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Dear Followers... rant.

Earlier this week, a lot of my stuff had gone missing from A03. Tumblr had saved my work, but there were stories I didn’t add to Tumblr and they seemed to be lost forever.  I’ve had a bit of a panic attack, trying to get together old scraps of drafts and begging admins for help. I at last got an answer from an admin and I need to address something important.

IF YOU EVER- EVER! have a problem with something I write, whether that be tagging it wrong or something offends you then MESSAGE ME.  

PERSONALLY or on ANON tell me you dont feel okay with this content. Okay? Then I can know it is triggering and provide the necessary tags and warnings to not offend you and you can block that content from being shown. I take my work seriously and I mark everything Nsfw 18+ even if a story has no sexy times, I mark it because of violence!

HOW DARE YOU- report this directly to an admin. By doing so you are ignoring me! You are essentially saying, ‘hey admin, this person is causing trouble and will not stop even though I’ve asked them. They are a problem to the community and they need the highest authority possible to stop them.’  

Now listen, I think admins are great! They’ve helped me so much, but because someone has reported my work EVERYTHING HAD BEEN DELETED BY ADMINS.  

Fortunately I was able to get a reply, copies of my stories, and a reason why this stuff was ‘inappropriate’ so let me start by saying … what the hell.

ONE: Wrong tags.

okay, this one I understand. story did not have appropriate tags. That may upset someone, but you could have messaged me on or off anon and ask for me to change a tag that offended you.

(I remember in Eye of the Beerholder, someone asked me to label tags as misgendering just because Stretch called Red  ‘mam’.  This was funny to me in the story, but I understood this was a problem for people. I took the comment to heart and added it to the tag list. I made adjustments when I wrote and even apologized in comments. I later changed the story so that this wouldn’t be true and in doing so- I pretty much wrecked the story because its headed for a different direction than originally plotted.   But whatever- I listened to your pleas for change and I did it! That counts for something right?! I dont ignore your comments they mean alot to me! I will work with you to solve a problem!)

TWO: Selling merchandise.

… ? What even… ( Unless someone just seriously wanted to get me banned and was constantly writing complaint after complaint to get an excuse to fuck me over… I would think you meant my links?)

Do you mean coffee? The only links I had on A03 was a link to my Tumblr and a link to kofi for donations and commissions.  I don’t sell merchandise. I’m not in any shape or form using A03 for advertising.

I am not even making money off that one link on A03. I am not hurting A03′s business with $0.00 in my account.  A03 even clearly states in its user agreement that “ Linking to a personal website or blog/social network where you are taking donations, posting commissions or mentioning published works is permitted.”   so… I’m sorry for interrupting the first sentences of notes with links but I’m not even pushy about it.  

There are people who rub it in your face and go out of their way to say- “ Sure I’ll write  xyz…if you commission me!” and they have every right to do that. It is your option whether or not you want to support an artist but hell, you didn’t have to report me for linking to it.  

I know I’m not an ‘artist.’ There are people whose work is gorgeous and they deserve to be paid for their work. I’m just an amateur who writes sometimes. I have no schedule, I take breaks a lot. My work is far from edited and riddled with inconsistencies but its mine! I pour time and love into my writing and then in an instant it was erased.

…Everything is okay now. I guess it was just 2-3 days of panic  and I shouldn’t be angry anymore but this feels like a personal attack. It’s the worst one, where you have no idea what happened… or if it was even someone else. I started to doubt everything. I thought I had been hacked, thought that somehow I had deleted my own stories…  

It would be like if I went to your house and stole your pillow. Sure… its just a pillow, you can grab another one. But its your pillow. You search around your house for it. ‘Maybe its been washed, maybe I moved it..’ You start to think family or friends are playing a prank on you… it riles out insane levels of paranoia and fear from you. You start hiding your other shit, hoping they wont take the blanket or the teddy bear next time.

… I don’t even know what I’m saying.

Point is.

… in the future. Please message me privately if something offends you. I can add tags. I can remove links. Those are simple fixes. And I apologize for ranting so long.

anonymous asked:

Hey, im currently landscaping my town and im not sure which flowers to use. Im building a forest town with red white and black flowers so far but not sure what combinations and any other colour flowers to use and that. You don't have to visit but my dream code is 6D00-0032-7D9F if you wanted to have a look around and give me advice. Im going to visit your towns now for inspo! (Also if you visit dont mind my paths, thats just a placebo pattern :) )

hi! i’ll happily visit your dream address next wednesday or thursday when i finally have a bit of time to play ^__^ i know it’s about a week from then but i figured i’d post this today so u would know i got your message!!

w/o visiting i can tell u that (imo, of course) the best black/red/white flower combos are all lilies, all roses, and white/red carns with black roses. while i do love cosmos i feel like lilies, roses & carns are just easier to work with. again, this is all just one person’s opinion so if u love cosmos feel free to ignore what im saying lol! i also think gold roses would work so well w/ that color combo too, even if u just wanted to use em sparingly :-)

but i feel like i cant stress enough that its your town! if u try to create a town solely based upon other peoples preferences u can end up w/ something you dont like at all :< so while im happy to offer advice if u really want it, i dont want u to put too much stock into what anyone else thinks of ur town. i know i sound like a broken record, but as far as town building goes, your opinion does matter most!

thank you for visiting my towns, btw! that means the world 😊

anonymous asked:

Hey it's the anon from earlier,, i'm glad you explained it!! I didn't think it was bad I just panicked a bit when I sent that, I think your writing is great, actually. I'm sorry if my message was interpreted rudely... I'm really really glad you explained it to me. I liked the fanfic actually! but, the part i was talking about was kind of upsetting me due personal shit, thank you for answering though!! i apperciate it! you still dont need to answer this

Hi anon: Oh, no, I really appreciated you for letting me know! I hope the edits to ch. 15 and the additional warning on ch. 6 (same as ch. 1 warning) addressed the issues? Please send my apologies to the other people who have been feeling the same way as you. If there is anything else I can do to address your or their concerns, I always welcome feedback (anon or otherwise)! Thank you again for everything. ♡

No Control Sponsors seeking recipients!

I posted about buying copies for others and now I’m getting flooded with offers to also kick in to the sponsorship pot. As such, I am lining up sponsorships!

Only problem is, WE NEED RECIPIENTS!

Maybe you don’t have a credit card, maybe you don’t have the money (I know there’s been plenty of times in my life when I sure didn’t), maybe you dont have the permission from your family to buy it even f you have the money. NO PROBLEM!

Loads of people are stepping forward to sponsor downloads on No Control day. Send me a message off anon (or an email address if you don’t have tumblr) and I’ll set it up!

Scar’s first ever GIVEAWAY

Sorry for the awful photo!

I’m giving away this brand new, adorable Han and Leia “I love you”/“I know” necklace set! 

Time for you to capitalize on my break up! Each necklace is half of the Rebel Alliance symbol. One side says “I love you.” The other says “I know.” Perfect for you and your sweetheart!


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  • Must be alright with giving me address so i can mail it. I’m not a stalker i promise 
  • Ask box/messages have to open so i can actually contact you if you won

Give away end on March 31st. I will contact the winner privately to let them know they won!

May the Force be with you! 

anonymous asked:

Hi Sunny, sorry to bother you and all, but ive been feeling pretty down lately, because i love art and drawing but i cant fucking draw at all. Im complete shit and when i first saw your art you really inspired me so i tried and tried, but now im feeling depressed, because all i can do is imitate people, i dont have my own style of art and that really makes me upset, sorry for just bombarding my emotions all over you, but your blog always makes me happy :) (btw im 13 and I LOVE ALL UR SHIPS)

sorry if I use your message for this reply, this is actually addressed to all the people who send me similar messages, every time I actually think of how to come up with an helpful reply but I’m never sure..

ok so a lot of times people tell me “I don’t know how to draw” then it turns out they haven’t been drawing for a really long time, (weeks, months, even one year isn’t a really long time) or that they give up on a drawing after having tried for 20 minutes, after which maybe they don’t pick it up again, ever, and maybe convince themselves drawing isn’t for them

drawing takes a lot of time, motivation and even more determination to actually accomplish what you want!

it’s ok not liking your drawings a lot at first, but try being proud of what you do because it’s something you accomplished yourself! try and try again until it turns out how you want, even if it might take longer than you think!

it’s also okay “imitating” other people at first, or maybe a style from a movie or comic you like! that way you can figure out how you like to draw, but you shouldn’t stop there, after a while stop using them at refs and try to draw just using your memory and adjusting the drawings to a way you yourself like! let me tell you, by constantly trying to draw like someone else you can never focus on your own style because there are too many distractions (I used to do that)

also coming up with your own style is not just something that happens or you decide it should happen and so it does, no it’s something that happens gradually, most of the time you don’t even notice it until you look back at pictures from a while back!

I’ve been drawing for 5 years and spent almost 2 imitating a style that I liked at the time but that wasn’t mine at all, after that I pretty much had to scratch most of what I knew and start all over

and when I was 13 I hadn’t even started drawing yet hah a

so yeah anon, don’t give up! 8’)
sorry for the long reply and thank you!

Christmas cards!

🎅 I really didnt think I would get notes in such a short time omg ;;;  🎅

If you want a christmas card from me (that will include some cute sample stickers made by me) then send me a message! IM is best because your message wont be eaten. If you feel safer sending it through Kakao/Line, then let me know!
You have to message me before November 30th so i can send out all the letters on the first of decemeber! (this includes international followers too!) If you dont feel safe sending me your address, then I can probably send you a cute E-Christmas card that you can print out or do whatever!
This is also for followers only ;vv; because i love my followers…meep! so lets have a v happy holiday together! 🎄

yes hey hi hello

ok so basically i have free 2 day shipping on amazon for a month and i decided i wanted to use it to do something nice for one of my followers

soooo the winner of this give away will win a copy of BAP’s Power album!!!! ((i just bought it for myself and its pretty rad ok))


  1. you have to live in the US & you have to be comfortable telling me your address 
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  4. only one like & one reblog per person
  5. no give away blogs! ((i will check ok))
  6. your ask box has to be open so i can let you know you won!
  7. winner will have 24 hours to respond to my message ((if there’s no reply after 24 hours, ill pick a new winner))

this give away will end on january 10th at midnight EST

i’m going to use a random number generator to pick the winner

if you have any questions, just ask!


okay so ive changed a lot lmao and ive thought abt this a lot and ive done some chages to myself and if u cant respect them pls unfollow me

  1. my name is now eva. please dont call me brooke unless ur a really close friend and i have given u permission. u can still jokingly address me as brooke augustine but my personal name is now eva
  2. ive updated a lot of pages on my blog and if u could read them thatd be really great
  3. im also going to try they/them pronouns like u can still use she/her but yeah

please like this post (or another form of letting me know) that uve read all of this and checked out all the pages on my blog