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4 am confessions.

Min Yoongi; your overthinking boyfriend. 

Night air surrounded the early morning, light peeking from the curtains, shadows playing tricks on walls, white sheets mustered messily on the mattress, and two people so terribly engulfed in the shine of each other’s eyes.

The woman slept soundly, hugging a body pillow, bare naked, breathing evenly as her legs tangled possessively around the cotton. Her beautiful, smooth skin was painted with purple and blue, patches of rough love showing proudly as if they were her own trophies.

The man was sitting up, back facing her and his feet touching the cold wood, fingers cascading through his ruffled strands as his ribs rattled with shaky breaths. His face was contorted with thought, polished with a lovely pink and dark circles of sleep deprivation. Had he slept a wink, he did not know.

But he sat there with his lovely, pale skin, contemplating about something one would think silly to do so, but still he thought.

And then, he rubbed his face in utter frustration, slapping his cheeks as if to ready himself, and then faced you, hands lingering above your rising back. And he spoke quietly, carefully, but oh so lovingly.


His breath tingled your cheek, his raspy voice tainted with early morning haze automatically made you smile. You stirred from your slumber slowly, fingers readily reaching for his that were gently touching your skin. Your eyes cracked open when you mustered enough energy to do so, lazily staying still and breathing for a few seconds before rising, blanket covering your body strategically.

He waited in adoration as you closed your eyes again, sitting there with your head down and your hair splaying all over your face. You rubbed your face whilst sighing, curling your legs before moving your head side-to-side, the cracking sounds of your bones filling the air.

And then you faced him with a smile, momentarily adjusting your eyes to the sight of him sitting there in front of you, bare chested and smiling thinly, hands curled and expression taut.

You gave him a questioning look before reaching to unravel his fingers, slipping yours into his comfortably before your voice, a ringing fairy bell, pulled him back into earth, away from the clouds of his wandering mind.

“What’s wrong?”

Granted, it wasn’t perfect. Your voice was a bit raspy but Yoongi loved every pitch, tone, accent your throat had devoted itself to making. Because ultimately it was yours.

He trembled at your touch, trying to breathe as evenly as he could, staring at your knuckles and playing with your joints.

“So I’ve been thinking,”

You gave a little whisper of oh no, automatically making him chuckle and you quickly delivering a grin. “Go on.”

He cleared his throat, licking his lips tentatively before rushing up to face you.

“I love you.”

Your eyebrows knitted in confusion, silence stretching out longer than Yoongi had hoped for.

“That’s,” You started out slowly, still a little taken aback, “That’s great, Yoongi, but why tell me at… four in the morning?”

You wanted to laugh at the absurdity of this man, but you could tell he had spent time going over this in his head, again and again and again.

“No, no, no,” He rushed, shaking his head as his eyes widened, “I love you.”

He had gotten closer to you, stressing this fact, holding onto you with heightened strength. And you stared back, mouth slightly agape and eyes blinking in surprise before your lips cracked into a lovely smile. You slipped your hands slowly to shape his face, thumb rubbing over his cheeks with soft care, moving his fringe from his eyes that had watered down its intensity.

“What exactly were you thinking about, hm?” You hummed softly, moving to tap your forehead to his.

He breathed refreshingly, closing his eyes momentarily as you went to slide onto his lap, kissing the crown of his head as you stroked his noir strands.

“I was thinking about how,” He inhaled, fluttering his eyelashes against your skin, “How beautiful you are.”

You pulled back to give him an amused smile, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I thought about how, the expanse of your skin is the only place I find comfort in.” He said this before kissing your neck, a slow, adoring peck.

“I thought about how kind you are to me, how supportive and encouraging you’ve always been, even on the nights I don’t come home.” He whispered sadly, mindlessly messing with a strand of your hair.

“You’re understanding, and caring, and even though sometimes you throw a fit, you admit the wrongdoings you’ve done. You’re a good person, a lovely one, someone who has easily become such an important part of my life, I…can’t explain how much you truly mean to me.”

You sat there in silence, gazing at his lips that uttered poetry, before kissing him sweetly.

You didn’t understand why he was praising you so highly, but it didn’t hurt to hear once in a while. Your heart had done cartwheels and your mind exploded with fireworks. Yoongi was never one to openly express how he felt, so when he began with a love confession, even as you were filled with confusion, you fell in love with him all over again.

He returned the kiss softly, touching the small of your back to move you in closer before breaking it, the faint sound of your lips separating made his heart ache, because even then he had already missed it. You gave him an amorous smile, giggling before kissing his nose.

“Yoongi,” You began, raking your fingers through his tresses, “I love you too.”

He sighed, it being filled with so much pure ecstasy and infatuation, you couldn’t explain the amount.

Yoongi sat there regrettably as you kissed him again, arms wrapped around his pale body, that wasn’t shaking with anxiety, but with adoration and admiration.

He regretted not being able to tell you how your eyes resembled gems in the sky, twinkling always. How your skin was never cold, how your hair always smelled like morning dew, how the way you sang in the shower always reminded him of joyous children, how the way you loved was so sincere and affectionate he would never get tired of it.

He regretted not being able to tell you how your texts still give him butterflies, how your tears (though rare) always rained down on him with piles of guilt, because such an angel as you need not to cry, need not to feel sad.

But he can tell you all of this soon, and he will, but maybe next time, a ring will be hidden in a bouquet of roses along with the future of what’s to come.


- @toxic-zer0

like those posts that say shit like “what people think mental illness is: super dark and edgy and violent lol d3mons and hearing voices!!! what my mental illness is like: cute and harmless” are a great way to establish urself as one of the Good Ones and make me n other people with symptoms that dont make fun relatable text posts feel like the bad crazies but again, glad everyones having a good time on line

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I want to improve my art so much, but that is hard to do when I never practice. I've heard to only draw when you feel like it, but I never feel like drawing anymore. What do you think I should do, to start getting my inspired feelings back and actually draw for fun, instead making it feel like a chore?

hm maybe trying to get more into fandoms and such? (if youre into making fanart) looking for inspirational artists usually helps for me. also im just basing this off personal experience but i usually lose motivation when i have a time limit (or if i know i need to be doing something other than drawing lol) so i guess it’s nice to allot some time for it, a day where you know you wont have to do anything and you can just relax and do what you want. you dont have to get into it right away, it helps to be patient.

not to start any arguments or anything but like…. do any other autistics find allistic people’s headcanons + portrayals of autistic people to be…. Kind Of Bad sometimes????

now dont get me wrong i Looveee autistic headcanons and it’s super neat to see them from allistics too….. if they’re done well it’s so fun and good!!!!!!! BUT WHEN THEYRE NOT

i feel like allistic people sometimes make some of our traits into a ‘lol funny joke autism no no pls im actually super progressive’ sort of thing which is….. not good???? like i joke about my autism all the time but that’s not for them to joke about!!! like when they say stuff about special interests and stimming (if they’re allistic ppl who don’t have hyperfixations or dont stim) or be like 'awww this character has sensory sensitivities how quirky and cute and kind of weird’

it’s very cool to see autistic headcanons from literally anyone and if you’re allistic you can make autism headcanons, just please…. please….. don’t make fun of us….. p l e a s e



white ppl: *make fun of black ppls names for years, calls every other black woman laquisha or bon qui qui*

black ppl: could you maybe not its kinda racist

white ppl: lol no its not its tru u all have weird ghetto names lmao learn to take a joke lol

black ppl: ok………………………………..becky

white ppl: DONT CALL ME BECKY MY NAME IS NOT BECKY THIS IS A RACIAL SLUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS GENERALIZATION THIS IS SEGRAGATIUON!!!!!! THIS IS DISCRIMINATORY THIS IS CULTURAL APPROPRIATION OR SOMETHIGNG AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ

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its one thing to think the hanako art is to sexual, but its another thing to fucking point out that they're bad at drawing and notice the flaws. you're not perfect artists, don't expect others to be. (by the way, you're probably gonna say "noo no its the boobs and the big butt!" but you were making fun of the way hanako's arm was drawn don't sass me)

i dont care lol if you want to draw art that sexualizes a minor then im going to make fun of you


can’t sleep so i doodled jonas’ bedroom (he lives in an apartment) and i am the worst at bedrooms bcs i have never drawn one pls forgive me but i thought it would be fun to design one for him lol. im really into drawing him lately and want to do more w him, i just dont know what lol because i dont write stories or anything. also i didnt have time to make the room very detailed but once i get more experience drawing rooms ill prob redraw/redesign it lol

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I just keep listening on repeat your despot playlist aaaaah ;v; by any chance are you planning on doing another playlist? and if not, could you maybe recommend some cool bands/artists that you like? I just would like to expand my musical tastes lol, sorry if I'm bothering you, have a nice week! PS: your art is amazing, I love it so much <3

i made this one a bit ago that’s a dirkjake… breakup centric ish? one. and ive added a few more songs to it since posting that aren’t on the track list 

there’s also this post a while back about generally favourite music

i would like to make more playlists just because making themed playlists is fun to me, but like.. my concern is that i dont actually listen to a variety of songs?? so mixes would be repetitive. also i have questionable taste, ive been listening to catallena for like 2 weeks straight now

is that a thing people are even interested in. i feel like i make mixes for my own interests but i can kinda put out the ones that i have (i have a dirk part ii oh god LMFAO)

*makes feeble attempt at semi-lineless art*

ah man its so messy whoops

anyway @cupcakecrossing I made an attempt at drawing Cupcake and Cookie since they’re adorable and I want to draw them dancing more often with a less messy ..thing ahaha

I’ll redraw some other dance things with them on a different program since Krita is just.. not for me lol I swear I can do better but I hope you like this! These two are definitely so much fun to draw sjkfhsdkf

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Do you care if CGLRE blogs follow you?


i actually had a lil bit of Fun Drama Times with this some months ago that ended with me closing submissions and anons because people apparently get really mad when i tell them to not follow my own blog

but yea, please dont. i guess its a general consensus on kidcore tumblr, but if youre ddlg/cgl/whatever names you guys are making for yourselves please dont follow this blog, please just politely block me and move on because golly last time was a trainwreck people were sending me not good stuff lol

this also applies to terfs to. terfs can get out of my house anytime

please dont start drama over this !! im tired my guy

The signs from Gemini perspective

Aries: forever my spontaneous buddy. we can do absolutely nothing yet say we had the most fun. lol your witty insults are the best though sometimes harsh. i love that you are so caring and will do anything to make your loved ones smile.

Taurus: you want to be friends with everyone and you are too concerned with being popular. I dont trust these kind of people but you are so funny when you are comfortable. you are the worst texter so i call you right away when i see you writing me back

Gemini: so damn loud. you have good advice. i always go to you when i need a good drag. you seem detached but somehow you are always sensitive about something. you are a loyal friend, we cry together and i love you so much. I hate that you clam up when youre upset but i understand what youre going through. Im a gemini, i do the same. But other people dont understand that so its better to communicate your negative feelings aswell

Cancer: its true, you are moody! but i love teasing you out of your bad mood. and it always works! we flirt constantly. well i do, you are straight forward about your feelings and flirting is too complex for you haha. but when you flirt, you flirt with your eyes and smile. wyddd stop!! nothing compares to your touch and kisses! ure very jealous and possesive though, but just holding your hand and only looking at you in a room full of people makes that all go away. you are the best lover i have ever had. because unlike me you dont live in your head and that makes me want to live in the moment with you

Leo: so freakin passionate! I love it. you are perfect because i can have deep conversations with you and still keep it light. you are a mixture of my two favorite signs: cancer and aquarius. youre charming and a go-getter but sometimes a little competitive. why? just like me you are always ready to go out and look for the next adventure

Virgo: you have the kindest heart! i love your love for animals, but youre a little sneaky sometimes and you dont even realize you start real problems between people. youre too afraid of new things, i feel accomplished when i get you out of your comfort zone every other blue moon. i respect your intellect although it differs from mine sometimes. i feel i understand you better than you understand me.

Libra: hah! you are my best friends! we can chat for hours and still not be done talking. we have great banter, lots of inside jokes and we even understand each others body language. we like to organize parties together, entertain people and win them over to our friend circle. we’re proud of each other and give that little push to go for our dreams. one annoying thing is that we try to please each other all the time.

Scorpio: we are always ready to start some drama. we will throw people a bone and watch them argue. then we’ll be standing in a corner looking at them and ask each other why we are so evil and laugh about it all night. we’re always joking until one of us insults the other, hell cracks open a little bit but we get over it in a second like it never happened. normally i dont talk about my private life but with you i spill it all. it took you a while to tell me about yourself and our friendship became really strong after that. i feel you love me more than my mom does hahah love you scorp!

Sagittarius: can you stop showing me funny videos, youre making my stomach hurt from laughing. haha the internet would be boring without you! you are shy at first and its hard to make eyecontact with you but oh boy once you come out of your shell.. i like shy boys but your fiery side makes me too sad. Your shade is real and hits hard. i wish you were more careful with your words because you cant take them back once youve said them and i hold grudges so bad combo there :(

Capricorn: how do you appear so calm and collected on the outside but are so damned nervous inside? i always feel capricorns’ nervousness. youre like an alligator; quiet and meticulous. working on your next master plan to win power over people. youd be the best puppet master! youre very concerned with status but i like you best when you are not because you know how to have fun. youre one of my kinkiest friends ;) ;) lol. I like that you are accepting of people and very forgiving. Youre always there for the people you REALLY REALLY REALLY care about and thats a small tight circle of people, im glad im one of them

Aquarius: where do I start? i admire your intellect. talking to you is like having sex for the first time! all aquarius i know are effortlessly handsome and pretty. how? you make me want to be a better person. people dont often see your sensitive side, but i know your feelings can get intense. one thing i dont like though is that with other people you live in your head and bottle everything up inside until you boil over and spew out of control with them. dont do that! You are so freakin perfect. oh and you have a hate-love relationship with my cancerian friends, whyyyy

Pisces: you are like real life dolls! you are angelic and innocent looking with always a mischievous smile on your face. But behind that cute bubbly energy there is a really nasty side to your personality. you can be awefully mean when you act on your impulse and unfortunately you do it often :( you like to sweep problems under the rug because talking about it gives you heartburn! But it makes you look like you are not self-aware even when you are. People think you are detached from reality and selfish, but I see you use escapism as a coping mechanism. you are very smart! you love to learn and give. what i love the most about you is that you are patience with me and you can feel my energy without mistaking it for what its not.

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lmao we're all just fucking hypocrites. saying notes dont mean anything but try to gif the fastest and get notes first and fast before anyone else

when did i ever say notes didn’t mean anything to me lol i don’t believe in this whole “notes don’t matter as long as you’re having fun” thing. i think it’s ok to want your gifs (or edits or fan art or whatever) to get notes because you put effort into making them and obviously it feels nice when people recognize that 

I’m watching conspiracy theories videos because I’m a sucker for conspiracies (even if they’re stupid lol) and there’s one where supposedly Walt Disney’s ghost is in the Haunted Mansion or whatever and I don’t believe it but it kinda freaked me out because when I went there, the little car stopped like 2 times because of techical issues on the cementery part and that scared me so much lmao

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What's your counter to anyone who tries to justify shipping Ouma/Yumeno based on that one bit in Trial 5? (You know the bit I'm talking about)


now… forgive me if im wrong because i dont understand what was happening in that evangelion… but uh, ouma was dead at that point

and besides, purposely pissing someone off multiple times, purposely offending them because you think it’s funny, MAKING FUN OF THAT PERSON’S GRIEF OVER THE DEATH OF THEIR TWO CLOSEST FRIENDS, then turning around and going “haha i do like you tho lol”? that’s nasty. i dont give a shit if he “"actually likes her”“ she deserves much, much better

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(my English is horrible, so sorry for the mistakes D:)

Nickname(s): my name is probably too beautiful or too short to have any nickname

Star sign: Capricorn (ascendant Cancer)

Height: 157 cm 

Time right now: 18.06

Last thing I googled: BuBuChaCha, it was a cartoon I used to watch when I was little and I wanted to listen the opening~ (Facebook make me nostalgic)

Favourite music artist: I think I don’t have one in particular, but if I have to choose I say Caparezza and Baglioni (Italian artists, the second one probably because of my father’s conditioning XD)

Song stuck in my head: Occidental’s Karma - but almost every day I wake up with a different song stuck in my head (help me)

Last movie I watched: Lucy (by Luc Besson)

Last show I watched: Once Upon A Time (gosh this TV series makes no sense anymore) 

What am I wearing: random jeans and a sweatshirt

When I made this blog: I don’t know, some months ago

Kind of stuff I post: I usually reblog cute stuff of my favourite shows, anime or books (like Hetalia, Yuri On Ice and others) and of my ships

Do I get regular asks: ahahahahah nope, I’m not even a big blog, I have not much to say XD (and I don’t know how asks work, but whatever)

Why did I choose my url: *search URL on Wikipedia* what?…ok, I got it. Well it was just a game I made with my cousins when I was little, and it is stuck in my head since that time :’)

Gender: Female

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Number of followers: 56, but half of them are porn blog :D

Pokemon team: OH YEAH, that’s the question for me. My ideal team is formed by my favourite Pokémon, but I like really a lot of them! I want one with different types, so I have to choose…

Eevee (my little cutie MUST be in my team, and I would sell my soul to the devil if I could have a shiny one)

Arcanine (I love it sooooo much *^*)

Ampharos or Raichu (normal or Alola form, still can’t choose) or Luxray

Whimsicott (SOFT *^*) or Decidueye

Absol or Umbreon (dark-types Pokémon are my life)

Blastoise (maybe with Blastoisinite…I like his Mega Evolution too!)

Favourite colour: every shades of blue (Prussian blue and Ultramarine *^*) and green too (most dark green)

Favourite characters: well it’s going to be a very very long list! :D and most of them are beautiful cinnamon rolls too good for this world, too pure

Axis Powers Hetalia: Italy Brothers (both!!!) and Latvia. And Austria, Ukraine, Denmark…*bla bla bla*

Noragami: Kazuma, Yukine

Yuri!!! On Ice: Phichit Chulanont, Emil Nekola, Minami Kenjiro, Michele Crispino

Pokémon: Hau, Barry, Wally, Silver (videogame), James of Team Rocket (anime)

Dragon Ball: Crilin, Tenshinhan, Piccolo

Harry Potter: Rubeus Hagrid, Neville Longbottom, Nymphadora Tonks (gosh, choose my favourite characters in this book is so difficult for me)

The Big Bang Theory: Leonard Hofstadter, Bernadette Rostenkowski, Rajesh Koothrappali (thank you CTRL-C)

There are like one million of other characters and shows but I think I must stop now.

And now I shall tag @thealmightybielobadessa @danebae @latigreblanche @clorurodicarbonile @hebeandersen 

and anyone else is free to do it!