dont know who said this

It is not the same thing to be good and to be kind.
—  Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

i dont know if it was just me who noticed this but after riley said to lucas “we were just talking” he replies with a sad “okay” and then walks away

i think he was so hurt by her saying that because he sees talking as extemely valuable

as we find out at the end of the episode, talking to riley is his favorite thing in the world, so when she says “oh we were JUST talking" he is visibly deflated because what is so important to him is “just talking” to her

i dont know if that makes any sense

I don’t ship r*yai

but i do love them together platonically. you’re free to ship it as much as you want, but please don’t shove it down my throat that’s all i ask.

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i totally agree that what marie said was bs and she should know better than to excuse octavia's actions, but even tho marie said that, it doesn't mean you have to unstan her, right? like, it just seems that you liked her a lot and saying one problematic thing doesn't mean you have to throw all of your admiration/appreciation/love for her out the window right?? recognize the problematic thing for what it is (all our faves are problematic anyway) but you can still like the person?

if u want to keep stanning marie that’s ur choice and i’m not going to judge u for it but i cannot in good conscience stan anyone that defends/excuses abuse, no matter how much i used to like them


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15, 35, and 38

15: Favourite quote

hmm i heard this one in a video so i dont know who really said it but its “We are the universe’s way of experiencing itself” i think its really neat

35: Favourite holiday

bOI HALLOWEEN like everyone else on this website are you surprised

38: The reason I joined Tumblr

i used to follow lots of tumblr pages on facebook (yknow the kind that post popular tumblr posts i know its dumb) so i thought might as well 


“No, no, no, no. Alissa, please. If you dont help me, I dont know who else will,” Liv said with panic rising in her voice. As soon as she’d gotten back to Ebonhawke and read over Alissa’s letter, she set out to find her. She’d tracked her down easily enough and found her at the Roses outpost she’d heard Laelia talk about. 

Alissa drew in a breath and sighed, turning her head to look out over the canyon below them. “I…can’t anymore, Liv. I haven’t been able to devote the time to it that you need or deserve. I didnt expect…just…a lot of things happened while you were away.” 

“You’re fuckin’ telling me. I come back and find out my cousin’s pregnant and apparently, is now a secretary in the Ministry,” Liv said with a shake of her head. She sighed and sank down into a chair. “Ali, please. I need your help. It was working.” 

Alissa paled. “I…Laelia’s pregnant? I…didnt know, I..” she trailed off and cleared her throat. “Liv, I’m not doing this to be cruel or because I want to. But I’m sure by now, you’ve heard about the…rumors spreading in Kryta. I’m being pulled in a lot of different directions.” 

“Yeah, Laelia’s pregnant. She’s almost halfway along but…Markus and I’ve been gone so long, I didnt know. She was waiting to tell me in person.” 

The older woman forced a small smile and nodded. “That’s…that’s great,” she said quietly. 

“Are you okay?” Liv said with a frown. “You…seem off.” 

“Not really,” Alissa admitted quietly. “That’s…partly why I want to turn things over to someone else with your training.” 

“But…Alissa, I dont trust anyone else. It was hard enough trusting you to do it,” Liv said with frustration. 

“I know…and I’m sorry. I really thought that I would be able to help. I do want to help but I also have to be fair to you and realistic with my workload–which is always overflowing.” Alissa paused and released a sigh. “I have a couple people in mind. One of which, I think you’ll like and get along with well. The other…I have sincere doubts but I think he’d push you and be a good mentor.” 

Him? No. Not happening,” Liv replied immediately and shook her head. 

“At least hear me out,” Alissa said patiently. “Aiden is apart of what’s known as the Mesmer Collective. He follows a code of ethics for how magic should be used. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, Liv.” 

“I don’t care; no. Not happening.” 

Alissa sighed tiredly. “I had a feeling that would be your reply. Aiden can be difficult to work with, though he and I always have seemed to see eye to eye. He trained Lux.” She glanced across the desk at Liv. “The other person I had in mind was Mirex Eskara.” 

Liv arched a brow at the mention of the name ‘Eskara’. “And she is…?” 

“She’s…Cristian’s…well. Not sister, but…” Alissa gathered her words, “She was a ward of Torik’s after her parents passed away. She took his last name and has been apart of their family since she was a little girl. Mirex is very kind and patient. She’s been a good friend to me. She is also a Shining Blade and was trained by the Collective.” 

“So, if she’s a Shining Blade, too and things are as bad as you’re making them out to be, wont she be just as busy?” Liv said with a somewhat flat expression. 

“Liv, you’ve already made tremendous progress in the few lessons we’ve had. I think it wont be long before you’ll be capable of controlling your magic much better. As for the other things..that will largely be up to you,” Alissa said patiently. She pressed her lips together. “Are you talking to anyone?” 

“Like a head doctor or whatever?” 

Alissa nodded. 

“No. I mean..I should, but…” Liv sighed. “I guess I just wanted to believe I dont need one. I still dont sleep much. Still have nightmares.” 

Alissa looked somewhat uneasy. “It’s a scary time right now, Liv. So much is uncertain. I still think you should consider the Order. And if you do, then you’ll need to be equipped to handle yourself in combat with no hiccups. I want to try to get you trained up as soon as possible before anything too bad happens.” 

“What if Mirex doesnt have time? What then, Ali?” the redhead said with a bit of frustration. 

“Then, I’ll do all I can to see that you get trained. By me or someone else. I’m not just going to leave you to your own devices, Liv. I wont abandon you.” 

“Alissa, you look like hell. What happened?” Liv finally said and leveled her gaze with the woman across the table. 

Alissa put on a placid smile. “I’m fine, Liv.” 

“Bullshit you are. Dont do that thing where you pretend you’re okay and you’re not. I used to do that shit all time. I know your little game. And you’re using an illusion to cover up something. Can sense that.” 

Alissa wasn’t able to hold back a small smile of pride. Liv had learned something, after all. “It’s..not something I want to talk about right now. I’ve been having a difficult time with my personal life.” 

Liv tried not to look to irritated by Alissa’s vague reply. “So I have to talk about my personal problems and address my issues but you get off free?”

“Liv, it’s not like that.”

“Bullshit, it’s not. Alissa, please. How can I help.” 

“I..I’m not sure you can, Liv,” Alissa replied quietly and stared down at the desk.

“Well, good luck kicking me out. I dont plan on leaving until you tell me,” the redhead remarked and folded her arms as she leaned back in the chair.

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Jamie was seen leaving París. I think that the party is lie. I dont know who said that there was one.

Anonymous said to letterstodamie:

Is there wrap party today? Bc someone said in tt but Idk if this true. I think that the wrap party was in vancouver with all crew and cast.

Anonymous said to letterstodamie:

is there a FSG wrap-party today? why do you think JD left before the party? Also what is the significance of jj written on DJ’s arm during the Louvre/bracelet scene? Thanks.


(merged 3 asks)

Apparently the wrap party was only a rumor. Nothing so far about it.

Yes they had one in Vancouver.

(last ask) The jj you are referring to are the initials of Just Jared tab. I assume you saw their pics. They always put their logo on the pics they post. It happened to land on D’s arm haha.

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Have yo ever been to a Suede or a Blur concert?

Suede came in 2012 and blur came in 2013 and last year and i swear im so angry !!! Especially with not going to see blur like i said to myself ‘okay i dont know who the fuck blur is but i better not like it in the future cause it aint coming back’ but i hope it is aggh im so stupid!! And with suede i didnt know who they were at that time of course, i think my parents went tho. But they should come back cause after they came to arg they released like two more albums so PLEASE


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so i really love the stories that you post and im just an awkward person so i went like thats what anon is for and i just really wanted to tell you that i love it and now im going to go scream in my pillow because i cant believe i just came and said this to you even if you dont know who i am

Originally posted by hell-and-infinity

^^ both of us right now!!
That is so sweet, nonnie, really. I’m so glad you enjoy my work, and thank you for telling me you do! It really brightened my day :D

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just a random lil fact but a few days ago you said we dont know who was born first, phi or delta, bc theyre twins but in the scene where diana is giving birth sigma goes "its a boy!" and then diana says "i think there's another!" so delta is the older sibling technically,

Ahh I guess you’re right! Still, Delta wouldn’t know I don’t think, not unless he was a Grade A Mind Hacker the minute he was born (since in the timeline he says his sister is younger, I don’t believe any of D Team have memories about it otherwise they would have like…. talked with Phi about it maybe lmao)

#ztd spoilers

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HE DELETED THE VIDEO 😂😂😂 fuck it just when i commemted "BOI 💀 you cancelled" 😪lmao he was seeing the storm coming everywhere. And the boy who said to dont trip on him? Tf he knows i dont care who fuck with yall you cant say nigga ho -THATS A NO-

HE DELETED THAT VID REAL QUICK he ain’t forgiven tho cause he sure as hell ain’t sorry he just sorry he got caught

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"Is that my shirt?" ((Omg I couldn't resist))

meme: X

“Your shirt?” Draco asked, looking down and smiling slightly. “I would hope so. I dont know anyone else who’s name starts with an ‘G’” Draco said back, running his hands down the sweater and glancing back up to George with large innocent (purposefully innocent) eyes. The shirt he was wearing was one he had found in George’s trunk of clothes, and had swiped before leaving the Gryffindor tower that late evening.