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how do you get such good expressions?

hhhh thank you V-V i guess i could do a mini tutorial since i know expressions can be rly hard??? im not a good teacher

always exaggerate when you want the situation to read more intensely. wrinkles around the nose, eyes, and corners of the mouth intensify and deepen when a person’s face exaggerates. like do you want the expression to look like this???

or like 


another example

wrinkles, wrinkles, wrinkles!!! dont be afraid of them!! they help!!

also, dont be afraid to stretch it beyond realism, especially if your a cartoonist/focus on cartoony styles. i find that raising the eyebrows far off the forehead gives good results, and i know lots of cartoon styles allow for that stretchy-ness. 

another thing that could help, and i dont know why it does but it helps, is to mimic the face you’re trying to draw with ur own face irl. I DONT KNOW WHY THIS HELPS but it does

if you need more help/ have another question about how i do stuff feel free to ask!! 

Scared Alpha Headcanons

-If an Alpha is scared by something but there are a lot of people around, especially other Alphas, they will act like everything is fine to avoid damaging their Alpha pride

-An Alpha afraid of heights having to climb several flights of stairs to sit really high up at a concert and just projecting their worries on their Omega like, “don’t worry you can’t fall over the edge, it’s perfectly safe, perfectly…safe…” and “we aren’t actually that close to the ceiling, it just seems that way, you’ll be fine…” and the Omega is just, “I wasn’t worried…also if you squeeze my hand any tighter it’s going to break”

-An Omega being able to pick up on when their Alpha is scared and low-key reassuring them without drawing attention to the Alpha’s not so fearless behaviour

-An Alpha having a nightmare about losing their Omega and waking up terrified. They try to catch their breath as they reach for their mate…who isn’t there. Just as the Alpha is about to panic, the Omega returns from getting a drink out of the kitchen. The Omega tries not to question it when their Alpha suddenly tugs them down onto the bed and latches onto them, deeply inhaling the Omega’s soothing scent as their heart slowly stops pounding

-Convincing their Omega to watch scary movies, thinking the Omega will get scared and end up on their lap, but it ends up with the Omega being perfectly fine while their “brave” Alpha is practically crushing them into the couch while peeking between their fingers and flinching every time something suspenseful happens

-An Alpha reluctantly agreeing to go with their Omega to a haunted house and the Omega loving it and enjoying all the little thrills of terror but the Alpha is legitmetly freaked out and, “okay I think we should go now please”

-An Omega putting a mask on and randomly jumping out and making their Alpha squeak like a small child, laughing as the Alpha spends the next few hours pouting and vehemently denying any squeaks

-Waking up to their child silently staring at them and being so startled that they yelp and fall to the floor in a tangle of sheets, very graceful and Alpha-like

-A Beta friend secretly telling an Omega about their Alpha’s fear of porcelain dolls…so when the Alpha comes home to creepy glass dolls sitting everywhere they immediately cry out and start panicking, but once they hear the laughter of the Beta and Omega in the other room they are torn between going in there to murder the two of them, or just leaving again because they want to get the hell away from the creepy dolls

-A small child Alpha playing at their Omega friend’s house and a ball rolls under the bed and they both kind of stare after it for a moment until the Omega starts crying because, “it’s dark and there’s monsters under there! How are we gonna get it back?” and the little Alpha being a small trembling mess but volunteering to retrieve the ball for their friend. They come out alive with shaky hands and teary eyes but they have the ball. They also have a bump on their head from when they got startled and slammed it into a wall…the little Omega grins and gushes about how brave the Alpha is and then they kiss the bump and suddenly the extreme terror was worth it

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Hi, Ghostmom, my bf and I are getting ready to move out on our own and im kinda deathly afraid my social anxiety/depression will fuck this up just like last time we tried and I'll be letting him down again and again and abandon me so im like really depressed and loathing myself rn but i dont wanna talk to him about it because he has depression 2 and i dont wanna make him sad so im just really stressed out and repressing any kinda emotion that pops up so good vibes pls

lots of good vibes, also good luck with moving! ;; 

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Um, hello, I wanted to ask a question. It's not a confession but I don't really know who to ask, I hope this is okay. I'm a white female, and I'm a big fan of some of Overwatch's characters of colour like Symmetra and Sombra. I've wanted to cosplay them, but since I'm white, I'm afraid I would be erasing the representation. Is that true? Would it be offensive to cosplay a character of colour if I'm white? My sis said it was but I want to check since you guys seem to know a lot about this stuff.

if you dont “darken” your skin then it should be ok in my opinion but im also white so if other mods / followers could reply with their opinion thatd be cool

also be wary of cultural appropriation!! do your research!! (for example symmetras goddess and devi skins might be a little yike)

tagged by @jedirangerpenguin thank youuu <33 (btw loved your songs!)

Im afraid I dont listen to very popular music these days so.. not sure if anyone will like those songs ^^;

Top 10 Songs I’ve Been Listening to Lately (with hyperlinks to each song)

1.  Omnia - Etrezomp ni Kelted - I listened to this song at Omnia concert in Prague and the atmosphere was totally amazing..everyone was dancing and I keep listening to this song for several months now.. completely love it

2. BrunuhVille - Winds of Freedom - always helps me to feel calm

3. Trobar de Morte - Excalibur - I love the peaceful vibe of this song

4. XIII. Století - Gotika - probably my only favourite czech group..

5. Omnia - The Wylde Hunt - I just love songs like these ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6. Faun - Golden Apples  - makes me feel like Im in beautiful forest with elves, faeries and other forest creatures :P

7. Malukah - Reignite (Mass Effect) - I just love her voice and this song is beautiful <3

8. Tomáš Kočko a Orchestr - Zbojnický zvrtek- I heard him for the first time at celebration of Lughnasad in Brno and I have huge respect for him. I love the rhythm of this song.

9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Cloak and Dagger- another perfect song from the Witcher :)

10. Saltatio Mortis - Wachstum über alles - only metal song in this list lol… I used to listen to metal more but currently I only listen to this group

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as teen wolf continues...

You know who I want to find out about Stiles?


Liam Dunbar. 

Liam Dunbar, who wants to hang out with Stiles and Scott so badly, who eavesdrops on conversations that they try to keep him out of, who follows Stiles to his car and asks more questions, who believes Stiles (or at least is willing to follow Stiles into the woods to snoop on some kid he’s never met and has no reason to be suspicious of, ignoring his own best friend to do so) and wants to keep him safe.

Liam Dunbar, who steps in front of Stiles when Theo catches them, who looks honestly terrified as Stiles loses it when the Jeep is broken, whose every look of the season seems to be centered around concern and protect and, look guys, consider it:

Liam Dunbar is the one who first finds out about Stiles. 


Liam doesn’t know when he made a habit of eavesdropping on the senior when they tell him to stop worrying and go have fun with his friends, but he does and it’s a few days before he puts his finger on it but eventually he realizes that something is off about their conversations.

Stiles isn’t talking.

Well, he is, but not nearly enough. The seniors’ conversation is usually dominated by Stiles and Lydia bouncing ideas off each other, Kira asking helpful questions to lead them in the right direction, Malia inserting her suggestions, and Scott taking all the available information and turning it into a workable plan. But lately… Stiles is sometimes there but there are gaps where he should be, but he’s not, as if he is just leaning back and letting the conversation flow around him instead of contributing and that’s not-

There’s so much going on and maybe the other’s assume it’s because Scott has ignored Stiles’ frequent protestations against Theo and so maybe they don’t hear the difference, but not Liam. Liam spends entire lunches ignoring Mason (and then having to apologize over and over) and class periods turning the idea over in his mind and-

Liam notices.

It itches at him until he can’t ignore it and so he investigates. He wasn’t great at dissecting Theo’s scent for Stiles but Stiles and Scott have been there for him every full moon for months and Stiles is the one who drives him everywhere and so he knows the ins and outs of Stiles’ scent. At least, he does when he knows to focus on it. 

He confirms that something is wrong but he just doesn’t know what.

And then Liam is taking a strategic bathroom break from History class (because honestly how much can one girl glare daggers at a guy before he needs a break?) and that’s when he hears it. The shuddering, broken gasps of a panic attack. Of Stiles.

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i always see people posting about how being hypersexual makes them feel disgusting and i feel like i should feel the same way but i dont??? im not sex repulsed or anything im a goddamn virgin but being hypersexual doesnt make me feel gross and i dont know if thats bad or not

it’s not bad to feel like that! the reason a lot of hypersexual ppl bad abt it is usually guilt/shame/frustration at not being able to control it.

especially if they were raised to believe sex was evil, have hypersexuality from trauma that makes them feel fake/disgusting/a “”bad”” survivor (&related to that have intrusive sexual thoughts/fantasies that make them feel disgusted and afraid), & if their hypersexuality has a lot of negative affects on their lives (i.e not having any impulse control and getting into bad situations/doing things that harm themselves - like using sex as self harm.)


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Hi, is it normal for me to go through days were I rarely experience symptoms? I have self dx bpd (I'm seeing a therapist about it tho...) and sometimes Im afraid Im being influenced by the internet etc. and that I dont have enough symptoms. Although I have been having at least 6 symptoms from the DSM 5 since years. Sorry to bother you, feel free to take your time to answer this if you don't feel like it. I see you receive lots of asks and sometimes it can be stressing.

It is, yes! Most disorders will now and again have days with less symptoms- for a number of reasons! A symptom diary may help- list your behaviours/thoughts and look back on them lately and interpret them

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Im so scared for college like im so scared im not going to get in and like??? scary. im homeschooled and my parents gave 0 shits about my education for years so i finally took it into my own hands but im afraid i was to late and now i know nothing and i dont have highschool transcripts and everything is terrifying but i want to go to college so bad and my anxiety is so bad right now and im freaking out

we all start somewhere! it’s never too late to pursue your goals. I know society has this thing of you have to follow a linear path of education to be successful, but I know a lot of people who very much deviated from that path and started studying late, or dropped out and changed their majors multiple times, or got more than one degree… contact the colleges you’re interested in and ask how you’d go about continuing! you may have to take a few courses before entry, but why not? it’s your goal, and you don’t need to go immediately into college and have all the perfect prereqs for you to succeed.

@eightbots OH THANK YOU im glad u like snake terezi because a lot of people dont seem to want to acknowledge how manipulative she is lol? or im afraid theyll insist he should be a lizard and i just cant. do it….

and yea it took me a while to come up w it but i think it fits pretty well? vicious and protective and prideful but also needs love and attention desperately… love my girl

i keep meaning to reread them too! i havent since high school and i wanna before i start seriously writing this cos ive been fleshing it out for a while now hmmmm

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I'm vegan 5 weeks ago. and i dont like vegetables which contain protein ec broccoli,white bean. I eat a lot soya but i think i dont eat protein enough so im a little bit afraid. What do u think what can i do? Thanks for ur answer i love ur blog💚

Hey there lilllla!
Thank you for your compliment!
I’m really happy that despite the fact you don’t like some vegetables it doesn’t stop you of taking an action.
My advise is to incorporate those vegetables that you like less into your meals slowly.
You’re doing a transition from your past diet into a new way of life, so you will feel and experience some changes in your body and mind. I would say after your body detoxes you will have a new sense of tasting and it might help you on liking the vegetables.
Also try to cook them in ways you might prefer.
And you also can eat other vegetables that contain high sources of protein, like lentils, quinoa, bulgur, tofu, tempeh, peas, chickpeas, peanuts, seitan, mushrooms, green veggies. There’s plenty source of protein in plants, give them a try!

@qilby tbh its because im afraid people will think im a bad person if i dont reblog that stuff    

yeah i understand that… like, im sorry if i came across as aggressive (i am not angry at you or anyone) but i want like… my mutuals to think about how tumblr’s climate is really unhealthy and an extremely inefficient way of sharing information and developing opinions at best

and i think the reason it is that way is because much of tumblr’s “community” is built on mental illness and b/w thinking, a lot of its users are mentally ill trauma victims who just want to do the right thing and on tumblr, the way to be “right” is to be as hostile as possible at anything deemed even slightly bad or wrong or misinformed! but like, it’s not useful or healthy, especially because we cant be Right all the time (people are bound to Not Know things or make mistakes) and its just scary and stressful and a lot of our collective behavior really limits our growth and recovery

and the only way to break free from that circlejerk is to like… critically look at what the hell were doing on here, actively decide to treat things that are not Big Scale Bad Things with less hostility and create a more healthy environment for ourselves, or leave tumblr and surround ourselves with different communities. and like… the latter is not preferable because all my friends are here! so i just want this kind of behavior to become less at least within my friend circles

its almost 6 am and i have decided that like at least 62% (maybe even 70%) of bad shit that happens is Marius de Romanus thinking he’s too good for emotions and communication and admitting his errors

i slmost posted this without clarification that im talking about everyone’s fucked up relationships in vc. there’s a lot of things i dont blame on marius. general mills discontinued my favorite cereal in 2010 and i dont blame him, for example


Just dropping a note here for all who are confused–

Sorry for the current lack of activity on this blog! I’ve been having trouble getting answers done and further plotting for stories due to some events that came up recently. The blog isn’t on hiatus, but I’ll be taking frequent breaks from this blog to get myself together.

I hope no one minds this. I just need to build-up my motivation while I get things sorted out personally. I’m just strongly in need of some time away from this blog, but I also would like to keep it running as regularly as possible.

Your asks are here and will be replied to in time! The Home Arc is still a-go!


guys this is weird for me bc i havent talked about it yet but i think, and by i think i mean i know, im bisexual and i dont know what to do with this information and i feel like i should talk about it bc its been on my mind lately and also girls keep assuming im gay and asking me out and i just wanna be like YESSSSS PLEASEEEEE but im nervous and scared and a baby and i just need 2 talk about it i think and im afraid to talk abt it w my friends :———( and i saw a lot of bi encouragement on my dash and it made me want to come out and be like i can do this but i just dont know lmao 

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i watch stan's stuff all the time!! oh no, your hand is injured??? D: im sorry!! please dont over exert yourself okay??? and the face in general gives me a lot of issues, especially the mouth region.. i just have a really bad memory, so putting methods that i learn into practice can be hard because i end up forgetting everything..

Yeah i see. Then, i know nobody likes to hear it but most of it will improve through muscle memory. The more you practice the more it comes back. Never be afraid to use reference not just on pictures of humans but professional artists as well and try to find your own techniques, it might help you remember them. Select what you like in those artist’s styles and try to reproduce them. It’ll end up being your own style as you get more comfortable.

When it comes to lips i generally go like this (ignore the shitty drawing, and not straight lines, and non symmetrical traits and-)

if you want to add the lips details it generally goes like this. I imagine you’ve seen Proko’s tutorial on lips, so picture the squichy pillows

no matter what the type of lips it is

et cetera, et cetera

don’t forget that moving your mouth moves your whole face

Then play with colors, if you’re on digital or have nice pencils

i hate it when its always one person that answers questions in class but in english i like…hAVE SO MUCH TO SAY ON A LOT OF STUFF but i try to wait until everyone else is done saying what they want to say (but theres so many kids that never talk) 

and theres always like a moment of silence after she asks a question where no ONE SAYS ANYTHING?? and she keeps making eye contact with me during it like she knows i already know what i want to say but im refusing to say it