dont look im monster

also uhhh Listen
i know ive changed adris monster form 4 bajillion times but consider this one now,….


Until Dawn!Monsters:

Two sisters lost their fellow wendigo brother in the dead of night. Assuming he was dead, they carried on, and helped each other keep what little humanity their mother taught them. But everything changed when they were captured.

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“i just…” Kai paused, “you deserve better than me. im a monster.” he looked down at the snow.

“Kai.” you said. he wouldent look at you so you cupped his face, making his eyes meet yours, “i am completely head over heals in love with you. and you are not a monster. okay?”

he looked at you with an odd expression, “you dont think im a monster?”

“have you killed anyone since our first date?”

“no but thats because i’ve been with you-”

“see? not a monster.”

Kai looked at you in shock, “you’re changing me.” 


Just imagine Nathan coming to Max’s rescue after he sorts his shit out and gets over his dad and Mark’s control, and she’s just all surprised, and he’s like: What the fuck? Why are you staring at me like you didn’t see me get fucked up by your fuckin’ friend. (But she’s surprised to see him come to his senses).

a few weeks ago when i was still completing my dex on pmkn x i got a female dragonite from the gts that i was gonna retrade to get other pokemon i needed, but before that i checked her profile and found that she had the kalos champion ribbon and was holding a soothe bell

and idk i found it so strange that someone would get rid of a pokemon like this? so i kept her and we are friends and i wanted to draw her ;;