judge me, not by the shit i say on youtube” he says, it sounds so genuine, and really attractive.

“alright i promise i wont, i gotta get back to work, text you later” you say

“talk soon :)” he says. you smile, and shove your phone away.

works finally over, and you smell rain in the air. you soak in it while you walk to your car, setting inside for a bit.

“Off work, heading home” you text Ian, no reply, you like it when he replies right away, but he has a life too. You get home, and take a quick shower, ducking into your bed to keep warm.

“hey, how was work?” he asks.

“work was fine, how was your day?” you ask

“I had a great day actually” he answers.

“awesome, its gonna rain” you say

“yea, its gonna be awful” he says

“rain is great! i love the cold, long sleeves all the time, hoodies and warm blankets. might call off work lol” you say

“hahaha youre so strange” he says

“how so?” you ask, a little offended.

“you hate people, and hot weather, you love depressing weather, and depressing books.Not a bad strange, enticing to say the least.” he says enticing? your cheeks warm.

“everybody has preferences” you say

“yea, very true. i didnt mean it in a bad way, i really like all that about you” he says, you blush, still not able to stop that.

“you’re making me blush, which is stupid cause it’s not like youre here” you say

“you’d be blushing more if i was there?” he asks.

“probably” you answer.

“thats adorable lol” he says.

“okay enough cutesy shit” you say

“why hahaha” he asks.

“because ive never met you, and i wanna meet you, but if i start to like you im gonna be even more afraid to actually meet you” you answer.

“alright no more cutesy shit”” he agrees

“thankyou” you say

“you’re very welcome ma’am” he says

“you dont have to be that official” you say

“okay, cutesy shit or no cutesy shit theres no in between here” he says

“lol find an in between” you say

“ill try” he says

“It’s not like i dont like it, it’s just what if when we meet what if we dont like eachother then?” you say, you really mean what if you dont like me. and i already like you because you simply complimented me.

“I’m sure that’s not the case” he says.

“well you dont know for sure, what if you dont like my hair, or my clothes or something idk, what if i dont like your hair or clothes, what if theres something that just sets us off and we dont like each other” you say

“you’re overthinking it, i like you just fine over text, meeting you in person isnt going to be a big deal trust me, we will have plenty to talk about” he says. you sigh, what if you dont though.

“alright, i’m beat i should get to bed, goodnight Ian” you say

“goodnight, sleep well okay?” he says, you smile

“yea ill try” you say. 

the patter of rain wakes you up, and you breathe it in deep, you smile and grab your phone calling off work. you sit up, and go to your closet, pulling out a grey long sleeved shirt, your deep green jacket, and a scarf, along with your favorite light jeans, and some ankle boots. you grab your keys and get into your car, stopped at a stoplight you grab your phone.

“do you want to grab a coffee? Ill be at that place on b and 9th if you do” you write, staring at the phone.

“on my way” he writes. you feel your heart start to beat quickly, and you grip the steering wheel tightly, smiling, but feeling scared shitless at the same time.

you sit inside the coffee shop, it isnt very busy but you couldnt possibly focus on anyone else if you wanted to. Turning the pages of the book youre reading seems pointless, since you cant concentrate on that either, you feel like youre going to puke your heart up, and it doesnt help that youre sure youre beet red. you glnace up again, and see that same guy from Barnes and Nobles walk in, you think it’s strange, but you  dont pay much attention to it. you look down at your book, scanning the pages, and taking another sip of the chocolatey drink. you look out the window and up at the dark clouds.

“Thats a pretty depressing book” you hear to your right, you look over and the guy from Barnes and Nobles is sitting at the table beside you.

“oh, yea i guess, it’s good though” you say flipping it over to look at the title “its about…” your voice trails and you look back up, blushing a bit.

“Ian?” you ask, he half smiles.

“hey” he says simply, his smile turning more mischievous, you feel a full on blush cover your face, and you just blink.

“but… you really were in the store” you say realizing it.

“I figured i should say i was joking so you could avoid a heart attack” he says shrugging, getting up and sliding into the seat in front of you.

“youre such an ass!” you say hitting his arm with the book.

“and youre abusive!” he says, lifting his coffee away, you cant help but to smile..

“well thats not fair” you say pulling at your sleeves. he huffs a laugh, satisfied with himself.

“isnt it better though, you’ve basically already met me” he says, you shake your head in disbelief, and narrow your eyes.

“how did you even know it was me?” you ask Ian takes a drink of his coffee before answering.

“your name-tag, and i got a text right when you shoved your phone in your pocket, and you do blush alot” he says with a shy smile himself. you blush and he laughs a bit. you roll your eyes.

“you cheated” you say 

“i didnt plan it, i was getting that book you said i should read” he says, showing you he brought it. A James Patterson.

“ahh…. i dont even know if youre going to like it, its a chick book” you say he shrugs.

“you said i should read it” he says again, you blush.

“no cutesy shit remember” you say, hiding your blush by taking a drink of your mocha.

“right but that was because you were afraid to meet me, no holds bars now” he says with a huff a laugh. You cant even look him in the eye for too long, hes very look outside.

“you wanna go for a walk or something?” he asks, you look back at him, as he pushes his glasses up with the back of his hand.

“sure” you say with a smile. he stands and waits for you before walking away.the cold air hits you, and you feel a bit better, rain is battering against the sidewalks.

“dont usually get much rain here” he says.

“yea i know, i hate it, i wanna move to oregon or something one day” you say

“just for the rain?” he asks, you chuckle.

“and the medical marijuana amiright” you joke, he laughs.

“im kidding, i dont even smoke” you blush, you were just trying to be funny.

“seems to be kind of rare right? people that dont smoke weed” he says, you nod.

“yea, it does” you agree. you walk along the sidewalk until you get to a small park, you both kind of gravitate towards it and find a picnic bench under a tree, you sit down and he sits across from you.

so?” Ian asks, you look up at him.

“so what?” you ask, confused.

“my hair? my clothes? you hate it?” he says teasingly. you laugh

“no i dont hate it” you say, he smiles and you’re afraid to ask if theres anything wrong with what you look like.

“i honestly didnt expect you to be this cute” he says, he’s kind of shy as well, you blush.

“what did you expect?” you ask.

“well i didnt knwo what to expect really, but it’s crazy that it turned out so well yaknow. i think we get along pretty well…and youre really cute” he says

“yea, too good to be true, maybe i find out that your vidoes are just hardcore gay porn or something and i get an easy out” you say he laughs and tilts his head.

“okay, some of it is pretty gay” he says, you smile, and drink the last bit of your mocha,

“so the rain put you in somewhat of a courageous mood?’ he asks, you shrug.

“yea, i guess, i really like this weather. It reminds me of when i was a kid, i used to live in northern cali, i came out here for college and kind of never went home” you say, he nods, listening.

“i got a scholarship, my hometown is so small that everybody heard about it, and they all thought i was genius. It was so over the top, i was glad to get out of there” you say, Ian laughs.

“how did you wind up at Barnes and Noble?” he asks, you lift up your book.

“i like books” you say gaining a laugh, you smile.

“ I’d like to be a Librarian actually” you say he seems interested.

“thats a strange profession to dream about” he says you shrug.

“being surrounded by books all day would be great, theyre so little but theyre all entire stories, i dont think i could stop reading them to actually work though” you admit.

“Preferences right” he says, you nod with a smile.

“tell me more about what you do” you say he takes a deep breath, and smiles.

“like i said its cancerous, do you watch youtube alot? he asks, you dhake your head and he looks relieved.

“i make videos, i review kickstarters and basically give them terrible reviews. I order those boxes, or get fan mail and shit, and i unbox it, my room is still a mess from the last one” he says

“thats what you were doing when you were working?” you ask, he nods and runs a hand thorugh his hair nervously.

“yea, it can get pretty crazy, they send me some disgusting shit, I’m pretty offensive too, theres pretty much no boundaries” he says. you smile, wondering if what he does is funny.

“sounds fun, fan mail sounds great” you say, he must have alot of followers to get fan mail.

“they send me literal trash” he says with a straight face, you smile and cant help but tpo laugh.

“thats disgusting” you say he nods.

“theres been worse, but its whatever, im good at it so its what i do” he says. looking at your book.

“thats what you should do, read books and review them, or be a editor or something” he says, you nod.

“ive thought about it, but i think it would take the fun out of reading, and i dont have a very popular opinion, like you say im strange” you tell him he nods.

“exactly, a fresh view” he says, yuo smile.

“you could be right, i dont know” you say he smiles.

“do you ever think about doing anything else?” you ask, he shrugs.

“ive done a couple things, but this is the only constant” he says. 

“well it seems like youre pretty popular” you say he rolls his eyes.

“im a real celebrity” he says sarcastically. you laugh and he smiles watching you, you blush a bit “you wanna get something to eat?” he asks. you nod, and you get up off the table and run through the rain back to the vcovered sidewalk, walking by all the shops.

“im glad you had a spurt of courage” he says, you look up at him, and he smiles down at you, you blush a bit and look down at the sidewalk, a smile curving at your lips a bit. you watch the rain fall, and soak in the cold while you can. Ian slowly reaches for your hand, and you dont protest as he holds it lightly. 

anonymous asked:

lane can someone who is a gnc woman identify as trans? i've had a tough gender time my whole life and recently i came to the conclusion that im probably a woman (and im using woman very loosely here, it still makes me uncomfortable when im called a woman but im fine with girl?? and i dont mind people calling me a boy but i do not like being called a man. idk what that means) but im nonconforming. can i consider myself a trans person or??? im really confused :(

hey bud, this is a tough and big question. I don’t have all the answers, esp about what you “can” do; there are certainly a lot of gnc female/afab ppl (i’m assuming?) who consider themselves to be both women on some level and trans on some level. a lot of older butches & transmasc people i know self ID this way – for someone you can look into, look at leslie feinberg (she wrote stone butch blues). 

nobody wants to hear this ideologically, but gender nonconforming people have COMPLICATED narratives. i have a material understanding of gender as something that happened/happens to you.  i call myself a woman because that has been my experience - but, specifically, a visibly gender nonconforming, dysphoric, lesbian woman. there are things that i experience and have experienced that are specifically because i am a woman or was a girl. there are things that i experience that most women and girls do not experience. i used to think those things barred me from womanhood. over time though i’ve realized that my life has been a firmly female experience… just the kind that i am. i share this with women like me.

still, the word woman has BAGGAGE, doesn’t it? in the way that girl perhaps doesn’t. it feels hard, its practically like reclamation. for me, nothing FEELS good or right, its just what suffices as a description of my experiences. a wise woman i know once said that girls’ names are all haunted. its easier if all the bad stuff happened to someone else, someone you can escape from. i have found that the more healing i’ve done, the less i need to dissociate, which, for me, is a major component of rejecting my body.

its hard to weigh out what will make you feel at home in your body and safe in your self. honestly, loads of people have loads of different words and frameworks to describe the same experiences. just realizing THAT has been important for me – who feels like i do? who experiences similar things? what do we all have in common? 

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Im bi/ftm (been out for 3 years & currently on hrt) & people have been telling me I should join the LGBT+ club at my college. Ive avoided doing so bc 1) I prefer to make friends based on if we have similar interests, not just bc we're both LGBT+ 2) im afraid I wont fit in as Ive had bad experiences /w judgmental LGBT+ people (being told I act cis/im a "normie"/invalidating my sexuality) 3) I dont understand what the club is. So I was wondering: what happens at LGBT+ clubs? Why should I join?

Lee says:
The easiest answer to your question is to just go to a meeting or two and find out! You don’t have to commit to always attending; just go and see if you’re interested in whatever is going on there, and if you don’t like it, you don’t need to come back to the next meeting.