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Dating Theo Raeken Would Be Like....

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-Going to carnivals and kissing at the top of the Ferris Wheel

-Getting ice cream on Sunday evenings

-Working out together

-Hot and heavy make out sessions

-Random dates to the beach and Jet Skiing together

-Going to each other’s family vacations

-Slow dancing in your empty house in front of the fireplace

-Constantly playing Strip Poker and winning all the time

-Showing and telling the world you’re his.

-Threatening any guy who so much looks your way.

-Carrying your books

-You explaining the game of Lacrosse and why it’s a big deal at Beacon Hills.

-Giving you hugs from behind

-Constantly telling you how much he loves you.

Bonus: Lurking on top of buildings together

Originally posted by raekens-theo

Prompt: Hiiii, do you do those things like “dating… Would be like”? If yes, could u do one with stiles and one w/ theo? I know that we dont know a lot about him so it can be difficult to write this but maybe u could do something like what would it be like in the beginning of the relationship? Idk. Sorry if i am bothering u! I loved ur blog 💖

Author’s Note: I came up with this list before we all learned what an evil little twerp Theo really is. So for this one time only, Theo is a nice guy for this post. After you’re done reading it, he’s back to being a jerk. No one hurts Stiles! If you can’t tell, I’m still upset about this.