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i get why lovelace and hera (and even maxwell to a lesser degree) are the most popular ladies of wolf 359 but i truly and deeply believe renee minkowski deserves more attention and love than she gets 

im doing my listen-through again and the thing that gets me, REALLY gets me, REALLY REALLY GETS ME, about minkowski is how much she loves and how much she wants a family. not to be embarrassing but one of the most powerful passages of literature i have ever read, one of the literary passages that has stuck with me for years, is that scene in the first warriors series where firestar is getting his nine lives from starclan, and one of the she-cats, i dont remember who, gives him a mother’s love, and he thinks hes going to get “~fluffy gentle feelings~” and instead he gets a BURST OF PROTECTIVE BLOODTHIRSTY RAAAAAAGE and i dont think anything has ever summed up my (admittedly limited) understanding of minkowski better than that 

renee minkowski loves so much. she is so strong in her love. she does her duty - she does her job - she throws herself into every hard part about it - she does the talent show, she wants eiffel and hilbert to be there, she wants christmas to be something good for them all. she loves and that doesnt just mean people, she loves doing what she’s expected, she loves doing a good job, before everything goes to hell she just loves to do that. which doesnt mean there are necessarily or frequently ~warm gooey feelings~ about what she does, she has the kind of love that throws you against every brick wall until you get through broken and bleeding. does she maybe do it all to make up for some perceived lacking on her own part? maybe, maybe cutter and hilbert were right, to puncture holes in her confidence. i dont know i havent listened to the show that much. do i still think that love - ferocious and ruthlessly unsentimental and primal and surely selfish - is at least one of her primary motivations, if not the primary? yes yes i do

(side note: minkowski’s a frickin slytherin BITE ME. minkowski loves eiffel so much. minkowski loves hera so much. i think minkowski still loves hilbert on some level. but minkowski doesnt love everyone. she doesnt love kepler, or maxwell, or jacobi. she loves her crew. sometimes that includes lovelace, sometimes it doesnt - it depends. but her core crew is eiffel and hera. she will do anything for them. she throws away her own morality, her own soul for them. she sacrifices herself again and again for them. she makes the tough calls for them. she wants, she needs, she has to protect them all. if “minkowski commanding” didn’t prove that i dont know what does - theres ambition in that, unstoppable and brutal, intransigently moral and savagely amoral at the same time, her love for doug eiffel and hera. what will renee minkowski not do for doug eiffel and hera?)

i hate that i feel guilty for “”reducing minkowski to a mother figure”” but if i have permission to speak freely then im going to freely tell those guilty feelings to shove it because renee minkowski is not reduced by her bone-deep protectiveness or her capacity for love; she is not dishonored or insulted by my seeing her in the unspeakably resilient role of female protector, mother, unceasingly self-sacrificial, going on and on and on just to keep her people, her family, alive

so to conclude renee minkowski is my space step-mom and i will stand up for her and her incredibleness until the undoubtedly bitter end thanks and good night



[ The Carm sketch I was talking about!!! No jacket because I wanted to show off The Guns and also my favourite thing to add onto her design… arms. Seriously they were missing out on how cute that’d look. Added in only the tiniest bit of eye colour cuz my tablet is not hooked up rn and I’m lazy eeehhhh ;))))) 

Hope you like ;0c ]

wow i love my lesbian daughter rose, she’s amazing and beautiful and i hope she and her future girlfriend figure everything out and are happy

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actually halsey is getting hated on bc she has bad unoriginal (stolen) music and kissed a 15 year old without her consent

she gets hated on for that all the time and i refuse to properly go back into this like i disagree that her music is bad and unoriginal but ofc i do im a fan u can think her music is bad an unoriginal but like,,, v few artists r being original nowadays like one of katy perry’s new songs straight up stole the beats from truffle butter and girls like by zara larsson and imo halsey’s lyrics r soo much more original than a lot out there rn 

also im like 80% sure that girl did give her consent and so did everyone else she kissed, bc she kissed them bc they ASKED her to, shes already apologised/talked abt this so like ,,, idk what else u want her to do tbh

ANYWAYS rn shes getting hated on bc straight ppl just love to tell lgbt ppl whats offensive and whats not and that’s the tea

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i saw you reblogged that secret for the mad edit and i'm wondering are you a dodie fan? i rly <3 her (and u!!) & just thought i'd ask :)

OH i mean. not rly? i liked the aesthetic of the post. i listen to a couple of her songs, but i wouldnt rly say im a fan exactly…?? im not NOT a fan if that makes sense bc im subscribed to her but like i dont actively listen to her

Every time my mom gives me a lecture about how I have a very low self esteem and how I’d rather not take risks instead of making mistakes I can’t stop thinking about waving through a window bc she uses very similar words to the lyrics and i really want her to see the play lol