dont know who made it sorry but i like it so imma post it

psa: false accusations.

last time i made a psa post that can be found under here. a bunch of bitter fack shippers just can’t handle the truth and are out for blood. and by that they are doing whatever they can do ruin my friends reputation for no fucking reason.

first off, imma jump right into it. don’t be a fucking sheep. if you see a post about eddiesghost going around- please report it and come back to us about it. theres something called proof. its easy for someone to just talk and make a post. but you gotta show the receipts. so next time if you see something about my friend on instagram or even twitter, please just report it, defend her or even just tell her about it! it’s some serious shit, its no longer a joke.

a post was recently posted by a gross blog. link is here. DON’T REPOST THEIR SHITTY POST PLEASE. ITS GROWING ENOUGH ALREADY.

warning, its pretty disturbing and i’m sorry you had to read it. just remember its not fucking true.

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i miss your haikyuu art so much it was the best - dont get me wrong i fucking adore your bnha art but like,,,,, haikyuu,,,,,,,

Well pal, aren’t you lucky, you might have been missing from my blog in the past two weeks but if you scroll down just three posts you might notice I’ve been drawing haikyuu again (x x x)

Anon said: People don’t remember baccano anymore? :o

I assumed so since it’s been ten years since it aired and the fandom has always been small and quiet anyway, but it looks like I assumed wrong!!!! That made me so happy, honestly? Baccano’s my fav anime ever, it’s always super nice to see it appreciated!

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I know I just made a post about this but I need to vent more. I fucking absolutely HATE the gay community in socal sometimes. Like fuck. You don’t know how many guys who go “I have heard things about you” or this or that. LIKE OKAY I GET IT. I have this terrible rep and everyone judges me because I did something stupid. Yes I was an immature shit who wanted friends and never had guy friends before so hey what easier way to make friends with guys who are gay by flirting with them. So my smart ass flirted with every single gay guy in socal and that was my way of making friends. And now literally THREE fucking years later after literally dropping off the face of the earth I thought I have moved past that and that I turned over a new leaf. NOPE. Still to this fucking day I have guys who avoid me or hear my name and go “oh sam”. Like fuck off jesus. I DONT EVEN HAVE GAY FRIENDS BESIDES LIKE THREE GUYS AND THEY ALL KNEW THE THINGS PEOPLE SAID ABOUT ME AND WHEN THEY GOT TO KNOW ME THEY WERE LIKE “wow sam you are nothing like what people say” CUZ NO SHIT. THESE GAY GUYS WHO TALK SHIT DONT EVEN KNOW ME THEY JUST KNOW THAT I WAS A HOE NOTHING ABOUT ME OR MY PERSONALITY. LIKE GEE SAM COULD BE THE GREATEST GUY IN THE FUCKING WORLD BUT NOPE HE A HOE SO IMMA SHIT TALK HIM TO THE WHOLE COMMUNITY SO NO ONE FUCKS WITH HIM. Kay. Normally I would not let this phase me because I am used to being bullied. I was the only open gay kid in a private CHRISTIAN school where they literally preached about how I was going to rot in hell. So you would think that a little shit talking on me wouldn’t phase me, and it usually doesn’t. But it has been a very stressful and depressing time and I have just about had it with life right now. I am almost to my limit. SIGH. Like I am sorry I was a stupid shit, but cmon, everyone was young and immature at one point. But what can I do now. The amount of people who know about me or whatever is unbelievable. I know I don’t want a boyfriend right now, but I don’t want people to see me as that. I don’t even get to be considered as an option. SIGH again. I just needed to vent, even if no one reads this I guess it is out there. There is nothing I can do but try to ignore it, move on, and continue to be a better person. I have definitely learned to be resilient but sometimes it still sucks and hurts, I am a human too, I have feelings, I can be hurt.

Seventeen as shit that my friends say
  • Seungcheol: I used to be such a happy being before you guys came into my life and made me a stressed parent
  • Jeonghan: Im so beautiful that u love me even though im pretty shure u dont know who tf i am;)
  • Jisoo: pfftt i so did not sleep at 2am the day before our cambridge exams just to watch tokyo ghoul what are you guys talking about
  • Soonyoung: But if you're catholic, then how are you chinese?
  • Junhui: I like to take baths and just think about myself
  • Wonwoo: im so weak im sorry im a disgrace sorry
  • Jihoon: disgrace go slap yourself in the bathroom and don't come back
  • Seokmin: I guess the dog could say wood with like a cough
  • Mingyu: I can feel the warmness of the pizza just by looking at it
  • Minghao: You better protect your mouth or imma staple it
  • Seungkwan: I put the i in priti
  • Hansol: SALTY N00000b
  • Chan: But as i got older, drawing and coloring looked lame for my age
Catholic Reformation and the wars of religion

awww shit. I dont like this chapter. It tripped me up sooo bad. Actually, pre- test i studied this more than anything, and it payed off. there was about 3-4 questions on the phases of the wars of religion, specifically the latter two stages. Its confusing, im serious. Like, imma be real guys. I’m not suuuuper interested in the early history, modern European history is so so so fascinating to me, but, a lot of these little seeds in the beginning of our lesson grow into big things. For example, a later one to be sure, do you know how the reunification of germany led to Hitler’s revelation in jail after the Munich Beer Hall Putsch to rule Germany? Well, if you do, good luck on the AP exam. Hell you could prolly take it now. But, for the rest of you, sit and wait this series out, okay? AND SEND ME YOUR QUESTIONS! Seriously, darlings, it keeps me going on this c:

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So lets get started anywho, we’ll finish up the circle of the reformation with the counter-reformation:

So while Renaissance Popes focused on commissioning art (which led to discontent of the people) and gaining their power, Popes post-reformation focused more on enforcing morals, creating new religious orders, and appointing sincere officials…which seems less sudden realizing that they’ve been dicks and more like, shit we’re losing all our followers and our religion and our moneyyyyy

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So they made a council! The council of Trent to be exact. Heres what they decided

*they rejected the idea of salvation ONLY by faith, saying it only came by faith and good works

*rejected idea of only the bible being important, they say bible and priest teachings are equally important.

*7 sacraments. 7. Not 2

*No more indulgences! Yaaaaay

*no more giving offices to your relatives (“simony” to be fancy)

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*Vulgate is the official Catholic bible edition

*Latin is still the official catholic religion- sorry to those who wanted to speak in da vernacular

Ignatius Loyolaaaaaaaa

he was the leader of the Jesuits, this catholic group

so heres what this group did, and they did a lot:

made tons of schools, did missionary work in the Americas and Asia

and made revival of catholicism in contentious states

(Note- there was a question on the test on ignatius- but it was like “Who was Ignatius Loyola?” and i was all, pshh Jesuit boss)

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Baroque Art

It was apart of the Catholic Church’s anti-protestant stuff

had a portrayal of everyday people, not idealized, focused on dramatic moments

art to know:

Judith slaying Holofernes


The calling of St. Matthew

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kk, we’re good!

Lets talk about The French Wars of Religion (or just the Wars of Religion)

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whew, a lot to talk about. But, shit, some of this stuff is like Game of Thrones style crazy.

So, a little brush-up. Under the Concordat of Bologna, (remember that? Read this) stuff happens, ladada, calvinists become pretty popular in France, there they were called Huguenots, too. really brief. They didn’t like each other, a ton.

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The Huguenots were becoming more and more powerful, which freaked out the catholic leaders, especially the french king Charles IX, and his mom Catherine de Medici. At the marriage of catholic Margaret of Valois and huguenot Henry of Navarre, Catherine and her son sent out catholic troops to massacre huguenots there in paris celebrating the marriage. 20,000 were killed. :( This was called the Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. This started a 15 year civil war. boooooo.

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So came the Politiques! (My AP teacher harped on the politics from now to the 1800s XD) A small group of both religions got together and realized, holy shit, this is stupid. This needs to stop, before France destroys itself. After Catherine died, and the assassinations of the other dudes in power, Henry of Navarre stepped up to rule, becoming catholic (because most of France was Catholic), saying “Paris is Worth a Mass” meaning keeping French alive is worth changing religions and having to go to mass.

So he made the EDICT OF NANTES (i capitalize because it’s important!!!)

which proclaimed tolerance of Calvinism and recognized the rights of Protestants

Thats it for now! Good luck with school starting soon! Next week, 30 years war and Philipp

I just made this huge story on my personal snapchat that I want to share here because I think that it may be beneficial to some of my followers who beat themselves up about their work. Maybe grab a tea or coffee before you begin, because this is a long’un. Ok, here goes:

Last Saturday I photographed my two friends getting married. On Sunday I began the process of importing and sorting through my images. My process for sorting is in Bridge where I file through every image in their carousel thingy and highlight all the images that I want to take a second look at. While I was making my first pass at sorting through the images, I had a mini meltdown because I kept picking out all the flawed images. I wasn’t focusing on which ones were good, I was focusing on which ones were bad. Which was making me upset because I kept asking myself, “How come this one didn’t work out? This image would have been so good. All these images suck.” 

I kept beating myself up about it and so I needed 3 days to like separate from it and refresh my mind. Now looking through them again, I’m focusing on the good images. I mean, yes, there are some images that would have been great shots that are either out of focus or blurry but there are a LOT of good images. 

This is how my brain works, and how I view things: All 2000+ images should have been perfect, but they’re not. And they’re not supposed to be because life isn’t perfect, right? Like when I made the second pass with a less critical mind, there are at least 800+ images that are worth editing. I need to remind myself of that - that not everything has to be perfect. There will be some duds in there because that’s just how life is. I need to stop being so pessimistic and negative about stuff. I need to also stop beating myself about that kind of stuff and just appreciate the good images.

So yea, I just wanted to share that because I’m a negative person. I like to call myself a realist but let’s call it what it is: I’m a negative person and most of that negativity I reflect onto myself and so I need to remind myself what I do is good.
I also need to learn to take compliments because people compliment me/my work and my first reaction is always “oh no, no”. I don’t know what that is. I’m sure there’s a lot of you like that too where getting compliments is a weird thing. I get uncomfortable when people pay me compliments because I don’t think it’s warranted or that I deserve it. I think that has to do a lot with confidence and self-esteem.

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you guys about my editing process and how I was looking at the fact that only 40% of the photos were good or useable, where, you know, I looked at that as being a negative thing. Like ONLY 40%?!?! But in actual fact that’s like 800+ images which is a large number of images to give a client.

So, yes, I just wanted to share this in case anyone else was feeling blah about stuff and looking at the negative side - as someone who always looks at the negative side (this girl right here) I’m here to remind you (and me) to look at the positive side too because it’s both, right? It’s positive and negative - it’s not one or the other, it’s a balance of both.

Ok, talktime over.

I get messages all the time asking how I’m able to take such beautiful images. A lot of it has to do with practice, but the other thing I think a lot of people forget is that as photographers (artists, musicians, creators, pretty much anyone) we put out our best possible work. There’s a lot of images that are discarded because they just plain fucking suck. 

So I can imagine that for new photographers or for photographers who have been on tumblr for a while and haven’t gotten the recognition they deserve can sometimes compare their body of work to a photographer who has a larger audience and think, “why can’t my stuff be that good” (I also get a lot of these messages btw). And I think that for the majority of people asking themselves that question aren’t being fair to their work. For one, every person is different, so you can’t compare yourself to someone else because everyone is going to be different because of taste, style, experience, technique, etc… Two, you’re likely comparing your whole body of work to one photographer’s tumblr or portfolio where they post only their best work. So here you are including all your duds and comparing it to someone’s best work. Like I can’t even tell you how shit a lot of my work is. Three - the more “known” photographers on tumblr (which i think is silly for anyone to call themselves tumblr famous btw - like it’s bullshit) have had to work really hard at their ~craft. We have (or at least I have) experienced the same frustrations as you do and in fact STILL DO (I mean, this is the whole point of this post). And lastly THIS SHIT TAKES TIME. Like idk about others, but it took me a long three years to get where I am now. People need to remind themselves that becoming good at something doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something you need to work at and continue working at. I’m still learning and growing as a photographer and as a person.

This is very longwinded, sorry, but I really just wanted to get across the point to not be so negative about your work. It’s easy to pick out your flaws and super hard to pick out your great qualities but it’s those wonderful qualities that you need to remind yourself of. You are not just your flaws, you are your strengths too. 

If you’re still reading this, give yourself a star and a++ and treat yo self to chocolate or binge marathon because you’re gonna need it after this novel of a post.

ps this is very much geared towards photographers but I think that the advice and major themes in here are applicable to anyone for any situation, not just people with cameras glued to their faces.

some thoughts on lexa hate

Listen up kiddos bc I’m super fucking heated and about to lay some fresh knowledge on you. I get it, people don’t ship Clexa. Am I cool with it? Hell yes. ship who you want, see if I care. BUT, don’t fucking disregard Lexa as a character or try as hard as you can to make her out to be the “bad guy”. Because, guess what? They were in the middle of WAR. And lemme tell you something, there’s no such thing as “good people” in war. And honestly, there’s no inherently good characters on the 100. There are only characters who are doing their best to protect their people.

Now there’s the biggest issue of whether Clarke should actually forgive Lexa. Bc after all, she didn’t forgive Finn. And she didn’t forgive Wells until she found out that he wasn’t the one who got her dad killed. Right? Wrong. She absolutely did forgive Finn. In fact, not only did she forgive Finn, she tried to protect him even though it meant not coming to peace with the Grounders. Also, she thought Wells got her dad murdered. Like, directly murdered. And that’s not even close to what happened with Lexa. Lexa did what she had to in order to get her people out alive. The Mountain Men had killed or transformed hundreds if not thousands of Grounders. Choosing to side with Clarke and risking the lives of who knows how many more Grounders when she could take her people out alive was the smart thing. She made the decision that any good leader would have. She chose the lives of her people over the lives of Clarke’s. And don’t even try to say that Clarke wouldn’t have done the exact same thing because the very next episode, Clarke chose the lives of her people over the lives of the Mountain Men.

Then there are people saying that Lexa killed members of the Skaikru. I’m honestly so confused because I don’t remember her killing anyone? Are they talking about the 300 warriors that Lexa sent to kill the people who had dropped out of the sky and into their territory armed with the same weapons as the Mountain Men (the #1 enemy of the Grounders). Or is it possible they’re referring to Finn? I’m sorry, was his death not justified? Should he have killed 18 innocent people bc he had a “feeling” that Clarke was being held hostage in their village or something? Oh wait, that’s exactly what he did. Also wasn’t the Skaikru ready to kill Murphy for killing or indirectly killing like 1 person

Now imma address some complaints people make about Lexa 2 episodes into season 3. (spoilers from 3x01-3x03 trailer)

Most recently, people have been comparing Bellamy and Clarke’s meeting to Lexa and Clarke’s in ep 3x02. first, there’s the whole Bellamy went out to find Clarke and got down on his knees to rescue her while Lexa sent a bounty hunter go out to look for her and then made her kneel down in front of her. look guys, homegirl Griffy was over here tied to a fucking post when Bellamy found her, obviously he’s gonna get down to her level if they want to have a secret whisper sesh and not attract Roan’s attention. Also, Lexa didn’t even make Clarke kneel? Like where are you getting this from? Roan pushed her down and Lexa immediately dismissed everyone and pulled Clarke to her feet before taking out her gag. secondly, did we forget that Lexa leads all the grounders? is that something we’re choosing to ignore? Bc ya’ll seem to think Lexa has time to go traipsing through the woods to find her lost love. Lemma tell you something, if you were trying to keep peace between 12 clans and another outside party (the Skaikru), you wouldn’t be able to disappear for a week or two to go find your lady love. Lexa’s not stupid. Which is why she sends a bounty hunter. She knows that he’ll be able to return Clarke, and she knows that what she has to offer him will make sure he returns her alive. 

Then there’s complaining that Lexa saying “there is a war brewing. I need you” proves that Lexa only wants Clarke for selfish, ulterior motives. Listen up people, idk who taught you how to analyze characters bc they fucked up real bad. Honestly, that line means diddly-squat. LEXA IS THE LEADER OF 12 CLANS. EVERYTHING LEXA DOES SHE DOES WITH THE THREAT OF WAR LOOMING OVER HER HEAD. Do you really think that Lexi-Lex had Griffy-Griff dragged all the way to Polis just because she has some shady shit going on that she needs Clarke’s help with? No, sorry. Listen up peeps, Lexa’s people come first. Always. She will choose them over her own personal feelings any day. They are the absolute #1 to her. So what does Lexa do, she asks Clarke to become one with Lexa’s people. Not only that, she asks Clarke to make her people one with the grounders. I’m sorry, but if this doesn’t scream “I CARE ABOUT CLARKE” in your face, then I don’t know what does. She is asking Clarke to bring her people into a position where they will also be #1 in Lexa’s life. Do you know what that means? It means Lexa won’t have to make ultimatum deals like she did in the end of season 2. So I’m sorry, you guys are right. Lexa does have ulterior motives and they’re LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE AND PEACE AND LOVE AND DID I SAY LOVE. 

Okay last issue from season 3; and listen up guys bc this is my absolute favorite. Ready? Okay. Lexa broke her promise to un-banish Roan which means she cannot be trusted. First of all, Roan is the son of the Ice Queen. What nation was it that killed Costia, Lexa’s first love? Was it…..was it the Ice Nation? Hmmmm…..yeah, yeah it was. It was the Ice Nation. Now listen here folks bc Lexa banished him for a reason, and I firmly believe that reason was because he was one who killed and tortured Costia. That is high treason people. Murdering the Commander’s girlfriend in an attempt to learn her secrets and overthrow her. That is definitely a very high treason. One that is worthy of banishment or death in my opinion. But lets be honest, if Lexa had killed Roan the Coalition would have fallen to pieces and the Ice Nation probably would have seceded. 

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i always see people say that you cant be an ugly duckling if you ship swan queen so i was wondering if a twitter trend could be arranged, like swen love emma swan or something? To show our love? :) love your edits btw

Hello it’s me, the ugliest (& saltiest) duckling that could ever exist (if you know what i mean)
Let’s talk about those people who say those things shall we?, they’re mostly people who:
1) hate swan queen
2) hate on Regina
3) are csers
4) they’re antis
5) they’re all the above :>

so like, what’s to prove here? no matter what we say and how much we keep telling them that we love Emma, it’s never going to work, bcoz they’re just bunch of insecure ignorant biased lil merde who think that the show revolves around cs (which doesn’t mind you).
also, those people obviously don’t give a duck about Emma’s storyline unless it’s about Hook, which was proven many many times (I could give you thousands of screencaps of people agreeing w Liam “that emma isn’t good enough for hook”, I could list hundreds of them who think emma loves hook more than her son, and I could link u to some who think that hook made her a better woman etc etc the list goes on ) and that my friend is the reason why they call us (swen ugly ducklings) haters, bcoz we believe that not everything is about hook and we want what’s better for Emma (remember #EmmaDeservesBetter , it was all SWEN) such hate lmao , like srsly, this is what us swen ducklings want :

-We want our Emma back, not the miserable one don’t ducking play that card w me alright I’ve heared it before, we want the independent strong kickass woman who took nobody’s shit, who used to have a say in whatever goes in her life/

-we want the show to care more about Emma’s storyline, and not make her a plot device for other characters (esp hook’s come on), like srsly how many times has she been pushed aside these past 2 seasons??

-we miss her other relationships, they took away her scenes w her son, they screwed up her relationship w snow, and they never fix the damage they do bcoz they’re too busy showing her aside and letting hook take all her screentimes. I mean ducking hell can she not have a scene w/o him butting in?

-the swan arc was the biggest disappointment for us, and lmao if you think otherwise then congrats you’ve just came out as hardcore hooker that doesn’t care abt anything but hook, the dark swan arc was supposed to be about emma and her struggles, her past, her relationships w her parents, her son, her friends, regina, w magic etc, but guess what happened? it was all hook ! how tf do you expect us to be ok w it? i dont usually judge but imma judge u so hard if you dare say to me that you’re an ugly duckling AND you enjoyed the dark swan arc.

-we love jmo and we know she’s an amazing actress, and we want a&e to give her more materials to work with, to show her acting skills, she deserves it.

-this is not the right post to write this but cs is problematic in so many ways I could die before finishing the reasons AND it’s killing Emma , like, it’s really killing her and it’s so sad to watch, like look at her now, that doesn’t look like someone who’s happy, she’s dead inside, she’s going through a horrible phase I’m just so sad for my baby. There’s no light in her eyes anymore and I’m just so ??? if this is how love looks like then I don’t want it.

- i miss emma swan??? i miss the awesome outfits? i miss the badge? i miss cute charming family scenes? i miss her sass? i miss emma being an actual lead character and the hero of her own story? i just miss this character

Like I could go on, but my point is, we want what’s best for her beyond ships and shit, it’s not about swan queen or captain crap, it’s about Emma’s character that is being slaughtered by both the writers and her “fans” who only see her as a love interest for their male fav.
We’re not the problem anon, they are. We don’t have to prove anything, we love emma and want what’s best for her, and honestly if they think that’s a bad thing, then that’s the issue, they don’t think she deserves better.
I love Emma Swan so much and it saddens me how badly she’s being treated by the writers and some of her fans, but I’m not giving up on her, I still have hope that the emma I know will come back.
Emma is not the problem here, she’s not being pathetic or weak, she’s done so many incredible things, and is truly one of the best characters on the show, the problem is the writers and the fandom who only use her as self insert,

thank you :) ! and sorry this is late