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Same Mistake

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Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Request: I fricken love your blog!! Can you do an imagine where you and Shawn meet at a John Mayer concert and just have a really special time jamming to John Mayer?!

Note: I’m sorry this isn’t exactly what you asked for nonnie! but I hope you enjoy it!! Xx


“C’mon Y/N! It’s John freaking Mayer you have to go!” Your friend, Chloe said pacing around your room.

“I cant Chloe, I have finals coming up and I need to study and I have a lot of other things to worry about!” you said reaching for your text book

“But we still have a week left till finals!”

“Which gives me more reason not to go and stay here to study.” your eyes never leaving the text book

“Y/N, I promise I’ll stop annoying you if you go with me! Plus you love him so its a win win.” she pointed out, you only sighed

“Fine, I’ll go with you.” you agreed and she started screaming and jumping around causing you to roll your eyes and went back to the text book in your hands.


“WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD!” You jolted awake by the sound of Chloe barging into your dorm

“A simple ‘good morning’ would’ve been nice.” you sighed getting up.

“The concert is in a few hours, I’ll be the one picking you up. Don’t be late.” she warned, and you nodded going to take a shower.


“Y/N! Chloe’s here!” Your roommate called from downstairs. You took your purse rushing downstairs to Chloe’s car.

“Ready?” she asked starting her car

“Ready.” you sighed

“You think you’ll meet any cute boys?” She smirked

“No Chloe, and I honestly dont care.” You said looking out the window, she tried to bring the subject again but you made her drop it, soon you two started talking about things that you would talk about on a normal daily basis until you arrived.

“Well we’re here.” Chloe stated as you two walked through the entrance, you two walked to a place where there were other people standing waiting for the concert to start.

“Chloe, maybe we should just go inside.” You said not wanting to be around a lot of people

“Y/N! Can you let loose for one second and have fun?” She hit your hips with hers causing you to stumble back on the guy behind you causing you both to fall.

“I am so sorry.” You apologized

“Its okay, don’t worry about it.” The guy smiled, and to say the least he looked hot and awfully familiar.

He got up and pulled you up as well, you two looked at each other for a bit, until you realized that you were both staring at one another.

“Shawn.” He lent out his hand stopping the secret staring contest between you.

“Y/N.” You gladly shook it, you were about to turn around to find Chloe only to see her talking to another guy.

“Looks like our friends are getting along well.” Shawn chuckled a bit

“I guess so.” You smiled back, soon he began to ask about your life and you did the same soon one conversation led to another.

“Slytherins are better sorry.” You said looking away (I am not a Slytherin so I am totally against it lol)

“Nope sorry, I disagree.” He chuckled, but before you could say something you were being pulled away.

“What’re you doing?”

“The concert is about to start!” Chloe said pulling you away, and you look back to see that Shawn was being pulled away too.

You had a fun time at the concert, watching your favorite singer sing on stage gave you a bit of a happy feeling, but your thoughts kept drifting away to the boy you met, Shawn.


“Well I’m sorry!” Chloe apologized for about the millionth time tonight for pulling you away from the guy.

“Who was he anyway?” She asked obviously curious

“All I know is that his name is Shawn, and he was friends with the guy you were with before.”

“Is that so?” She smirked and you were too tired and exhausted to ask what the hell was going on in her twisted little mind

“Whatever can we please go back? I’m tired.” You stated and she nodded taking out her phone. You both got into her car and began driving to your apartment, Chloe checked her phone every 5 minutes and you were getting suspicious, you thought you’d ask her tomorrow, right now you weren’t in the mood.

Chloe parked the car next to a Tim Horton’s and looked at you.

“Stay here.” she said getting out of the car, you sighed scrolling through your social media accounts till she came back.

“Where’d you go?” you asked not taking your eyes off your phone

I could ask you the same thing.” your eyes widened at the realization that in the driver’s seat next to you, wasn’t Chloe. You slowly turned around to see Shawn smiling with a bag of muffins and coffee for the both of you.

“What’re you doing here?” you asked returning the smile

“Chloe texted Brian everything and set this up, now I’ll be taking you to your dorm.” he said happily and you smiled, Chloe always had a way to make up for things.

You gave him your address and continued your conversations from where you left off.

“Okay, Okay wait, you what?” you laughed

“Hey! In my defence I was already supposed to sing so why not have a little fun while doing it.” he chuckled

“How’d you get to go on the Magcon tour anyway?” you asked

“I used to do Vines.”

“So you’re a Viner?”

“I was something like that, I used to post covers of songs on there.” then you slowly realized who you were talking to this whole time.

“Hold on a second, Shawn? As in Shawn Mendes? The guy who’s songs are on the radio everyday?” you asked putting your head in your hands laughing dryly

“Guilty?” he chuckled, now knowing why he looked so familiar, soon your conversations were back on track and started talking until you reached your dorm.

“I guess this is it.” he said parking the car

“I guess so.” you smiled sadly, about to leave the car

“Wait, before you go I’m not making the same mistake twice.” he said reaching for your phone and put his number in and took yours.

“There you go.” he smiled handing you your phone back as you both got out of the car and walked to your door

“I’ll see you soon?” you bit your lip nervously

“Definitely.” you smiled at his response and gave him a kiss on the cheek as he slowly backed away giving you a shy smile, giving Chloe her car keys back and drove away with Brian.

“Okay, so you told me you were with a guy named Shawn, NOT THE SHAWN FUCKING MENDES!” She yelled in your ear

“Jeez Chloe, I think I need to get my eardrums checked.” and she just rolled your eyes at you as you both say your goodbyes.

You entered your dorm taking a nice long shower and were changing your clothes when you received a text.

‘Had a really great time 2nite :) -Shawn’ You smiled at the text

‘Me too :)’

‘Hey, you busy Friday night?’

‘No, I’m not actually’

‘I wanna take you out, if that’s okay with you’

‘Sure, I’ll see you then Xx’

Maybe missing a day worth studies wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

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For the couple meme can u do bruiseshipping 👀

There it is! Thanks for the request anon

Ship: Bruise!

•Who is a night owl:

-Jay and Cole probably spend over three hours every night trying to defeat one level of the game they just got and fall asleep on each other after giving up.

•Who wakes up first:

-Jay, he doesn’t want to leave any opportunity for Cole to try making any kind of food if thats what you want to call it, for breakfast.

•Who loves to cuddle:

-Cole is saying, “always cold” and needs Jay to warm him up sounds like a cover for “im super gay for u, hug me now” in my opinion

•Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep:

-Jay accidentally punched Cole, and Cole accidentally kicked Jay off of the bed, the end.

•Who gets nightmares most often:

-I feel like Jay is a weeny when it comes to scary movies but he’s also weirdly addicted to watching them??? so when he scoots closer to Cole in the night, he knows and huGS HIM FUCK ITS ADORABLE

•Who is more protective:

-They’re both very protective over each other but Cole is always on guard for his smol and is ready to punch anyone other than himself for talking back to his man

a favorite of mine is last week when jay asked if it was raining outside and kai replied with, “i dont know, open your eyes and look out the window.”

-Cole was more than happy to punch Kai

•Who kisses more roughly:

-with these two i’m almost sure they turn making out in a competition for dominance but in the end… CoLEcolecoLecoLEcOle.

•Who fell in love with the other first:

-Cole was like, “oh shit i lov jay!” At first and then Jay started fallin for his man when he started blushing around him & he was like “woah im super gay”~

•Who said, “I love you” first:

-I feel like Jay said it first and Cole started blushing and froze to a point where Jay got worried and tried to preform CPR

Fun times, funnnnn times.

•Who apologizes first when they fight:

-These boys fight, miss each other for a few hours and go apologize to each other, and end up crying somewhere in the process

•Who likes to wear the other’s clothes & what does the other do when they see them in it:

-Cole always finds his shirts going missing and it pisses him off until he sees his smol in it and explodes

now whenever he stains his own shirts he blames it on jay :)))

•Who swears more:

-Jay somehow finds himself in the same position of saying “fuCK” and or “shittttttt” in the middle of the night, which is e v e r y n i g h t, trying to make cereal or some shit and stubbing his toe or smashing his finger

•Who kills the spider:

-Jay makes Cole take the spider outside because he feels bad to kill it

•Who likes to send the other memes:

jay is constantly sending pick up line memes to Cole’s phone because he likes to see his face turn red when he reads them

My rating on the ship: 10/10 👌🏻👌🏻👀

Send in a ship and i’ll answer, these! or any: one shots, headcanons or unpopular opinions you want me to do!

does anyone know how to disappear over night ???

my parents applied me for a job without my knowing, i have told them many many times that i dont want to do that and yet tomorrow i have to go there

just thinking about it makes my heart race and i almost start to cry

i dont know what to do

  • godric: i took your advice salazar
  • salazar: what advice
  • godric: about having giant versions of our house animals
  • salazar: oh no
  • godric: i got a 60 foot lion
  • salazar: oh no
  • godric: she's in the grounds right now
  • salazar: OH NO
  • godric: look out the window bro
  • salazar:
  • salazar: wait i dont see her
  • godric: yeah i was lion about the whole thing
  • salazar:
  • godric:
  • salazar: i cant believe i let that pun slytherin to the conversation
  • godric: ayyyyy
  • salazar: ayyyyy

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Did... Did you just call Silas daddy? Ki wtf turn your urges down by like 69 notches thirsty ass

Impossible, im long gone into the depths of hell, Dan Dan.

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Mello: Yeah… well…IT’S FINE *moves Matt off him and gets up and walks over to the window in the room* Matt: Okay, *rolls over so his back is towards Mello* I’ll just ask L when I get back home. Mello: *still looking out the window* DO WHAT YOU WANT…I DONT CARE…I’M JUST TRYING TO PROTECT YOU Matt: Protect me from what? There’s something you’re not telling me.

EVERYTHING *as he punches the wall with one then lens his head against it then mumbles* ive got to protet you from everything…id die without you…

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*nods in agreement* You have been faced with cold hard facts that you can't deny. Facts that prove that you in fact not a potato, but an amazing person with an amazing personality and talent. According to my calculations, this is 100% backed up by science, so no amount of denial will make it untrue. ALSO I REALLY LOOK UP TO YOU K BYE *jumps out of window*

// *mun is actually crying* WAIT NO DONT JUMP OUT THE WINDOW OMFG U LOOK UP TO ME?????