dont look on this

fandom: [laughing at Jonathan playing The Clash for possessed Will in the shack]

me, an emotional wreck: [thinking about how important “should I stay or should I go” is to Will since he sang it to himself the whole time he was in the Upside Down, it probably gives him strength and makes him think about Jonathan who had always protected him and bursts into tears]

ANYWAY i hope irene is comfortable with the clothes they give her for performances. i know how she always tugs on her dresses and skirts if they’re too short and this comeback shows a lot more leg. you can tell it gets annoying for her having to constantly pull her dress down and sometimes you can see it in her face that shes very uncomfortable with it. she may like it, she may not. she looks good but i hope shes okay with what they gave her. I JUST WANT MY BABY COMFORTABLE AND THOSE STYLISTS BETTER WATCH IT

i already mentioned this but the very first time ochako wears her hero costume she complains but they  made it tighter than she requested and then it’s followed by a joke with mineta and i hate that so much

anyway i have other ideas for her costume but that moment in particular bothers me all the time, by the looks of her costume, especially those button-like things in her chest, it always makes me think she was probably going for something more like this…

anonymous asked:

If i could suggest something for you to drawn, what about drawing Lovi and Toni hugging their bambino? XD

Sorry this took so long, I’ve been busy!! 


I really love your OCs and really wanted to draw some fanart for you @kabuki-akuma! Sorry if they aren’t that good!

Nathaniel: I drew him a little younger and thought that when he was younger he wasn’t as dapper and smartly dressed as he is now so he’d put the collar of his coat up to look intimdating and stuff. But he stopped doing it after a while
Daphne: I wanted to draw what I thought she’d look like once she’s grown up- obviously she’d still be wearing dark colours for that vampire aesthetic lol

I hope you like them!!

HOly CRAP THANK YOU. :,D ahhh gosh…