dont know what else this ship is called

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if i’m going to be totally honest i don’t know what it is either, but man u know how hetalia updates are. they’re like a tide; you just go along with it until you get it.

update: after some digging in himaruya’s blog i’ve found this entry and.. and. well. i have no words.

the image is named as “しゃちょうのむすこ” which translates to “son of the president”. by what i could understand in the entry and through some digging, it’s called the magical strike au, in which alfred is the villain and francis is.. well, the magical strike hero. while arthur is mr. salaryman. 

it just so happens that everyone is shipping the punkass president’s son with the stodgy old salary man. 

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Pls lets talk about jikook. I legit cant believe how thirsty jeon was....? Like am I dreaming? Homie was moaning while calling jimin sexy and saying he wants to hold him like????

Anon please

I dont even know what’s what at this point

Jungkook has taken the reins of this Jikook ship and he is running with it

I really cant wait to see the rest of Now 3. I need to see the other members shoots together. 

Did everyone get a camera to film each other?

And was anyone else as obviously thirsty and disrespectful as Jungkook was with Jimin?

And what are the chances, after we are all already completely drowning in all things Jikook, that Now 3 is released….almost a year later mind you…just filled with Jikook moments….

I’m upset anon

Jikook and BigHit are ruining my life

Like what is next? Seriously what is next? What more can they do? Nevermind. Scratch that… I dont want to even know, cuz now the wheels in my brain are spinning

Like imagine Tae jokingly posting a picture on twitter of Jungkook and Jimin cuddling while taking a nap during promotions. And then Jimin goes on twitter and responds to him and tells him he’s gonna be in trouble later

I mean just imagine Summer Package….2015 Memories….how many more Jikook moments are there that have already happened but we dont know about yet?! And BigHit is just laying in wait….ready to drop them on us one right after the other!!!!!

I have to stop now anon….look what you did…..I’m out of sorts at work now

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The biggest f/f ships under attack

As this blog has already mentioned, there are m/f fandoms who are actively antivoting against the big f/f ships. In particular Clexa and Shoot. 
For a long time I wasn’t sure if I should post this and attack a particular fandom because I did not wanna play ugly. Because that is not what POI is about. Although we sometimes argue, our fandom is not used to fighting, attacking eachother and playing dirty. (Which is btw why I love you guys, shoutout to my fellow POI fans, I LOVE YOU).

That being sad. ONE of the fandoms that is antivoting against us is the D@mon/B0nnie fandom from Vampires. I got this messages on Wednesday:

You might think why are they doing or did this!!!??
Well it is easy. Here: 

If Shoot would win this round against S’tydia. D@mon and B0nnie fans would be up against us: the Shoot fandom, the great and big fandom that won last year. Yes they knew, if they would be up against us, the WINNERS OF LAST YEAR, they would lose. 

I don’t know what else to say. I dont even wanna call them names. All I want is justice. D@amon/B0nnie MUSTN’T WIN THE ZIMBIO CHALLENGE. SO PLEASE: EVERYONE reading this: When B@mon vs St’ydia happens at the Zimbio Poll. Vote for St’ydia. Even if you don’t know the ship. B@mon shall not win. They are cheaters.

(And let me tell you, they are doing the same to Clexa. Clexa only started drastically dropping after “they” had Shoot at 45%. As Shoot is first up against them, they first had to make sure that Shoot is down. Now that they know Shoot is low, they are going after Clexa. Which is why Clexa is now at 51%. They wanna get rid of the biggest fandoms. Don’t let this happen, VOTE FOR CLEXA, so at least the big clexa fandom can face and destroy the cheaters in the final)

Judy: It’s finally Friday, so Nick and I are going out for some ice cream! 

Nick: Yup. But, this time I’m paying. 

Judy: Yeahhhh he insisted. 

Nick: Hey it’s the least I can do for the cutest wittle bunny wabbit in Zootopia…

Judy: Aw thanks I-…. O.o 

Nick: Hey it’s Friday. Relax about the “cute” thing. It was a joke. 

Judy: Fine. But no more. I’m serious. 

Nick: Fine. 

Judy:… I’m gonna come up with something weird to call you too. 

Nick: Like what, pray tell? 


Nick: Coming from anyone else but you that would be fine. But since it IS you… Just… No. Especially not in public. 

Judy: Like you could stop me, sexy. 


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