dont look at the cards omg

i dont know if ur into magic or have any idea on how it works, but i am going to be using this as my cover card of a card that already exist. I just wanted to show you it in all its glory.’

omg this is amazing thank you I’m so happy to receive such a marvel. @kirstendoesablog fucking look at this shit

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What's going on??

The thing that’s currently going on is sm being so fucking obvious by indirectly confirmed JI indeed did call KS jagi on stage last year (2015).

shady mofos think they’re being smart bc they want to pass that jagi thingy as a joke but the thing is they forgot that when JI called KS jagi JI didn’t look like he was joking.

JI whispered and covered his mouth with his palm, not to mention how pissed off KJM looked at that time (dont give me that “omg suho looked mad bc KD was joking around instead of listening his ment” card bc other members [for ex BBH] were playing around/not paying attention to his ment too so why he looked mad when JI “jokingly” called KS jagiya in a loud whisper)

(i wonder what these shady mofos would do next hmmmmmmm, also can you smell fear and desperation in the air? bc i can.)


No, Im being serious.I dont have a boyfriend or friends really. I used to see people give out gifts to friends in high school. I dont have anybody to give chocolates to or drawings so i thought the least i could do is draw valentine cards for fans and those who are interested.

( i know its reallllly early but its good to get a head start.)

Ill do anything from any fandom and if its a fandom I know well …yes there will definitley be puns… so many god damn puns.

Just reblog and tell me which fandom and characters :)

Id really like to make somebodys valentine this year so yeah.
1st pic is hannibal looking presentable lol
2nd is sherlock (omg this new season is killing me)

just examples ill do different styles if u request.
Thanks: yaoifan15  christianaliberalissa dizzyfishy for the follow. sorry if i missed your name i really appreciate you guys it just gets hard to track who has just barley added me and who already has( ° _ °;)\

Thank you<3