dont know who made it but it's awesome

Something that has been in my drafts for a long lonngg time that was suppose to be a mini comic but who has time for that?
I made this for winter and its almost spring omg just release it now

I just want Adrien and Alya to be the best of friends and go on shopping trips and gossip and fangirl about Ladybug, y'know? I need more Adrien and Alya friendship, yo

regarding zamii070

zamii070 is an awesome young woman and ive been following her for years. she is sweet and creative and it honestly frustrates me as an artist and as a follower of zamii’s that someone is so weirdly obsessed with her that they made a “receipt blog”??? really??? she isnt even problematic jfc its not like she is some neo nazi or anything shes just a girl who likes to draw. not to mention she has mental illnesses

no one is perfect. i dont know the GRAVE HORRID DEEDS she committed to have some fucking loser make a callout blog about her, but we all make mistakes and this is boarding stalker territory. im fucking disgusted. shes just a kid who likes to draw for god sake and people are SERIOUSLY REACHING to drag this poor girl

Phils side channel, b'day present!!!??

So i found out that phil his side channel “lessamazingphil” hasn’t hit 1M subscribers yet .

Like WHY NOT? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Why hasn’t people subscribe to his side channel yet. Its 2016, you should have by now.

OK but i just thought maybe …
It will be a awesome present for his b'day if he hit 1M by then.

just an idea. so subscribe to him.. NOW 👍

Just a gif made of a video from lessamazingphil (not mine, dont know who made it. But credit to that person)

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here are some gifts for some friends dont worry i still got more to come so i wont count you guys out.

1. the rabbit with a thousand blades, AKA @bladerabbit, justin even we don’t talk much i still consider you a friend. you make great stories and your art style is great and fluent. ever since i met you, you made me want to try new ways to make my drawing. i hope i did your sword design justice.

2. the warlock gator, AKA @glassesgator your a good friend Aley and you are a great conversationalist even though im not. you have such a great artist always drawing great and awesome things. we been friends for a long time and every year i get to know you more and more. thanks for being my friend.

3. the demon wolf who wears cute outfits, AKA @weeaboobabu, Deandra we dont talk much but when we do you say some funny stuff, even though its not hard to make me laugh but its the thought that counts. you have taught me always try to draw cute things. even if i cant draw cute thing. sorry if my drawing doesnt do you justice im horrible at drawing girls.

4. The fluffy red panda bear, AKA @masabearartwork, Masa ik we havent talk much but you were always a great friend to me and those you know. im glad to meet you and the others on hatena.

5. the mulit-colored leafeon, AKA @leafadee, leaf i say the same about you, i havent talk to you much in recent years but i still concider you an old friends,

6. the swampert samurai, AKA @rorytheswampert, Rory ik you a long time and you support me just as long. every time i post a picture i see your name liking or reblogging my picture. you even say hi to me on skype and im sorry i dont respond to you but now i will always try.

7. the pocky king, AKA @bukoya-star, Buko your a recent member of my friend list and im glad you became my friend and hope we can continue being friends. and sorry i do not know much about your character except Nekostar.

i still got more friends to draw but i will be done by chistmas so dont you worry i will get to you.