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when you make a sarcastic, gay post about being disappointed cora isn’t an fryder romance option and someone turns it into a “fuck you bioware” post

i’m sad too and MAN it would have been cool to tote my asari commando trained girlfriend across the galaxy. it would have been amazing to have the first wlw human squadmate. this applies to liam, too. it would have been fab if scott could have his hot boyfriend by his side.

but like… you guyssss, there are going to be straight people in this game.

this game has gay characters. and straight characters. and bi characters. and pan characters. there are romances for asexual players. there are (apparently) polyamorous options. and there are a lot of romances, from hook-ups to long term relationships, that have yet to be revealed.

i understand we’ve been burned before (insert literally any straight OT romance here) and we are MORE than allowed to be a little sad, but don’t vilify the game/studio as a whole just because two characters orientations are a bit disappointing. i’m confident that this game is going to have something for everyone.

“I’m your muse?” 

The wavering voice fills Mark’s heart in an instant and he glances up from his phone with wide eyes. 

“I-It was just a joke, Jaehyun didn’t mean it.” stutters Mark, swallowing down a lump of nerves. Donghyuck’s glance falls to Mark’s hands, becoming fists as they tangle into his bedsheets and something clicks inside him.

“You’re such a liar.” Donghyuck teases. He leans against the doorframe casually, like he isn’t calling out his best friend or anything. “I am your muse, aren’t I?” 

Mark falls silent and he purses his lips, breaking eye contact with the boy by the door. “You were only my muse for some-”

“Was that love song you wrote…” Donghyuck tries to cut him off but he isn’t quite sure what he wanted to say. He was never quite sure what he wanted to say around Mark. 

“What?” presses Mark, testing him, prompting him. Donghyuck tries to glare but it becomes a feeble glance instead. 

“Was it…” he begins to start up again, only to have his pounding heart stop him. “Never mind.” Donghyuck clears his throat and his eyes dart around the room. “Anyways, I just… I just wanted to say that it’s cute; how I’m your muse, I mean.” He turns to leave their shared room, barely able to swallow his heart down in the process but then he hears Mark’s annoying (but somehow always comforting) voice yelping out a wait! and suddenly there’s a tightening grasp on Donghyuck’s wrist and another face that’s seemingly too close for comfort. Something tells Donghyuck to move away. He doesn’t. 

“The love song…” Mark licks his lips nervously and leans back, creating a gap between the two. He feels as if Donghyuck can hear his heart palpitating and the blood rushing through his veins. “Yeah. It was about you.”

Donghyuck’s eyes widen and something in his heart bursts. He opens his mouth to respond but it feels like there’s nothing to say and everything to say at the same time. Somewhere in between, Donghyuck stops breathing.

An uneasy but genuine grin splits Donghyuck’s face. 

“I figured.”

So the first comics i started in transformers was the new idw collection and i heard about how prowl was an absolute prick in the comics and i was like okay let’s see

And the first impression i got of prowl was him stabbing skywarp in the tit lights

and i haven’t gotten over it yet

rip skywarp’s tit lights


so i was rereading Doer of Good Deeds by Lomonaaeren and something about Harry glaring across the Great Hall at Pansy flirting with Draco and not knowing why he feels so irritated is strangely adorable

also feat Ron Weasley who is 1000% Done with this shit

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top 6 countrys

owwnn, hello annonie owo/

  • netherlands 
  • irland
  • japan
  • korea
  • india

ask me my ‘top 6′ anything


“It wasn’t sympathy. I like you.”