dont lie to me you know its true


I dare one of you to look me in the eye and tell me Eric Harris would not have been a Trump supporter. If he was alive right now he would have 4 make america great again shirts and hats and everything. He would be so far up trumps asshole he could see out of his mouth. Don’t lie you know its true. 

There’s this thing going around that Benedict and his wife sophie are unhappily married and a bunch of other bullshit about there kids and its making me really upset. It’s none of anyones business what happens between them and as long as ben says he’s happy we should believe him cuz i dont think he’s the kind to lie to his fans and its honestly very rude to say such things about them when you dont know them personally and also especially with the fact that they just had a baby boy and instead of being a true and loving fan to ben you go around and say these awful things about him and his family. Its just very very rude.

i dont know if this should even be an issue im thinking about but somehow those posts that are like “if nothing else You can make your own choices/are valid” or whatever not the Jolk valid post but posts like “its okay to not be ready yet/ever to forgive someone who hurt you” or “no matter what anyone tells you at least you know (x)” like No the fuck i dont

obviously theyre not made with malicious intent but like i cant survive off of “just knowing im (x)” when literally nobody else around me thinks so, take a big wild guess as to what would happen if i told one of my parents “im not ready to forgive you yet, so please leave me alone” its a nice sentiment but it just is not true and it isnt going to help for me telling myself im worth something or whatever when everyone around me says otherwise 24/7 only people who would lie and back me up are a thousand miles away

luke is me on my period

  • american: im an american and this is not true. i know it's not true because it's not light outside at midnight where i live, in america. as an american i call bullshit on this post.
  • me (WHO TOOK THE PHOTO): no it's true lmao it doesnt get dark in the summer where i live
  • american: no you are lying. i don't care what time of year it is. it get's dark at night in america and as an american i assume you are also american and whatever you say that doesnt fit in with my american view of the world (america) is a lie.