dont lose your soul

NecroBro/ closed rp

It had been over 200 years since the monsters where retraped underground alot of monsters had died during that time, little did they know a couple undead human mistaken for monsters had been locked away with them through the years they both rotted away to skeletons but stayed out in snowdin field in a little house no one reclaimed

Demona The first was 5'8" and wore a hooded black cloak with a bandana over her nasal cavity tiny red dots glowed in her sockets

Monique The other stood 5’ and wore a dark blue shirt with a lighting design and a black knee length pleated skirt bright yellow glowed in her sockets

Demona had just felt like her energy was back when she got up disturbing Monique’s lute playing they exchanged words in a strange language for a few moments before Monique went down do there basement where they stored things, it was all various sizes of jars filled with dust she grabbed a decent sized one with no rhyme or reason bringing it back to demona, Monique poured it all onto the floor in a little pile while demona shifted through a small bag taking out a metal sphere containing soul like power her objective was to revive a monster normal monsters she could revive just fine soul and all but just in case this was a boss monster she would need that orb to sustain the monster

She used her magic infusing the dust with magic she looked at it as she worked this was a skeleton monster not seeing his soul reform she grabbed the orb putting it in his ribcage as it solidified around it monsters where harder to revive than humans it took a lot of magic but as soon as he woke up he sat up confused he didn’t remember dieing

Papyrus: w-wh-

Demona interrupted him fast telling him to hold still and be quite a magic forced papyrus still and forced him silent he was becoming frantic but what could he do but stare Demona pointed out the orb in his ribcage

Demona: as it stands this is your soul now dont lose it or you could die its important to protect

she got up and got a long black robe for him to wear Before telling him to go home and live life like nothing here happened she told him not to speak of this to anyone before shooing him out the door the same magic from early forced him to walk he couldn’t feel the colf he wasn’t tired but not fully awake eth but no matter he was going home it confused him to be back underground he went to snowdin back to his and sans old home the magic letting go he wanted nothing to do with thoughts skeleton ladies, right now he wanted sans he dug around in the snow pulling out a key and going in he turned on the lights and went upstairs to get out of the robe and back into something normal maybe his dating clothing that might make him feel a little better