dont leave me show

And if you just give me one more chance I promise I’ll try harder. I’ll be more open and I’ll try to show you how much you mean to me. I won’t be so shy around you anymore. I won’t avoid you. I’ll talk to you first. Just give me another chance to show you that we can be something great.
—  C.D.

bc of BPD I have this awful fear of abandonment whether real or perceived and so a lot of times when I tell people to leave me alone and they do for an extended period of time I go into Panic Mode and think that they’re abandoning me and I just Split More and 1) lash out bc they’re leaving me or 2) put up a protective barrier or 3) both! at the same time!

apparently on if u like a harmless positive kid show at all ur a bad person

anonymous asked:

I don't want to be the person that points this out but i keep seeing how henrik keeps posting stuff and it just reminds of how thomas kept updating his story on snapchat and his ig way more after he left skam? And the references to skam didn't stop after he left nor did he stop hanging out with the cast sometimes (esp at first brfore s3 was announced) and now i keep seeing him doing other things and he mentioned going to an audition recently and im scared :/

i,,,suddenly,…….cant read

when they were standing in buckys apartment steve was just barely containing the urge to touch bucky, to take him and run before someone hurt him. he kept inching forward cautiously as if bucky were a feral cat just learning to trust humans. it’s because of this hesitation and buckys visceral reaction that steve only touches him on the shoulder later. anything else would be too much too soon. and god knows bucky has had enough people touching on him w/o his consent. steve refuses to be another name on that list and so he puts his own wants last. let me repeat that. steve spends 2yrs searching, finally corners bucky and does not take what he wants even after seeing his face in buckys journal. the most he asks for is for bucky to tell him why. “tell me you loved me and couldn’t stand to lose me. watch me do the same for you.” and this repeats in wakanda only steve holds back and stuffs his hands in his pockets instead even though he can’t even look at bucky when bucky says going back under is best. he goes right back to being brooklyn steve watching bucky ship out and feeling helpless. their love is an endless sacrifice and it keeps tearing them apart but this vicious passionate love is the only thing they know. it’s beautifully simplistic: give the other person your everything endlessly.

no but i really am leaving. 

thank you all very much for the support/love you have shown me over my time here. it’s very sad to be leaving because this blog has given me the most amazing network of friends. i’ve seriously met some of the greatest people because of this, and i’m glad to have had this opportunity. 

but sadly, people sent me some very…negative things last night. a handful were very very ugly and i wish not to elaborate so that it doesn’t upset anyone. it was too much to just brush off, and it really upset me. and i don’t like seeing the negative asks as much as anyone else. it upsets my friends, which upsets me more than the asks themselves. i’m also just not into osomatsu-san anymore! ;^P 

but most of my experience has been a great one, so thank you! i’m just a little too tired (physically and mentally) and i don’t think i can deal with rude asks atm. 

maybe we’ll see each other in the future! maybe i’ll come back one day, who knows? but for now, i am leaving. goodbye, everyone! thank you for being nice to me and jyushi! :^D

-mars, aka mod jyushi

Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy

(requested by Anonymous)
shesha she no good
with words but im wolves
stuttered at a joke of a romantic stuck to my tongue
laid down with words too overdramatic
tonight is a cannon much worse
but no one should ever feel

im too corners and a harp down
and i dont wanna forget how your voice sounds
these words are all i have so ill write them
you need them just to get by

dan’s dance
were falling apart to half lime
dan’s dance
and deez one of us
you love to leave
dish is the way
misery on meme

you always fold just
before you found out
drink up its last call last resort
im only the first mistake

and im two quarters and a heart down
and i dont wanda forget how your voice sounds
these words are all i have so ill write them
leave them just to get by

why dont you show me
the little bit of spuh
youve been saving for his headrest?

dan’s dance
were falling apart to half time
dan’s dance
hes one of us
hes about to leave
this is the waiting up than you
misery on meme

why dont you shorty
little bit of spuh
youve been saving for his bed rest?
ah oh e wan vee
in the form of you
crawling into bed with me

dan’s dance
were falling apart to half time
dan’s dance
and nee dee nee aught
hes bout to leave
this is the waiting up
this is the waiting up
this is the waiting up
and you
misery on memes

dan’s dance
dan’s dance
dan’s dance
dan’s dance