dont love someone else

after having experienced love and going through a breakup and realising lots of things.. i am not obsessed with having romantic love anymore, i am satisfied on my own. i dont need someone else to love me to be happy. i love the idea/concept of love… the idea of being romantically invested in someone who feels the same back is absolutely beautiful but i am whole alone. love will happen to me when the time is right - when i am ready to experience it again and i will be a much better lover than before because i am not desperately dying for love. i wont be waiting or looking for love everywhere i go. when/if it does happen i will be stronger, a better lover, i will create a safe space for me and my lover to grow together and independently. don’t wait around for love to start living, the world is beautiful. not everything beautiful is about romantic love.  


“And like a rook, I mate for life

I want to tell you how I feel so badly. I want us to look in each others eyes when we’re alone as I’m about to say it. I want you to lean in and kiss me right before I do and never stop. I want you to grab me and stop me from crying over the fact that you’ll be gone soon. I want to tell you that every time I see you my hearts feel like a humming bird, that every time you look at me it feels like a zap of electricity, that when I make you smile it’s like watching the most beautiful sunset in the world. I want you to tell me you’re afraid I’m going to forget you just like I’m afraid you’ll do to me. I want you- period.
—  a broken heart

<small> i have a lot of loves of my life & just a few to think of is @flowersforaghcst @cxldlightxfday @beer-to-shotgun / @livewxthit @consumcd & then i got a few downlow, mostly afar loves of my life which are @motheriing @theprixrity and @officxrfrixndly
literally i love them all to death and want the best for them because they all deserve the world. such beautiful souls ugh.

“And the words just flowed out her fingertips like water in a river, flawlessly and clear, as if it were her own story to cherish and protect, her own story to tell the world.”

hEY HEY @jilliancares UNDERCOVER ANONYMOUS HERE. Well not anonymous anymore *wiggles eyebrows*. I ended up making a quote for you, it wasn’t difficult at all, those were the words that first came when i thought of you.
I’m also that annoying girl that sent you an ask about how much im dying because i want to read TBB (and now that I accidentally read that they kissed the temptation is strong) but that im saving it until is complete, lel.
After you answered my ask i felt the sudden urge to make you something because you always give us and i just wanted to show you my gratefulness (is that a word?) by giving you something and when inspiration comes, you better take it gurl.
Even if I already said it, thank you for your stories, I know it takes time to make them, and I find so unfair that fanfiction writers are so underrated so I wanted to show you that all your effort doesn’t go to waste, that we love every tiny little bit of it. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH<3
And before I lose my confidence to post this here we go~

god… ok c/elesg/ami is a bad ship