dont let me humiliate myself

*tada tada tada hi poop*

as you might have noticed, I’m making a faves page yeeeeh

to be considered:

  • reblog this obvs (as many times as you want)
  • please be following me, i think it’s only fair???
  • i won’t consider likes, i’ll consider them as bookmarking
  • if you really want to be on my faves page make a post saying why and tag me #bloomela
  • idk how many blog i’m gonna choose chan chan chan (i’m loving italics woho),probably around 15-20 who knows


  • promos yay, once a week or maybe more if i’m not busy or if i’m in a good mood hehe
  • a spot in my blog :)
  • a follow from me if i’m not following already :)))))
  • fab friend like moi
  • advice/html help 

reblog this or i’ll hunt you in your sleep