dont like these a lot im afraid

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do you have any advice on making panel edits

i use mspaint so thats where it gets the Authentic mspaint look, because it was literally made in mspaint
i use the line tool a lot its really helpful but the pencil took is good for small details
also dont be afraid to use references or parts from other panels since theyre panel edits after all
before you do anything, if youre gonna change it into another character, get rid of the hair
to be honest i just have a lot of practice with panel edits, im not that good at explaining stuff
id be willing to like do a stream or something sometime but like probably not rn

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do u have any tips on posing and color theory and general drawing for a starting artist :0c

mm my only general tip is to study a lot :o!

this is my personal favorite video on color theory, it covers a lot of cool things, there’re lots of videos thatre similar too

do some life drawings if you can, still lifes, anything referencing what you’re going for (my other personal fav site), just to get the feel of how posing works though figure drawing sites arent the best for natural looking poses hahah (in that case you can also look at pose stocks like these)

mm you could also look at art you like and try to replicate it but do mind that a lot of artists wouldnt appreciate it and you should ask for permission first, and when in doubt always give credit, its for the best

(its kinda like what im doin in college now i guess, yknow, master studies to get the feel of techniques and colors down but do be cautious when referencing othr artists)

(img on right)

and mm i think thats the gist of it! or at least wht i usually tell people? just study n look up tutorials and references and speedpaints n dont be afraid to ask questions n experiment a lot w diff styles n mediums n techniques, the one thing im tellin u not to do is directly copy without permission/credit and dont trace things :u

unfortunately arts a lotta studying, im still learning, youre learning, its hard learning but its fun fr the most part n i wish you goodluck :o!!

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If you're not against child porn then you're literally a rapist or promoting rape so get the fuck out of the voltron fandom


i guess not vocalizing an opinion means being a rapist. honestly im just trying to avoid getting sent hate like this, but you know what? fuck it. im done with tip toeing around the issue and im done with seeing all this bullying.

im no longer an anti. there i said it. unfollow me, unsubscribe my fics if you’re that petty. btw, you can thank @saltyshiro and their amazing slow burn shklance fic The Hurricane in His Veins for that. you see, i accidentally clicked on the fic not seeing the shiro/lance/keith tag, and then by the time i realized my mistake it was too late, i was fucking hooked. and you know what? i regret nothing because it made me realize that being an anti is fucking nasty. you all are hiding behind a ‘save the victims!!!’ front when you don’t speak for every victim of rape. you claim you’re just trying to save the children yet you send nasty hate like this to minors AND victims of rape! wow!

you know what? it’s a fictional show. back down. you can disapprove of ships and promote healthy relationships without attacking others for their own opinions. by the way, liking a ship does not make you a rapist or a pedophile. check the fucking dictionary before you sling those terms at actual victims. lol bye i dont want you following me anyways.

responses will be blocked because im sick of this shit. i will not reblog anymore discourse, but i will be reblogging a lot more of what i want to ship. im finally not afraid of you guys.

have a nice day!


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I'm yellin,,,, how do you make your writing so long?? Like pfghfniht I can hardly get a thousand words if I stretch it out,,,, is there any tips you could perhaps,,,, pass on plz I beg,,,


describe the hell out of everything, setting, people, internal monologues, make sure people know what’s going on

extended metaphors really help too, like comparing something or someone to something else. and dont just spend two or three sentences on it, go for a paragraph or more

It also really helps to have an outline of your story in mind before you start writing. And dont be afraid to add things! Im constantly add more stuff to my fics as I go.

Reading does help with your writing too, or at least i’ve found that it has, so take a break every once and a while and read something

I’m really bad at advice but i hope this helps a little!


“You can’t kill me like this! We had a deal!” she plead again, her anger still boiling in her voice.

Chat was about to argue back, when he noticed tears on Marinette’s cheeks. Despite her anger flaming in her eyes, her cheeks were moist and her lips trembled. She was afraid.

@niuniente is back at it again with another good fic called ‘This Time I Might Disappear’ and I’m here just dumping my trash art on it. I M  S O R R Y


Everyone should read it

as teen wolf continues...

You know who I want to find out about Stiles?


Liam Dunbar. 

Liam Dunbar, who wants to hang out with Stiles and Scott so badly, who eavesdrops on conversations that they try to keep him out of, who follows Stiles to his car and asks more questions, who believes Stiles (or at least is willing to follow Stiles into the woods to snoop on some kid he’s never met and has no reason to be suspicious of, ignoring his own best friend to do so) and wants to keep him safe.

Liam Dunbar, who steps in front of Stiles when Theo catches them, who looks honestly terrified as Stiles loses it when the Jeep is broken, whose every look of the season seems to be centered around concern and protect and, look guys, consider it:

Liam Dunbar is the one who first finds out about Stiles. 


Liam doesn’t know when he made a habit of eavesdropping on the senior when they tell him to stop worrying and go have fun with his friends, but he does and it’s a few days before he puts his finger on it but eventually he realizes that something is off about their conversations.

Stiles isn’t talking.

Well, he is, but not nearly enough. The seniors’ conversation is usually dominated by Stiles and Lydia bouncing ideas off each other, Kira asking helpful questions to lead them in the right direction, Malia inserting her suggestions, and Scott taking all the available information and turning it into a workable plan. But lately… Stiles is sometimes there but there are gaps where he should be, but he’s not, as if he is just leaning back and letting the conversation flow around him instead of contributing and that’s not-

There’s so much going on and maybe the other’s assume it’s because Scott has ignored Stiles’ frequent protestations against Theo and so maybe they don’t hear the difference, but not Liam. Liam spends entire lunches ignoring Mason (and then having to apologize over and over) and class periods turning the idea over in his mind and-

Liam notices.

It itches at him until he can’t ignore it and so he investigates. He wasn’t great at dissecting Theo’s scent for Stiles but Stiles and Scott have been there for him every full moon for months and Stiles is the one who drives him everywhere and so he knows the ins and outs of Stiles’ scent. At least, he does when he knows to focus on it. 

He confirms that something is wrong but he just doesn’t know what.

And then Liam is taking a strategic bathroom break from History class (because honestly how much can one girl glare daggers at a guy before he needs a break?) and that’s when he hears it. The shuddering, broken gasps of a panic attack. Of Stiles.

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NitW hit a little too close to home honestly


Post your last selfie along with 10 FACTS about yourself. 💕💕

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Im seeing a lot of people making fun of this scene and saying things like “oh thats not how bleeding works sangwoo lol” but i think that in his situation, when someone he cares about (very mildly) is dying and he’s panicking. He’s not sure what to do in that moment. And honestly i think that this could be something i would end up doing to? If i were afraid and scared i would try to do anything to stop the bleeding and save a loved one. Sangwoo is just trying his best please dont make fun of him :(

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Um, hello, I wanted to ask a question. It's not a confession but I don't really know who to ask, I hope this is okay. I'm a white female, and I'm a big fan of some of Overwatch's characters of colour like Symmetra and Sombra. I've wanted to cosplay them, but since I'm white, I'm afraid I would be erasing the representation. Is that true? Would it be offensive to cosplay a character of colour if I'm white? My sis said it was but I want to check since you guys seem to know a lot about this stuff.

if you dont “darken” your skin then it should be ok in my opinion but im also white so if other mods / followers could reply with their opinion thatd be cool

also be wary of cultural appropriation!! do your research!! (for example symmetras goddess and devi skins might be a little yike)

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Unpopular opinion? I never want kh3 to come out. Mostly because of personal issues but the fan theories and stories are what keep me going. I love this fandom and how semi-small it is. Im afraid that when kh3 comes out itll become as big and toxic as the undertale fandom or fnaf, both of which i loved at first. Im afraid the size will create discourse and i dont want one of my comforts to be like that yknow?

Mmyeah, I’m afraid in that respect too, almost all fans who’ve been into it for 5+ years and seen the fandom transform do. Luckily, the fanbase has a LOT of adults in their mid twenties, so it’s not gonna be a teenager/young adult shitshow and it’s also not an indie thing which attracts toxic people like ticks to a fresh bare leg.
Not to mention KH kind of sucks with diversity stuff, which seems like that kind of thing sadly attracts a lot of really toxic people (ex: S./U) which sucks for people who just want to enjoy that kind of thing without watching a bunch of angry teenagers and irresponsible young adults suicide baiting someone over drawing someone skinny.

Also this fandom’s been around for over a decade, it’s usually the new ones that attract people and it goes sour within a month of whatever it is being released, and I think a lot of people who are gonna be hype about kh3 are up  to date fans and not so much people who remember playing kh1 when they were 6 or whatever.

I mean this site’s community is starting to crack down on this shit behavior and it’s biting a lot of people in the ass for acting like pissy 5 year olds, so maybe by 2018 or whenever it comes out (take your time and make it good nomura) the fandom will be able to handle it without becoming a cesspool like so many fandoms have.

OOC Post Remake

im bored so i wanna write a small headcanon post of the three little shits that you see on this blog

some headcanons wont be mentioned on this list cause i wanna keep it a secret until the topic comes up or i decide to make a comic post about it

some of these are probably out of character but i dont care

Remaking cause new stuff, and deciding to tag it in yansim tag cause i want attention for my headcanons


  • Cis female
  • Bisexual
  • Suffers from a combo of mental illnesses
  • Cat person
  • Cant cook but good at baking somehow
  • loves budo more than she loves sleeping
  • Vodka aunt
  • Does she even eat?
  • Decent singer
  • watch out Kizana she likes musicals 
  • likes to chew on things
  • contrary to the popular belief, she does sleep, but she does suffer from nightmares and sleep paralysis that makes her afraid to sleep 
  • Short (like…5′3 maybe even 5′0)
  • Curvy with a belly
  • She can lift she’s just too lazy 


  • Trans boy
  • Pansexual/polyamorous
  • Dysphoria is the worst/ Dependent Personality Disorder traits..probably
  • Dog person! loves dogs! BIG DOGS!!
  • Probably plays Love Live on Expert/Master
  • Never skips leg day
  • He eats a lot
  • 2+ years on T, Top surgery comes after highschool
  • Oka does his T injections for him cause he doesnt like needles very much
  • its a struggle to get him to take off his binder before bed, he cries every time, someone help him
  • Naruto is life
  • Fucking muSCLE!! Abs! Thighs that can crush a mans skull!
  • Tall, like what the fuck give me your genes (5′8 maybe?)


  • Cis Male
  • Gay (2% attraction to women but if you identify as a boy, GURL HE PROBABLY HAS A CRUSH ON YOU)
  • Hooks up with a lot of guys…sometimes at once
  • Narcissistic Borderline
  • Has the biggest crush on Budo and he dies inside everyday
  • Picks on Oka constantly but he knows when not to go too far
  • The bags under his eyes are fake, its make up
  • Probably one of the only people who would just straight up bitch out Ayano and he’s not afraid to die, he dont care
  • The only 2 people cares bout are Budo and himself
  • He really doesnt get along with Musume, theyre fake nice to each other when theyre just insulting each other
  • Idk like 5′5 height im bad at this
  • Fit boy, skinny, he cares too much about his body 

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I've been having suicidal thoughts on a daily basis for over a year now, I self harmed for the first time in months, and on Sunday night I really felt out of control and I just didn't want to live. All of my friends are pretty depressed people too and i dont know how to tell anyone, but i know that I want totget through this and get better, but i just dont know how too

(Im the same ask that sent that ask about suicide) im really sorry if that was a lot just then, but i want at least one person to know. I feel like if someone just knows that i dont feel ok then that will be enough to help me. I knkw that doesnt make much sense but it makes a whole lot of sense to me

that’s the first step, sweetheart. that want to get better and want to reach out to someone is honestly something that people with suicidal thoughts struggle with. and i admire you for that. don’t be afraid to reach out to people, to talk with them, to distract yourself. i would recommend seeing a therapist. i’ve done it! and honestly, it was one of the best decisions i’ve ever made. they’re there to listen to you and help you cope with whatever you’re going through. that’s what they studied and that’s what they want to do.

and you are not weak for wanting to get help. in fact, it just shows how strong you are and you having that desire to get rid of those bad thoughts. you’re safe here, sweetheart. i’m glad you told me. it’s a step! make new friends, surround yourself with the things you love, watch funny videos, write down what’s bothering you and crumble up the page, do some cleaning up. little things like that can make the difference. ❤️

it meee!!!!!

in august im starting my masters at a really cool school and im afraid i will be the shittiest one everyone will be fuckin good and older than me. lately i really see my art as pure shit im still unable to write anything that looks okay i really wanna do handwritten typo but i write like a five year old.also i feel like all my artist friends improved hella lot lately have cool interesting styles and here i am being shit.i know its stupid to compare my fashion designer ass to my graphic artist/animator friends but bruhh i dream to be maybe half as good as them.a magazines director messaged me today because she liked my grad designs and wants to do a small interview and i should be happy but i still feel like it shouldve done more during bachelors.good times lately… ANYWAY ive been wearing this outfit for like 4 days? its all black and white i enjoy being colorless but combining patterns and stuff now to make it interesting.the only good thing about this asswipe weather is that my clothes can dry in 5 minutes
tldr:confidence issues in art

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hi! i just found your blog and loved your bnha art so I thought I'd come and ask for some advice :) I recently made the decision to get into drawing fan art and created this blog for it. Is there any advice/tips you can give me as a newbie? both in terms of art /and/ my blog if that's okay? thank you!

asdfghjk,l. im a n00b too hon, s i don’t think I can be of much use ;n; 

your blog is very cute! I like! i havent seen your art so i can’t comment much on that. But heres some tips:

1) draw a lot!! if you find something hard to draw, draw it more. just kinda slam urself into art n dont be afraid to experiment

2) use reference! cant stress this enough!

3) moodboards are great. thumbnails are gr8. the planning process before drawing is also a big part of art!

4) tag a lot and use popular tags if you wanna be seen! its not the most important, but if having notes encourage you then its not a bad thing either!