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So this is what i was talking about in my last post and im actually kinda proud of this. These are just some concept sketches i finished early February that i really wanted to make and i might make more or draw some scenes?? i dont know yet but thats just an idea.

i hope you like it !!!

Healing Touch

Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel Novak, Gabriel Novak, Balthazar Novak, Hannah Novak, chatty portier.   

Pairing: Destiel AU

Warnings: Innocent state of undressed, innocent touching, flirting - nothing but fluff and cuteness here y’all.   

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: I am not sure I am completely over my writing/posting hiatus but here goes. It has also been way too long since I have written for my babies <3 Thanks to Jay aka @i-dont-know-how-to-write for yet again giving me an excuse to write Destiel. It is done for her Cutie Challenge and my prompt is At First Sight (after I pleaded with Jay if I could change it).

I kept parts of it really close to the movie, while other things are completely spun out of my own mind. I borrowed a bit of dialogue which I do not claim any ownership off.

Thanks to the sweet amazing @deansleather for betaing this big ball of fluff for me :D

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Castiel was stressed. Running an advertisement business with his two brothers and sister after their dad left it to them was hard work. Balthazar and Gabriel didn’t take the work serious, at least not in Castiel’s opinion. They liked going out and finding new clients and coming up with new groundbreaking ideas, but doing the hard work it was to keep the ones the company already did have happy bored them. So Castiel and Hannah were stuck with all the hard work.

Long days at the office and even longer nights at home were starting to weigh down on him. Castiel sometimes wondered if he was even happy doing what he did. He had wanted to design houses when he went to college, not crunch numbers fighting to keep his father’s business afloat because his brothers liked spending more money that they earned.

It had taken Castiel almost collapsing in his office one afternoon before he started listening to his sister, who had been telling him for months to take a vacation at the very least. Hannah knew he wasn’t happy at the New Heavens. She knew this place never was his dream. It was hers and as much as she appreciated his help, she wanted her brother to be happy. The buzz and noise of New York never made him happy and New Heavens was nothing but stressful to him.

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  • kit: wow ty is so beautiful and i love his voice? i love hearing him talk he has such nice hair and his smile is so bright and dazzling and hes just so great ok if i had to choose a parabatai i guess id choose ty? wow and his eyes they are luminous and he knows so much and i want to hold his hands tight and never ever let him be worried or scared ever again
  • also kit: i dont feel like kissing livvy again lol weird i bet its cause i wanna be a shadowhunter
  • me: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

i am the happiest btsvt fan  프린스J

im alive idk how but i am

this was the worst storm ive ever experienced and the tornadoes were just…..omg. absolute terror and chaos and ppl on the news saying shit like “literally run for your life” every 10 minutes

we lost the entire back side of our house, a tornado ripped thru it and it just collapsed. like….my HOUSE is half gone in a matter of 5 minutes. it was hurricane impact strength and its fucking GONE it looks like someone took it out with a fucking grenade and then swallowed it into a sinkhole. it seriously is just…..its gone my house is uninhabitable this is unreal i cant believe this is happening

i cant even describe to you the conditions of the actual storm itself. unspeakably terrifying in every aspect, unspeakably powerful disastrous winds

every tree is uprooted and has crashed on or crushed something and two massive ficus (huge huge oak-sized) landed on our roof and one went thru not only the corner roof but the whole of my bedroom window and landed ON MY NIGHTSTAND during the night but thank god i was on the other side of my bed when it happened and nobody was hurt but ive never been so scared in my entire life i thought that was the end for me seriously it was like something out of a movie my roof is GONE my bedroom wall is GONE like i would have been killed by a TREE if i had slept on my usual side of the bed a T R E E

we’re still not out of it yet, its going to be a long day, obviously no power and hardly any service at all. despite everything we are all physically fine somehow but everything EVERYTHING is in absolute shambles and we are just all here in the panic room sitting and crying and hugging just fully grown folks just weeping its just so so so bad rn

all in all im heartbroken that this surreal nightmare is happening but first and foremost i am just grateful to be alive and physically unharmed

ill update whenever i get a chance next bc i honestly dont know whats going to happen rn with anything idk anything yet

this blog is on queue so itll keep posting i think but as for me i will keep in touch when conditions are more stable and when i have actual service again and access to shelter has been secured

stay safe everyone

please help

you may have seen my ‘still jobless’ post going around about how i dont have a job yet and need to make rent? well the situation has just worsened considerably.  our roommate has been hospitalized for the time being and cannot work to help contribute to the home. They may lose their job over it and won’t be able to have any money themselves either. 

our other roommate had his job position eliminated and is probably going to get a severance package but we don’t know what to do until then.  i’m still looking for a job every single day and calling everywhere, but we still need help until someone decides to call us back. 

if you can donate, please, please do. even a dollar helps, i promise. and if you can’t donate, /please/ spread the word.  I’ll keep this post updated with where we’re currently at in all this. 

thank you so much for reading this and spreading this. 

paypal email >> <<

  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she means: do zach dewall and dan clermont know that they're loved and appreciated? there's so many posts everywhere about maxx and cody but zach and dan are just as amazing as they are, do they know that we all love them? do they know just how talented we think/know they are? do we, the fandom, show enough appreciation for them? idk but man i love dan clermont and zach dewall and they deserve the best and they deserve so much appreciation and love and support and i love them so much
@witches and psychics of Tumblr

Something happened recently thats made me a bit… Anxious and even a bit scared. Call it a message, a sign, intuition, but whatever you call it its had my stomach churning.

So question, has anyone felt a bit off… like somethings coming? Something - i dont know - unsettling of the sorts?

This is really really important and I really need to know.

So have you been feeling anything strange thats left you a bit on edge lately? And I’m not just talking nuclear bomb threats kind of anxious, well it has a bit of something to do with it but not completely related partially because im not just asking witches in America but globally as well.

So if you know what I’m talking about just leave a reply on this post. I’m not sure if I wanna reveal what the thing that brought this on is yet but I really really want to know if its just me. Even if its not you and you’ve noticed things or heard something from a friend would be helpful.

Maybe I’m overreacting so don’t completely freak but it’d help calm me a lot if i knew.


Rant time! Kpop related!

Warning, ranting and swearing.

So I don’t know why but being on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or any social media platform for the last few days has really irked me to the point of ranting right now. Yes, being a 25 year old female should prevent me from saying alot of this for the younger people but here we go. Go get your popcorn and be prepared for this ish. I understand that being human, it is natural for one to not like something (yes it’s natural believe it or not -gasp-) but for fucks sake, posting on the anonymity of a blue screen is just cowardly, pathetic and plain dirty. I’ve seen posting of people bashing for Yixing for stupid things like his schedule in China and how he should leave EXO because he is hardly with them and now he can’t promote because of his previous schedule that I’m sure has been set up for months., maybe years knowing the business. I’ve seen posting of J-hope, Yoongi, Jin or Namjoon saying that they should leave BTS because they are one of the lower members on a god damn stupid poll on Billboard. That TOP should leave Big Bang because of recent incidents that GD went thru long before him which both have apologized for yet people are making them seem awful for anything they do, like I dont know, breathing.. I just saw a post about Monsta X and how Kihyun should loose more weight as well as bringing up past things that happened when he was younger. I swear to god, I’m pissed. I’m not going to sit here and bash some netizens or anti fans but come on and grow up. When you get older and realize how stupid you were back a few months, years, centuries ago, your going to regret it. I’m not a saint as I have done stupid shit when I was younger. I’ve hidden grades from my parents. I stole something when I was younger (That I was reprimanded for and was forced to write a sorry letter to the store owner). I’ve done some pretty stupid shit this year but let me tell you, I regret doing it and it makes me think of bettering my life. I’ve never once hidden behind a computer and thought “Hm, who can I talk shit about today and make sure they can’t find me.” Like the old saying goes that most of us were taught when we were little, ‘If you wouldn’t say it to your mother, don’t say it at all.’ In the states I know, we’ve had a huge movement of being kinder and nicer to people so it’s about time that we show it and not just the US… Other people should start practicing this and maybe we would all be better off. No one wants to see these bands disband. No one wants to see these people who have given up literally everything, loose everything. No one wants to see these bands cry from sheer agony. I want to see these bands happy because they won something that they deserve. To cry from happiness of something that happened. I want these people to be happy. It’s ok if you don’t like something but just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean that everyone else has to hate it too. I dislike Avocado but do you see me saying that everyone should hate this green thing that people rant and rave about. I dislike heat but I don’t think that people in Texas or anywhere else that is hot should just get up and leave. It’s natural but it’s something we have to live with. I’m not going to hide behind the anonymity of the internet and preach this but I’m going to cut it simply here. Think before you act. Think before you say something that might cause someone to hurt worse than they already do. 

Now, I’m going to go and listen to my music and be a happy person enjoying what I enjoy, a little writing and some good music. 

And as always, 

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This is going to be a very ranty post about the designer dolls lol Im disappointed in disney, which isnt new for me. My relationship with the disney store consists of constant disappointment and yet me spending most of my money on their merch. I dont know what goes on over at headquarters but i can only guess its a lack of attention to detail and maybe a shortage of people who work specifically on these LE dolls. First off the organization and consistency of these releases has been non existent. We’ve had like two different release schedules not to mention a random change in release time and no communication on either. Then theres the dolls. Disney is on the right path when it comes to listening to some of the things collectors want, bigger boxes and newer characters but they’ve taken a step backwards when it comes to quality. Some of the sets are unbelievably detailed…mainly the two repeat characters Rapunzel (aside from her lack of eyelashes) and Ariel. In my opinion those sets are what i want from this line. The other three however suffer from lack of detail as well as the addition of plastic figures instead of a second doll…like why. I know many people who have set aside their qualms about the robin hood set simply because they’re characters that have never been done. The Moana set suffers from the plastic figures, which are fine but not at the same price point as two dolls, and she’s to similar to her other dolls. WHY they couldn’t do a set with grandma tala or maui just makes no sense to me. The quality in these sets is not what we’ve seen in previous designer lines. The dolls look almost like classic dolls and thats not what collectors want. Overall what i hope disney learns from this is the following: Collectors want more “unique” character sets. I think pixar has potential in this area Carl and Ellie, Toy story, Ratatouille, Brave, Inside out, Zootopia! as well as classics, Tarzan, Hercules, Hunchback of notre dame, Atlantis to name a few. Second: There needs to be consistency within the sets. The detail you put into one set needs to cary to each and every set. You CANNOT expect us to pay 65$ for a handful of plastic figures, thats disgusting. Adjust the price or bring back the second doll. And lastly, put some thought and care into the way you promote this line. As collectors we enjoy the fanfare, we like going in store and taking a look at the display, browsing the merchandise and on release day buying a doll that comes with a special freakin bag. We feel let down, if you dont care about what you put out how can you expect any of us to want to spend our hard earned money on it. I hope this post is seen by someone who can make a change. And i encourage any followers to add your opinions as well. OK rant over lol

it has been a very productive day for kaisa and the only thing i’ve done is come up with an idea for jonas and mikaels first kiss. i have basically just ranted about this to @e-naesheim but i decided to make a post out of it. (also dont judge me i know im trash)

(i still imagine that this has happend) its after eva’s birthday party and i mean shit is gonna go down but we don’t really know what yet. but yeah the balloon squad is there and after shit has gone down every one has probably split and are trying to comfort each other and what not. isak and even has disappeared, same with magnus and mahdi, and the balloon squad is nowhere to be seen, but jonas and mikael they kind of stall, because i mean they both know that the other person hasn’t left. so basically jonas ends up kind of waiting for mikael outside of chris’ place and mikael is looking for jonas. they’ve both had a bit to drink but they’re almost sober now (cause its like 2am). they smile at each other awkwardly and jonas asks mikael where he is going (they’re both going home) and they end up walking the same way. jonas doesn’t have to walk that exact way but he does because mikael looks so adorable in the dim light of the streetlights. and its just so chill the two of them walking next to each other. talking about the party. laughing. worrying about their friends. talking about how isak punched mikael and about what happened between even and mikael. (jonas telling mikael that he kind of gets why isak was a bit jealous cause mikael is really pretty). they’re both laughing and smiling shyly at each other and when they get to mikael’s house they really don’t seem to want to go anywhere.

“do you like tea” mikael blushes. “eh sure. what kind of tea?” jonas’ can feel his pulse rising. “I don’t know… any kind of tea really” they grin at each other, and jonas ends up following mikael inside. and they sit on the kitchen counter and drink peppermint tea and talk in soft voices. mikael asks jonas how he knows sana, and jonas tells him about eva. mikael’s hair is falling into his eyes and they’re sitting so close that jonas can’t help but reach out and softly tuck the strain of hair behind mikael’s ear. mikael looks up and they’re staring into each other’s eyes and they’re smiling so soft and so careful at each other. and somehow they lean in and they kiss. AND MAN let me tell you its so good. its so slow and soft but it gives them both butterflies and jonas feels like he can’t breathe properly. they kiss again. and again. and again. until jonas realises that’s 4 am and he has to go home. “i think you should let me teach you how to skate” says jonas at the door. “yeah?” answers mikael with hope in his eyes. “yeah.” says jonas and leans in for a final kiss before he leaves.

on his way back, jonas feels like he could have run the entire way home.

malfunctioningtypewrite9  asked:

You know, idk if you'd be interested but if you ever wanted to do a more complete write up of your campaign I'd be super interested in reading that.

FUNNY U SAY THAT BECAUSE!! our dm has been writing up session summaries over here :D they’re not up to our current session yet but