dont know who made it sorry but i like it so imma post it

Seventeen as shit that my friends say
  • Seungcheol: I used to be such a happy being before you guys came into my life and made me a stressed parent
  • Jeonghan: Im so beautiful that u love me even though im pretty shure u dont know who tf i am;)
  • Jisoo: pfftt i so did not sleep at 2am the day before our cambridge exams just to watch tokyo ghoul what are you guys talking about
  • Soonyoung: But if you're catholic, then how are you chinese?
  • Junhui: I like to take baths and just think about myself
  • Wonwoo: im so weak im sorry im a disgrace sorry
  • Jihoon: disgrace go slap yourself in the bathroom and don't come back
  • Seokmin: I guess the dog could say wood with like a cough
  • Mingyu: I can feel the warmness of the pizza just by looking at it
  • Minghao: You better protect your mouth or imma staple it
  • Seungkwan: I put the i in priti
  • Hansol: SALTY N00000b
  • Chan: But as i got older, drawing and coloring looked lame for my age