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Find a Valentine This Year

Buzzfeed’s Supergirl Character Quiz is like a mini-supergay speed dating site:

  • Kara’s meet Lena’s or Cat’s
  • Alex’s meet Maggie’s
  • Lucy’s meet Alex’s or Kara’s 
  • M’gann’s meet everyone

Day 1: Friends and Rivals

i can honestly say that a picture has never pissed me off as much as this one does. she literally looks like a bologna baby . i dont know what other way i can describe it.

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town

Its so fucked up how fat people even MENTION other people accepting us people ALWAYS come out of the woodworks with some

“Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder!” “You cant make people find you attractive!”

Like yall make the BIGGEST fucking reaches to tell us that we arent ALLOWED to be accepted and loved and cared for.

And no, just cause you say you care for our health and that were “dying” and “killing yourselves” and talk about all these health conditions that yall dont even KNOW we have. Yall love to fucking run your mouths about shit yall dont fucking know about

You’re not ME you’re not my fucking doctor you dont fucking know me or my health history! Stop talking like you know shit!

And then there are those who act like wanting to fuck us is a compliment when its NOT. We are not your fucking fetish we are not objects to sexualize and fuck. We are real fucking people with real feelings. Go to hell

And then the bitches who flat out say disgusting awful cruel shit about us. Theyre the big bullies who pick on people because theyre sad about their own lives

No matter what happens, fat people are CONSTANTLY dehuminized. Were not allowed to be human because we’re fat. Were not allowed tonbe happy and free and love ourselves and our lives nevause we’re fat.

We deal with bullshit from our friends and families and even fucking strangers! I had a woman come up to me while i was at a diner with my mom and whe literally said to my face “you need to lose some weight” a stranger! Who i never seen again! How is that okay!

People don’t care about the effects. They dont care if we develop eating disorders, have depression, low self esteem. They don’t care because well, they hate us, and want to dictate how we live our lives because dont like the space we take up

But well, were here, and we will always be here. If you dont like it, look the other way or you can kiss my FAT puerto rican ass

✨I actually still cant believe how good he looks its been several days and im still sh00k.✨

(Why did i make him look like the russian lesbian from yuri on ice oOOPS)

(ALSO ill probably draw Arthur to go w/ this soon enough, most likely when school is finished lol)

I present to you, human!sonic & human!Amy! I was actually waiting to draw them but I really didn’t like how it ended up in the end. But this is what I came up with. I’ll also be doing the rest of his friends soon. Hope you like it! 

…I don’t know what this look is but I’m in love with it.

If you tell a boy whose hair is curly and wild and who dresses in faded holey t-shirts that smell like worn cotton and home that he should comb his hair down for you and dress up nicer for you, then you are slowly killing him and replacing him with what you think he should have to be…for you. Do me a favor. Dont. This world needs more boys with wild hair and worn cotton shirts and if you cant appreciate him, let him go, because he does not need to be told that his comfort and style is wrong. He should be loved by someone who thinks that wild hair is beautiful, and that he is stunning in a suit or worn cotton or nothing at all, because that is what love is. Healthy love is accepting them as they came, with all their flaws and problems and quirks. You should not have to “fix” someone you love at all, if they are right for you, you will be able to grow together into better people. They might adapt around you as time goes on, and that is normal, growth and change is good and natural, but forcing change is brutal and mean. He deserves to be loved just the way he came to you, because someone thinks he is beautiful, and if you can’t do that, let him love someone who will.
—  Thoughts of things 

Nibansenji: eating delicious donkatsu with all my might


Nibansenji: you better not. if an ordinary person tries to reach for it, they will die.

Tomitake: it’s ok for me! cause I deal with zombies, you know! two portions of your set meal, please!!!

The Empress in the Golden Mask: Take #1

So, I gm’d a game today, but before that, on Wednesday the 14th I gm’d the same game, to different people! Dundunduu. In the interest of comparison let’s see what happened the first time.

  • First the players:
    • Larry Bird, a Kenku cleric, and a devout fan of the Empress.
    • Iaris the Calm, a tiefling bard, and a barkeep for a tavern where a lot of pro-Empress people visit.
    • Vander, a half-elf rogue, who is sorta pro-rebel, but mostly pro-stealing.
    • And Bob, the human barbarian, who builds houses for a living and is very much in favor of the rebellion.
  • Our four characters wake up. They have bags on their head and cobblestones beneath their backs, and they can’t remember anything that had happened after the morning.
  • They get up and the whole world is painted in sepia-tones, and the city seems completely empty.
  • They introduce themselves. Larry Bird takes the lead, being an official for the Empress, and wearing the mask marking him as such.
    • The others follow along just as well.
    • Larry notices a small creature made out of rags that is holding some glowing marbles.
      • When he and the others try to approach, the creature takes off.
  • A chase follows. Vander manages to catch the creature, but it has got friends and the friends attack.
    • They don’t do any damage, instead they steal memories from the characters.
      • Bob forgets a house he had built and a house he was supposed to build next.
      • Iaris forgets where he works and a debt.
        • The creatures take off with some of the memories, but leave Iaris’ workplace behind.
          • Iaris notices that he forgets when he stops holding the memory marbles, so he decides to swallow them.
  • Meanwhile, Larry has picked up the marbles the first rag creature had left behind and he gets a memory of being hanged by the order of the Empress.
    • Shaken, he refuses to give them to the others, and they return to the Square where they woke up in.
    • There, Larry first confides in Bob, who he thinks is a very trustworthy dude. Then Bob shares the memories with Iaris, as Larry casts a Zone of Truth on Vander.
      • Vander, telling the truth, says he is loyal to neither the Empress nor the rebels, and that’s enough for him to get memories as well.
  • Larry very much doesn’t believe that the Empress has really killed him, and says that it’s probably a rebel ploy. The others kinda nod.
  • For their next move, Vander suggest they get back to where the met the rags, and see where they went, as they were the only living(?) beings they met at the place.
    • Iaris turns out to be able to track them really well. The tracks lead them towards the cemetery hill.
  • Vander goes first, he tries stealth, but falls over. A male voice asks who is there.
    • The male voice belongs to an elven man in a cracked silver mask. Larry and Iaris recognize him as the Silver General, who belonged to the same rebellion as the Empress, but opposed her appointment as Empress, so Empress had him killed, presumably.
      • Larry is very rude to the General because of this.
  • The Silver General says that he doesn’t really remember anything about himself, or the outside world, as the rag-creatures have eaten away all of his memories long ago.
    • He knows that whatever place they are in, it doesn’t go beyond the city’s limits.
    • There is also a beast that hunts all the other visitors to the city. At least The General thinks so.
      • Just then, they hear the cries of the Beast.
    • The General says that the Beast comes from the Palace and there might be a portal of some kind in there.
    • Bob would like to just kill the Beast, but Larry asks his god for guidance and the answer is, no, shouldn’t do that.
  • Our heroes (+ the General) decide to take a long way round getting to the Palace. First Larry mimics the Beast’s cry to lure it away from the Palace, and then Iaris leads them through the city streets to the Palace.
  • The road leading up to the Palace and the first room they enter is filled with writhing cut-off hands.
    • The General’s hand is there as well, and the people know that the living hands, folklore tells, belong to murderers, so that just really proves Larry’s point.
  • The next room, a larger one, contains a giant scorpion. Larry and Iaris realize that the scorpion uses tremors to track its prey, so they throw in some mild tremors themselves, so they can sneak past it. Iaris and Vander help Bob and Larry.
    • The first room they go in has nothing of interest.
    • The next room however has a portal of some kind.
      • Larry tries to identify it, but there’s some kind of magical trap there, and it throws him off.
    • They decide to check the other rooms out too.
      • Vander pops his head through the doorway to see if the scorpion is right there, and notices a woman has entered the building, a woman in a golden mask.
  • He manages to convince Larry not to look as they make a stealthy run for it, but Bob temporarily forgets how to stealth and just steps out.
    • The woman insults him, very viciously.
    • The woman, of course is the Empress.
      • Everyone is a bit hesitant about attacking her, but she is not hesitant about attacking Bob.
        • Larry tries to question her, but she tells him to shut up.
      • Vander sneaks behind her and backstabs (or backgonks, as he doesn’t do the whole blood-letting thing) her, but gets captured by the Scorpion’s claw.
        • Bob rushes in now, attacking the Empress. And he is angry.
          • Larry starts to maybe pick a side, and starts healing.
          • Iaris uses a spell so frightening that it causes the Empress to teleport away, leaving our heroes few rounds of Scorpion battle.
            • Scorpion lets go of Vander and picks up Bob, and tries to poison him too, but Bob flexes and feels better.
  • The Empress gets back into the frey, shouting “how dare you” and ripping off her golden mask. She… kinda rips her face off at the same time.
    • Iaris and Vander are both frightened, Vander so much that he physically ages 40 years.
    • Bob is very unimpressed.
  • The Empress tells them that they will not get out of here if they kill her, and if they don’t she will hunt them down on the other side of the portal.
  • Larry takes a stand. He approaches the Empress and attacks her with magic.
    • And…. He… Kills her.
  • Larry is quite shocked, as that seems to be their only way out. The others are quite concerned as well.
    • Well. Vander does remember to loot jewels and the mask off from the Empress.
    • Vander, Bob and Iaris search around the castle, but don’t find much. Bob manages to get lost /twice/. First he locks himself up in the cellar. Then he falls down a well.
    • Larry meanwhile contacts his god, asking if there’s a possibility that they could use his magic detecting spell to get out. The answer is positive.
  • So they rest for the night. The Silver General stays outside and keeps watch so the rags won’t eat the others’ memories. Which is why he doesn’t remember them in the morning.
  • In the morning Larry locates three objects of interest: a necklace of the Empress, the golden mask, and the silver mask of the General.
    • He identifies them as well. The necklace is a contacting device for the Empress’ patron, a demon of some sort.
    • The masks had been used to create this pocket dimension, and they could use them to destroy it.
    • Iaris takes the necklace, as he is a tiefling, and knows this stuff. In case things went wrong.
    • The Silver General volunteers to try to destroy the dimension, as he has nothing to lose.
      • Iaris goes get his other hand so he can do that.
        • And he does….
  • There’s 50/50 chance of going home vs going somewhere else. Vander, Larry and Bob all wake up in a ditch in their bodies.
    • Iaris gets sent somewhere else, but he uses the necklace, contacts a demon and a contract between them goes…. super smooth, so he gets back home too.
  • Aftermath! Well the Empress is dead. In the Palace’s cellar the people find the Silver General, who has been slumbering for 20 years, who still doesn’t remember anything, but very vehemently doesn’t want to become an emperor or any of that stuff, thank you very much. Also, he smells strongly of vinegar.
    • He meets up with the other folks, and says that he’ll go away from the city.
      • He wants to keep both of the masks, but Iaris persuades him to give away the golden one, which he then forwards to Hell, to his new patron and bf.
    • Vander manages to find someone who can revert his aging.
      • He also gets caught with the golden jewelry he stole from the Empress, but since the Empress is dead, no one really cares that much.
    • Larry tries to get Bob made the next Emperor, but it doesn’t really work. He passes away from old age pretty soon afterwards, leaving behind some children.
      • Bob builds a home and he and Iaris and Iaris’ bf, the step-dad from Hell, take care of the chicks and Vander visits every Christmas, breaking in through the chimney.
        • THE END

Well, things went better than expected. :D Congrats guys, you all made it through!

psa: don’t make fun of a person’s art everyone’s still learning and working and improving at their own speed and are so brave for putting their stuff out publicly the fact that people would repost art just to belittle someone on the internet is so fucking cruel and disgusting

imagine the other pilots knowing abt poe’s crush and acting like middle schoolers and telling finn things that go completely over his head like “so finn… we think you really turn poe on” and of course finn has never heard this expression before so he’s just like “… what?!” and knows he’s missing something aND POE JOLTS IN HORROR FROM BEHIND THEM WHERE HE WAS TRYING TO GET THEM TO SHUT UP AND RESCUES FINN AND PULLS HIM AWAY and finn is just so confused like “no wait what were they talking about?” aND ALL POE CAN MANAGE IS A NERVOUS SMILE AS HE TRIES TO ASSURE HIM ITS NOTHING AND THEN TURNS TO GLARE AT HIS SQUADRON WHO ARE BACK THERE DYING
Milk & Bone - New York Download Little Mourning on iTunes: Credits : Directed by : Mégane Voghell Director Of Photography ...

@gwartooth some soft tunes made by lovely ladies maybe??