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psa: don’t make fun of a person’s art everyone’s still learning and working and improving at their own speed and are so brave for putting their stuff out publicly the fact that people would repost art just to belittle someone on the internet is so fucking cruel and disgusting

i can honestly say that a picture has never pissed me off as much as this one does. she literally looks like a bologna baby . i dont know what other way i can describe it.

(jumps down from counter in indubbz voice) I’M GAY

I present to you, human!sonic & human!Amy! I was actually waiting to draw them but I really didn’t like how it ended up in the end. But this is what I came up with. I’ll also be doing the rest of his friends soon. Hope you like it! 

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town

…I don’t know what this look is but I’m in love with it.

If you tell a boy whose hair is curly and wild and who dresses in faded holey t-shirts that smell like worn cotton and home that he should comb his hair down for you and dress up nicer for you, then you are slowly killing him and replacing him with what you think he should have to be…for you. Do me a favor. Dont. This world needs more boys with wild hair and worn cotton shirts and if you cant appreciate him, let him go, because he does not need to be told that his comfort and style is wrong. He should be loved by someone who thinks that wild hair is beautiful, and that he is stunning in a suit or worn cotton or nothing at all, because that is what love is. Healthy love is accepting them as they came, with all their flaws and problems and quirks. You should not have to “fix” someone you love at all, if they are right for you, you will be able to grow together into better people. They might adapt around you as time goes on, and that is normal, growth and change is good and natural, but forcing change is brutal and mean. He deserves to be loved just the way he came to you, because someone thinks he is beautiful, and if you can’t do that, let him love someone who will.
—  Thoughts of things 
Vivid Colors

So I sent an anonymous message to bisexualjse that said: 

Soulmate AU where it’s once you see your soulmate your world goes from black&white to color but Jack is blind and anytime he thinks he feels his soulmate is in his grasp they tell him that their world is just as bland as they started out but what Jack doesn’t realize is that he’s actually been in color this whole time right from the moment him and Mark met and Mark doesn’t know how to tell him that he’s been living in color just for him (and maybe Jack won’t believe his own feelings have been for Mark)

 I decided to write it! This is my first time ever writing Septiplier, Jack himself, and a blind character, so don’t be too too tough on me, kay? I’m ot trying to offend anyone, I was just attempting something new. I swear I will go down with this ship. It’s too much for me.

This is also mainly in Jack’s perspective, and the little thing at the end is Mark’s. Honestly anyone could take this prompt and write it a bunch of different ways, I just went with this one. Enjoy!

Pairing: Septiplier 

Word Count: 2k

Rating: PG pretty much, a few swears 

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jikook selca time~ ✨

*trips over my own feet* based on @sometipsygnostalgic‘s comic