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I hope people have seen this. I dont even know its origin or anything or hell what to really tag it as but I saw it on facebook via a cosplayer page. Its definitely worth the watch

Edit: Video contains some strobe effects so those with epilepsy or are photosensitive should take heed before viewing

Edit 2: Do not remove that warning or any of this for the sake of your shitty blog. Im tired of seeing it without that warning. Just stop already.

Consider this a 3 am AU written entirely on mobile tumblr in which Neil is a runaway prince and Andrew is a bandit/thief/Robin Hood-esque whatever the fuck with his family + Kevin, and like most of the plot is over and done with.


“Abram.” The name rolls off of Andrew’s tongue, unfamiliar. “Abram,” he repeats. “Is that a truth?”

“It’s the only truth I know,” Neil responds. “But if ‘Neil’ is a lie, I’d like to keep it so for as long as possible.”

“You are Neil Josten,” Andrew says. His tone holds no room for arguments. Neil has never been good at listening to such things, though.

“I am Nathaniel Wesninski,” he says, barely forcing the words out. “I am Prince Nathaniel Wesninski and my father–”

“You are Neil Abram Josten.” Even if he had not spoken, the conviction behind Andrew’s eyes would have been enough to shut him up. He wonders, not for the first time, how anyone could believe him to be heartless. How anyone could believe him to be The Monster that they’ve all labeled him as. Perhaps Andrew is more human than all of them. Maybe he just knows the truth better than all of them. Maybe, perhaps. “You are Neil Abram Josten and you are one of us.”

It’s the last words that knock the air out of his chest. “I’m one of you?” Neil breathes, eyes wide.

“Don’t be an idiot.” Andrew leans forward to flick his forehead. “You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.”

“I’m dangerous to you, and your family.”

“So is Kevin.”

“But you have a deal with Kevin.”

“I had a deal with you.”

There’s a silence. A bird chirps. The wind rustles through the trees. The moon just barely shines through the leaves above them.

Andrew lifts a hand and it hovers just beside Neil’s bandaged cheek. He’s giving him a choice. Neil leans to the side, letting him cup his cheek as he closes his eyes. He hasn’t touched Andrew since Riko took him. He is still warm, although the air is cool. He had thought Riko would bring him to is father, and he’d never feel him again. He’d been prepared for that. Now, he doesn’t know if he would ever be able to leave again.

“Your father still believes Riko to be alive and on his way to him,” Andrew murmurs lowly, stroking his thumb along the bandage. “All it would take is a worded letter to your uncle. He would be dealt with–him and his men.”

“And who will take over?” Neil asks. He opens his eyes. “I am not fit to be king.”

“You are a leader, Neil Josten. You will do fine. It is your birthright.”

“I have not been learning to be a leader in years. I am out of practice.”

“Your uncle can help you. You can build an alliance through your father’s death, and he can teach you to be king. He loves you enough to do so.”

“And what of you? And Nicky, and Aaron, and Kevin?”

Andrew is quiet while he ponders this. “What do you want? What is it that you wish for us to do?”

“I wish for you all to be able to find somewhere to rest.”

“Even Aaron?”

“…I suppose. He is your brother. I can retract your criminal status. You can have a place in the palace.”

“So you are planning on becoming king, then.”

“I–.” Neil blinks. He hadn’t realized. “I suppose so.”

Andrew nods. “We shall send a letter to your uncle, then?”

“I do not need him to fight my battles.”

“You will not fight your father.” It’s an ordwr, but it sounds like a plea. Neil is and likely always will be weak to Andrew. He cannot argue when he can hear that something behind his voice.

“Okay,” he murmurs, “we will send for my uncle.”

Andrew looks at him, looks into eyes that Neil hates because they are wholly his father’s. They are eyes that Andrew finds intriguing, he knows. “The era of Wesninski will soon be over,” he says. “You will be a king bearing the name Josten. You are not your father. You will be better than him.” You are better than him, he doesn’t say.

“Andrew…” His hand is still to his cheek. He isn’t inclined to remind him to remove it. “Yes or no?”

Neil has not kissed Andrew since the night before Riko had taken him all that time ago. The last time they kissed, Neil was aware of the time limit hanging above his head. He had wanted to know the feeling of being something to Andrew before he was forced to leave them.

There is still a limit, but he feels like they have all the time in the world. Nicky and Aaron and Kevin sleep, far enough away to not be heard but still be seen. In this moment, it is Andrew Doe and Neil Josten and no one else. This is the one thing Neil has ever truly wanted. Whatever ‘this’ may be.


It is Andrew who closes the gap. Andrew who presses his lips so, so softly to Neil’s in a way that is odd, but not unwelcome.

It is not a kiss in a haze of lust. It is not one of desperation. It is not one that speaks of a goodbye and the knowledge that ‘this’ will never be anything ever again.

It is a kiss that holds the promise they had made all those months ago, and the silent promise they made just then. It speaks of that 'something’ that Andrew refuses to acknowledge. It speaks of the things they will never tell each other, but know, deep down. It speaks of battles hard won and the freedom that is so, so close. It speaks of whatever Neil Abram Josten and Andrew Joseph Doe are.

It is a kiss that speaks of everything.

@yaxawa masterpost

tumblr user @yaxawa has already been called out multiple times but since theres no comprehensive 1 off post with major receipts im posting this

nina yaxawa is 18 years old and reblogs lolicon art frequently and unapologetically. i am not saying she is a pedophile but thats extremely Not Ok to do regardless 

@ninacallout @ninaphobe

warnings for lolicon art, mild nsfw, sexualized underaged characters

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I made fanart of *that moment*.  Was gonna put the text above it, but you know whats being said.

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hi i dont know if you knew this already but a lot of your blog is marked as sensitive content :(

Unfortunately, Tumblr has a funky algorithm that has decided to try and ruin the glory that is this unflattering cat selfies.

On a serious note, I can assure that there isn’t sensitive content on this blog, unless you’re a cat that is sensitive about your unflattering photos being leaked to the public.

To all the Russian people who flodded my Asks inbox in Russian telling me to not delete my ML fan comic from Doob’s Tales YouTube channel, let me say this first… that was very rude. That was over 100 asks all in Russian I had to delete. Second, Doob’s Tales has been making money off of my comic behind my back, just like the other YouTubers I’ve confronted, and for him to tell all of you to flood my inbox in Russian is unbelivably rude. I told him that if someone really wants to translate my comics into other languages, I am more than willing to talk with them about it and post it on other cites that dont involve money. I have my ML fan comic translated into Spanish and French and are both posted on Tumblr for people to see with a link back to my Tumblr. But obviously he only cares about YouTube so he can keep making money without informing artists about it. Doob’s Tales had 11 videos of my comic up on his channel, and who knows how long he’s been making money and how much he’s made already. I DON’T WANT MY COMICS ON YOUTUBE ANYMORE BECAUSE OF THE FACT THAT MONETIZATION CAN BE TURNED ON ANY TIME WITHOUT ME KNOWING ABOUT IT. Because I never gave permission to any of these YouTubers to make money off of my comics. Thank you for reading.

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Hello <3 I just have a question and I have no idea if it is even possible and it is no problem at all if it isnt but I was just wondering if it is possible by any chance to make your Anastasia hair bgc? I understand if it isnt or takes too much time or complicated to make it and it is as I said no problem at all I understand :) I just really love that hair so much but I dont have vampire or luxary :(

Hi nonny! To be honest.. I actually made a BGC version a while ago and I’ve been wanting to share it with Tumblr but I didn’t know how to do this because I already posted this hair before as a download? I didn’t want to make a new post and having people think it was a new hair or something? This ask actually gives me good reason to make this post hehe 💕

SO HERE YA GO! The Anastasia hair made BGC!

Download | Simfileshare

I hope you will enjoy it 💕

since this app is terrible im gonna makes this quick.

context: @therealjacksepticeye just uploaded his part 1 of hiveswap and i couldnt be happier for him, but theres some douchebags out there complaining that him doing this will somehow “ruin” the homestuck fandom

my counter-argument: the homestuck fandom has always been infamously bad. its a joke at this point! as we all know! no-one hates homestuck more than the homestucks! haa haa hee hee hoo hoo!!

my proposition/conclusion: if you dont want the new readers going down a bad path fucking step up and act like the fandom elder you claim to be!! you are not better than them!! you were them!!

tl;dr - we already got to ruin homestuck, dont you dare deny that right to new readers!!

hey pals i wanna say something important about artists on the internet and how they handle themselves. its super rad when u meet an artist u really like and they reply to ur messages and respond real quick and are easy to talk to. but thats an ideal situation. not all artists, especially young popular artists, on the internet can keep up with that kindness. there are artists who are minors and they get so many asks a day and so many people ignoring what they have already asked and just you need to know that they dont necessarily owe you anything.

its one thing when someone is being downright nasty but, if you feel hurt that they didnt answer ur ask, or u arent friends, or they didnt have the patience for ur entire life story when they dont know you, please take a step back and realize this is just some kid on a computer.

when u follow an artists tumblr its easy to gain this easy familiarity with them as a person but, you need to remember they dont know u. you might know when they are sad cause of vent posts and their fav color cause they posted about it once but they dont know you. at all. its like walking up to a stranger on the subway and getting mad when they dont want to hear all about ur day while they are minding their own business.

this isnt a post saying its ok for artists to degrade others, im saying please have patience and understand that while they may create content for ur fandoms, online artists dont owe u anything.

After the fight,
our mothers look at us through 
mascara’d eyes and pursed lips
she says it like she’s reminiscing something sweet 
“You act just like your father sometimes.”

The 7 year old takes it with pride because
daddy is strong, daddy never falters
but as you get older, wiser
you realize your father is the last thing you want to be 

Because fathers are supposed to be kind 
because fathers are supposed to be there for your recitals 
because fathers should not let their daughters be afraid to speak their mind 
Why isn’t your father like everyone else’s? 

Our mothers start to cry now
black lines leaking down her face, 
and you do something your father
has never thought to do:
we apologize 
we help her pick up the pieces 
we say we love her, kiss her cheek
and she smiles with relief because 
there is a little bit of our mom in us after all. 

So tonight as we lay
in the arms of the lover who is nothing like anyone 
we’ve ever met 
we thank our lucky stars and our fathers 
because we know exactly who we should never be.
we will never be like him 
we have never been like him
and our daughters will never have to know
what it means
to be afraid


for myself, Miriam K., and others- you don’t have to be like him// hnl 2017

This was inspired by my lovely friend @bumbleblossoms and her poem “But I’m Afraid I Already Have” that touched my heart so much that I had to write an addendum to it. Check her out, and enjoy!! 

There’s an Indian Gay romance webseries called Romil and Jugal up for streaming if you wanna watch. It’s basically 2 States: the gayquel. BUT it’s better and it rmojas SO SO MUCH. For watching all the 10 epi, you’d have to subscribe for Rs.100 tho (i know but if you can then dont miss this). It’s very funny, amazing acting, SO many Bollywood cliches but you will go through a rollercoaster of emotions while watching this. No it doesn’t have a sad ending (tho there’s smthng at the end which is there just so they can have a season 2)

Jan and I already finished it, we’ve been screaming the entire day and we’ll fangirl again next week. Join us in this madness please 

WTF, Tumblr

I don’t want even to go in OP tag - everywhere i see whines about “how Oda could ruin Pudding’s evil personality like that, screw you”.


We still don’t know how Pudding’s character will turn out after this twist. You can say if she’s already crying, she’ll be good and pure, and Viola-like. WE DONT KNOW IT YET, CALM DOWN.

 She still think about herself as a monster and want to kill Sanji (maybe because of his words, even if they was true compliment for her, but Pudding can be triggered by them and don’t believe it), and of course, she can hate Big Mom and others for bullying and no having chance for escape. It’s logical to her be distrustful and twisted at some point, and I can see her disbelief transformed in totally hysteric breakdown and anger.

 And here’s a showerthought I got after this chapter. What if three-eyed tribe actually DON’T have ANY powers? What if Pudding lied about some of her “powers” just for getting some respect from family and Big Mom, but all she got back is a doll-treatening and role of a powerful tool for BM’s plans?

 Anyway, stop complaining about Oda’s decisions about plot and characters. Here’s always a reason for everything he’s choose while make a story, and we still don’t get it for today’s twist with Pudding. Furthermore, no matter how cruel her childhood was, and how she hate herself for having a third eye - that’s not justyfuying her latest actions. And I’m sure Oda will remind us about it in future chapters.

 BTW I was one of the fans who like evil!Pudding. But I still think here’s a chance for her to be in this amplua. But more twisted and psychotic, due to all-around chaos which already started.