dont look at me i know this is gross

Ok so you know I’ve only just started getting into Reaper and Soldier and that I’m still learning their back stories and all that

((((This is not a question on white washing. I’m sure Blizzard isn’t saying he’s white and they certainly aren’t saying it’s more desirable or glamorous in this instance. ))))

I want to know if there’s an actual reason Reapers skin looks like it’s gross pastey Bella Swan skin? Like do we know what happened to him? Because I have his black watch skin and this boy definitely a POC so what happened for him to become some chalky vampire?

Taste It - Jim Moriarty x Reader

this one is so weird ahhh

it’s kind of kinky? but super super weird.

yeah i dont know im sorry

(also kinda gross depending on how you are but yeah. Not what I usually write.)

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“Argh.” He groaned, clutching his head, tilting his head back.

“What?” You asked blandly, unamused with Jim’s dramatic mood lately. 

He sighed, “(Y/n), it’s just so boring.

“Oh yes I know, terribly so, why don’t you go and play with Sherlock again - oh wait” You look up from your book to meet Jim’s eyes. “You killed him.”

Jim rolled his eyes, “Yes, thank you (Y/n), very helpful, thank you for reminding me.”

There was silence in the one room flat. Jim lay spread eagle on the bed, you sitting in the large armchair.

Tick, tick, tic-

Suddenly, Jim got up and hurled the clock from the shelf. It hit the floor, shattering and the cogs and glass skidded across the floor.

You winced, reaching down to look at your calf, which had been sliced open by a stray piece. It wasn’t deep but it stung, the blood ebbing from the wound.

Jim slid down to crouch in front of you, holding your leg in his hands he examined your wound.

“What the fuck are you doing?” You asked angrily.

He looked up at you, a crooked smile on his lips, “Can’t you just taste it?”

“Taste what?” You asked, not sure you wanted to.

“The sexual tension of course.” He smirked, and with one swift motion he licked up your leg, his tongue stinging against your skin. 

You gasped in pain, your hands going to his hair to hold him back.

“There we go!” He laughed as you held him away from you, exposing his pale, pale neck. 

“You’re sick.”

“True. But you’re a bit sick too, aren’t you (Y/n)?” Jim raised an eyebrow, tilting his head and pouting as much as he could in his current position. 

You shoved him back with a foot to the chest and he fell back on the wooden floorboards, laughing. Sliding off the chair, you leaned over him, your mouth inches from his, “I don’t taste anything, my dear friend.” You spat the last word. 

“Let me show you.” Jim murmured, taking you slowly towards him, giving you a chance to push him away again, but you didn’t. Your lips met his in a messy, clumsy, rage fueled kiss. His hands held your shoulders, pulling you down to him and then under him when he rolled over. 

“Can you taste it now, “(Y/n)?” He asked sarcastically, licking his lips.

“Oh just a taste.” You teased. He smirked and went back to kiss you, to give you a better taste of whatever it was he had. 

And it was good.


… i can explain.

Yall may remember these kiddos.   I just.  Had to know.  What they would turn out like.  So… Ira and Case, meet your progeny.

Part of me wanted to see them with all their colors (Lucah looks p cool with silver hair, and Selene’s palette is pretty af), buuuut I refuse to spend any more time on this, so it’s staying as a super messy sketch.  I have some notes about who inherits what from the pool of 4 breeds, and a basic idea about their eventual roles as the next generation of ruling Betas.

i need to get back to work.

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I saw the ask about the golden star lesbians, and this made me remember of how some lesbians who likes to claim being golden star say they also won't date bi woman because "they dont want to touch where a p3nis was", and now, besides biphobic and transphobic af, I know it also harms lesbians who took time and dating before figuring out their sexuality, and how gross it is :///

When you look at it, the idea of golden star lesbians is biphobic, transphobic and even lesbophobic!

Yes, lesbians can be lesbophobic to other lesbians. 

If you’re a lesbian and you dated a dude before, you’re valid. If someone doesn’t want to date you, it’s their loss.

If you’re bisexual and a lesbian doesn’t want to date you, tell them they’re missing out. You are valid too.

To my transgender ladies, you are valid and if you come across a gold star lesbian, ignore them and find someone worthy of your love and attention. 

i dont know shit about boy scouts idk if its realistic that i think of them all as like, 12, and its probably just a casting issue bc colon spray is fucking older than me and playing 15, but i feel Real Uncomfortable with ppl joking that the scene w/ jughead stealing the kids sundae is like, gay or that jughead is seducing him, because… that kid looks like a kid… im pretty sure jughead is supposed to be a ways older than him… sorry to be sensitive but its gross. why make jokes about that when you could at least joke about him hitting on dilton, who is his age, instead

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i want to like kyobayashi but the latest episode kind of turned me away from it entirely.... i dont like the idea of a full grown woman coming onto a literal elementary child becoming a gag in the show...

UM same. i was so uncomfortable. the latest episode really was disappointing. i was torn about kanna and her friend being super like… sexual? all of their scenes together in this episode were sorta meh just bc i know it didn’t have innocent intentions and grown adults are writing these young characters like this and it’s fucked up. and also just that ‘a thousand year old dragon who looks like an elementary schooler’ trope is gross in so many ways. and crop top tiddie monster’s character in general is sooooooo ugly and i’ve hated her since she was introduced. everything about the episode involving her and that kid was Fucked Up™ and i was literally so uncomfortable the entire time. huge miss on kyoani’s part and i just about was ready to stop watching lmao :/ im hoping it doesn’t become a regular joke on the show and tbh i hope the CTTM (crop top tiddie monster) stays tf home for the rest of the show. far away from kids and far away from my sight bruh

tag game

thank you to @adstfu for tagging me in this Thing, it looks funnnnnn

rules: answer all the questions, add one of your own then tag as many people as you want

1) coke or pepsi: pepsi, i dont drink either of them much tbh tho

2) disney or dreamworks: i love dreamworks so much, but im gonna have to say disney cos i still scream the lyrics to every film everywhere i go, and if anyone says they dont, they are a liar and should not be trusted

3) coffee or tea: coFFEE this is easy, tea is gross, i know im british but nO

4) books or movies: definitely books, i love building up my own interpretation of the story, movie are cool too tho

5) windows or mac: windows, ive never used mac :/

6) dc or marvel: marvel

7) xbox or playstation: i dont do the whole gaming thing

8) dragon age or mass effect: idk what the hell this means

9) night owl or early riser: night owl, its quiet

10) cards or chess: lots of possibilities with cards, also i forgot how to play chess oops

11) chocolate or vanilla: vanilla 

12) vans or converse: never worn vans in my life

13) lavellan, trevelyan, cadash, or adaar: what does this say

14) fluff or angst: fluFF

15) beach or forest: forest all the time, so many colors and smellsssssssss

16) dogs or cats: CATS

17) clear skies or rain: rain, who do you think i am

18) cooking or eating out: cooking, the outside is not safe for a pure, young gay like me

19) spicy or mild food: spicy ?/??

20)  halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: chistmass, more chocolate, and for a longer time period, alSO brussel sprouts

21) would you rather be a little too cold or a little too hot: too cold, then you can blanket burrito 

22) if you could have a super power what would it be: telekinesis

23) animation or live action: animation

24) paragon or renegade: again, idk what this says

25) bath or shower: shower, it warms my butt without making it numb

26) team cap or team ironman: ironman????

27) fantasy or sci-fi: sci-fi

28)  do you have 3 or 4 favorite quotes if so what are they: ‘have the courage to exist’ - dan howell     ‘normalness leads to sadness’ - phil lester      ‘we’re fickle, stupid beings with poor memories and a great gift for self destruction’ - plutarch heavensbee       ‘the enemy is in front of us, the enemy is behind us, the enemy is to the right and to the left of us. they cant get away this time!’ - general douglas mcarthur

29) youtube or netflix: youtube

30) harry potter or percy jackson: never read or seen percy jackson, so harry potter

31) when you feel accomplished: i wrote more that a page for a story

32) star wars or star trek: star wars

33) paperback or hardback: paperback

34) fantastic beats or cursed child: fantastic beasts, i havent seen or read cursed child yet

35) rock or pop music: not to be That person, but rock

36) what is the most important thing in your life: the happiness of other people

37) mountains or sea/ocean: mountains

38) silk or lace: lace

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can we talk about the dude who was my ‘daddy’ online while i was er 15(16?) to 17 and he was at least 20 (i dont know his age for sure i really feel it’d be awkward to ask right now, he was either 20 or 21

I know he’s shit and gross for being so sexual with me when i was small (and i know this doesn’t matter but ive always been very kiddish for my age all my life, besides in sexual stuff obviously or i wouldn’t have even looked for a kinky thing like this.) But he was also like there for me in many ways when no one else really was, so i’d feel a bit sad to drop him cold. It was more so a “he never forced me to do anything but he definitely didn’t stop me from starting things” so I don’t feel abused in any particular way. I know he is a super creep though but he’s always been kind to me so its really hard to stop talking to him. We don’t talk as often anymore but still we keep in contact. 

Honestly the only reason i feel bad about talking to him is most likely because i feel like im supposed to because of the circumstance. I don’t actually feel bad in any other way though..

what do

so many of my mutuals are hitting on me all of the sudden recently and like…its sorta nice because its nice to know you’re somehow likeable and attention is nice too but it gets creepy and excessive and careless. also im being stalked on my blog by so many of these ppl out kf their gross curiosity/obsessiveness and its slowly feeling looks i am being treated like some attractive girl and nothing else. if u knew me PERSONALLY u would know im happy with my girlfriend and i dont appreciate trying to be pressured into what u want.

the original script to hello internet

hi my name is dan hobbit hair howell and i have curly brown hair (thats how i got my name) and deep brown eyes like melted chocolate and a lot of people tell me i look like phil lester (if you don’t know who he is get da hell outta here!). i’m not related to gerard way but i wish i was because he’s a major fucking hottie. i go to a lame school in england and one day i’m gonna be a lawyer (gross). i’m emo (in case you couldn’t tell) and i wear mostly black. i love hot topic and i buy all my clothes from there. for example today i was wearing an mcr shirt and black jeans with black shoes. i straightened my hair so that i could have more emo fringe (because who wants curly fringe) and hopefully one day i’ll dye it black so its even more emo. i  was walking outside my house. it was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which i was very happy about. a lot of kids from school stared at me. i put my middle finger up at them.


AKA My Tiny Beard And Me

CHIP SKYLARK Myself (@apollopuff)
TOOTH Maddy (@weerewolf-cornobble)

Thanks to the lovely Amanda (@fishandchipsandvinegar​) for letting us take advantage of her fantastic photographic skills, and thanks to Erika (@theconfusedartist​) for making that ridiculous guitar prop. And, of course, a big thanks to everyone at Anime North who appreciated these silly costumes. 


okay since there are twelve hours left of 2014 where i am, here are my ‘six’ selfies, as tagged by stillstree semiautmatic and gerudeway

i know theres only two but i just figured id post an appreciation of how much ive changed over the year. yeah i tag anyone who hasn’t done it yet bc just do it if you want, the years almost over. im done rambling now