dont let them down

whenever i see someone on this hellsite talking about how “irl lgbt communities are better because they don’t exclude ace people!!!1111” I’m like… you don’t get it, do you

school gsas have to be inclusive, if they dont let a certain subset of people in, the school will shut them down

just because you forced your way in doesn’t mean you belong, it means the people in that space tolerate you, not that they accept you

im speaking as someone who’s worked as a leader in a gsa for the past two years

most irl lgbt communities won’t do anything about cis het aces who force their way into their space because the lgbt community is vulnerable, and by entering that space, you take advantage

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hey pals, so an anon asked for blogrates and tbh i see no reason why i shouldnt do them (ok i see one reason and im probs not gonna do them if this flops asdfgh) !! if u dont want a blograte but a name playlist, just say so <3


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Do you think Koganegawa has any reason for his hair to look like a bird? He seriously looks like an angry bird

who honestly knows, but if anyone bullies him about it, the entire datekou volleyball team is coming after them with pitchforks raised

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ive spent most of my life being like “thats strange/weird/stupid” or “thats cringeworthy” at childish things but fuckin in all honesty ive unlearned that shit recently and its the best shit to unlearn.

make over the top characters and OCs and shit. love absolutely repulsive designs and contrasting shit. you want an OC that’s a wolf-octopus fairy who loves cheese? then fucking make them. bring them to life. dont let a bunch of assholes bring you down because it seems “stupid” or “cringeworthy”.

literally as long as no one is hurt and everyone is having fun and as long as youre not promoting gross shit in the process, then its good shit??? have your fun and who cares????

like… stop with the elitist attitudes on what is “cringeworthy” and what “isnt” because lemme tell you, everything and everyone is cringeworthy no matter what so just fuckin have fun my god stop bringing kids down

you wanna know what’s cringeworthy? an adult telling a 13 year old that their first OC sucks ass because they wanted to draw a colourful wolf that represents themself


this looks like jackson is the chosen one to save the world and humanity and mark is the wise man who guides him through this battle and has 150 years old but stopped growing old by the age of 24 and now jackson is losing his faith and being insecure about the burden he has to carry and mark is trying to motivate him by being aggressive and putting even more pressure over him: “i… i cant do this” “there’s no ‘i cant do this’ jackson, dont you understand? the lives of these innocent people are in ur hands! dont let them down! dont let me down!”

I need someone to cry and yell about Fairy Tail with cause i just saw trailers for dragon cry today and i am so fucked up;0;


I’m an education major and I just got a new batch of middle schoolers to work with. When I mentioned Dragon Age (we were discussing the relationship between dinosaurs and birds and the phoenixes in-game came to mind), they lost their mind. It was amazing getting to watch the light go off in their eyes as the conversation turned to what they loved. I let them down when it was revealed I dont know a lot about video games, but honestly, it was a great moment. I regret nothing.            

The worst thing ever is when you can feel someone important to you getting bored with you.