dont like socializing

jskadbsadk okay so my mom has this giant book of like what it means when you were born on a certain day and i was flipping through it for all the paladins birthdays and

day of the winner

Honestly, LGBT+ people want allies, BUT we don’t want them so much that we’ll settle for people:

  • who call us f*ggots
  • think misgendering is funny
  • still use “gay” as a slur
  • think “you need us, we don’t need you.”

We’re not desperate, deary. We just want respect.

  • yurio: viktor what is this book
  • viktor: ...500 funny jokes that will make your kids laugh
  • yurio: burn it
  • viktor: but-
  • yurio: b u r n

i saw my psychiatrist today for the first time in like a year and mentioned im moving to the UK and she was like “any particular reason?” and i guess a part of me was like i remember this person shes actually super cool bc i usually avoid talking abotu it w strangers but i was like “im getting married” 

and later she goes, “i assume it’s a he?”

and it was the best possible thing bc she was implicitly giving me the opportunity to say, no, actually! and it was SUCH A RELIEF telling strangers im getting married is always so weird bc i dont wanna like out myself to ppl??? who have like a part of my life in their control at the time we are talking especially LMFAO

but yeah so i was like no actually its a girlfriend and my psych looked SO HAPPY and honestly i havent had a lot of opportunities to feel really? safe? and excited? about all this yet like PUBLICLY, its all so unfamiliar to p much anybody i meet, moving across the entire world for this thing i really AM excited for, but like, its gay and coming out to people is terrifying.

anyway the moral of the story is: someone made me feel safe and happy about my gay marriage today and also this person seems super competent in getting me to a place where i am physically and mentally healthier and im so bummed out that i only get to see her for a handful more months bc she earned so many points w me today haha…

libfems: i am nonbinary bc i like dresses AND suits uwu 

radfems: everyone is nonbinary. gender isnt real. sex is real ∴ i use the language of bio-sex to communicate. women are not “feminine ppl.” femininity is an oppressive stereotype. women are females. 

libfems: ppl are not their genitals !! >:/

radfems: what you mean to be saying is ppl are not JUSt their genitals: ppl are more than their genitals. which is true. but we did not define womanhood, womanhood was fated for us when we were born female. our feminism calls other females to defy their womanhood (which is oppressive and wrought w double standards) and live nonconformingly to the end that eventually womanhood (as a lived experience) will no longer exist. (*)

libfems: i am nonbinary so i already live nonconformingly

radfems: great ! but consider this: everyone is nonbinary. so instead of opting yourself as an opposition to the binary (whereby creating a new binary), you affirm your lived experience of being gender-socialized, reject the concept of gender, and THEN live nonconformingly. you know, instead of creating a newww gender that accidentally validates gender as a acceptable concept and identity and not the oppressive and shitty and fake thing it is.
(*)note: if ‘womanhood’ is successfully deconstructed, then the trans rhetoric of “identifying w womanhood” will no longer bear any meaning. this is why radfems sometimes say that trans-ness is misogynistic bc a woman can be absolutely anything or everything so how can someone say they feel specifically like a woman?? / womanhood is not a feeling. it is a cross. women, ourselves, dont identify w womanhood (aka our oppression), so when a male says they identify with womanhood (aka female oppression), it doesnt add up.

time to be Bitter™ 

i like hbomberguy and his content, because i’m always down to bash the alt-right and make fun of them but i’m kinda salty because even though he makes excellent points regarding social justice and the importance of diversity in media he makes no effort to collab with other SJW poc youtubers who share his pov and maybe help bring up their popularity??? like he has a significant subscriber count (and i’m one of them), over 59000, so it’s something he could easily do but he isn’t

and honestly it seems a lot of popular white sj activists on youtube do this

also to carry on the Bitterness™ 

it seems that white sj ppl on youtube put in like a sixteenth of the hard work to get the same subscriber level that poc do

like to take hbomb as an example he’s put out 45 videos over what, 3 years? and has 59000 subs, but kat blaque, who has been on youtube for EVER has literally hundreds of vids and multiple channels and still only has double his subscriber count

tl;dr i’m salty

Right-Libertarian: why care about the lower classes when we’re the ones raining down social and economic wealth in the country?

Communist: mainly because the lower classes can never afford the same quality and quantity of luxuries “created” by you.

Right-libertarian: that’s because the state intervenes in our businesses and taxes the people and bleeds us all dry!

Communist: no, the state intervenes in the capitalist system because dozens of historical social movements led by the people demanded it–if the state never intervened and never gave concessions to the people, the state risks constant revolt.

Communist: also if it weren’t for these movements in the first place, individual capitalists would shift worker wages around, forcing laborers to work either long hours or short hours for variable pay; enforced workplace condition standards would disappear, child labor would still exist, mandatory breaks wouldn’t exist, legal business practices wouldn’t exist, monopolies would be everywhere and on everything, recurring great depressions would happen, unethical business practices would largely go unpunished, etc.

Communist: honestly without a state apparatus, capitalism would be a truly chaotic system.

Right-libertarian: okay but why would Murray Rothbard and Ron Paul lie to me :/

Communist: because you wanna be edgy but not lose daddy’s credit card privileges.