dont look at m e

things that make me smile:

  • koujaku
  • the way koujaku says aoba’s name
  • kouao
  • koujaku’s smile
  • koujaku
  • aoba and koujaku
  • koujaku and aoba
  • koujaku making aoba laugh
  • aoba making koujaku laugh!!!!!!!!
  • k o u j a k u
  • koujaku + aoba + happiness
  • the way koujaku’s eyes light up when he see’s aoba
  • kouao holding hands
  • “makeruna”

sherlock and the nypd being reunited with joan at the same time and sherlock hangs back because he’s a little nervous and pretty emotional and not entirely sure how he should react to her being safe again thank all deities

bell reacts first and goes in for the hug and joan hugs him back for a long time

sherlock thinks good yes watson and i are a great deal closer than she and bell are a hug will do nicely

but then he freaks out a little because wait bell already hugged her if i do that it will look repetitious no no i can’t do that

gregson beats him to the punch and shakes joan’s hand and and gives her the old side-hug and tells her how relieved he is to have her back

and sherlock thinks shit i am not her father nor do i consider our relationship to be that of a father/daughter nature i can’t do that either

and then suddenly watson’s in front of him and shit shit shit what do i do to not make this awkward

joan cocks her head at him like okay you’re obviously upset and this is something we probably need to talk about later but right now i have been through an amazingly traumatic experience and would like the support of my best friend please thanks

so sherlock reaches out a hand, intending to go for her shoulder but stops midway through the air because no, no, maybe he should hold her hand, they’ve expressed affection like that before, yes? maybe he should brush her hair back (alright that is not at all logical and entirely biased by emotion calm down) or touch her cheek (this is getting slightly ridiculous) or stroke the side of her eyes (you can STOP now rampant thoughts)

and then he realizes his hand is just sort of hanging there in the air and watson is looking pretty unimpressed and shit shit shit he needs to DO something RIGHT NOW

so he swallows and says, “high five?”

and joan grins because only fucking sherlock and high-fives him anyway, keeping her palm to his and entwining their fingers because what they have is something special and they way they express their love for each other is special, too

u know how ryan messes up words sometimes?? what if he does it when he’s being flirted with too??

like he can totally be a suave motherfucker and sweet talk your ear off and make you melt in your god damn shoes with a chuckle or something low whispered in your ear

but the /moment/ you say something dirty to him, like something about his ass looking good while you tug at his hair, he tries to retaliate but fails and stutters and chokes on his spit a little bit and his cheeks go way red and he shoves his face into the crook of your neck in embarrassment