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imagine being so obsessed with being so negative over nitpicks about a cartoon that you cause actual damage to the mental health of other people bc thats every su critical blog i cant imagine that kind of life it sounds awful. who hurt you?

its not my fault that people dont know how to not post in/look at the su critical tag or use xkit to block posts with the word “su critical” in them.. whose mental health have i hurt? i literally tell people that it’s okay to like su and that media criticism has been a thing since the dawn of time. i just personally dont like all these things about it and that’s fine. what used to be criticism written in papers by critics of fine art and plays is now people on the internet expressing their opinions about tv shows and movies and that’s perfectly fine! I can’t imagine anyone back in the days of kandinsky’s avant-garde art, crytyping in a letter to the editor about how the thing they said about composition no 7 was very mean and harming people’s mental health and art is very hard for this professional artist. this is literally the same thing on a more accessible level.

i really think we aren’t hurting anyone, we arent oppressing anyone; if anything a lot of us are oppressed. lots of su criticals call out racism in the show bc they are poc. im studying to make movies and comics in school so im going to call out bad storytelling, and im an artist so im gonna call out bad art. devon writes, so he is going to notice bad narrative decisions. so it goes.

n yeah i was abused as a child which is why i…call out child abuse in this show…which i used to love…like…yes i was hurt? I don’t want people or kids thinking that’s okay and if you make fun of that then youre fucked up. pointing out pearl trying to murder steven is not nitpicking, it’s showing how this show that used to Comfort me is now kind of scary for me.

imagine not being able to take criticism about something that doesnt even affect you though lol

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In your "no offense" post are you referring to the LBT thing because yes I agree, dumb people

wow i am i dont know how u guessed! call me old fashioned but i guess i think it’s dumb to not only theorize but hold a personal belief that taylor swift has been in London for 3 weeks based on the fact she hasn’t been seen, the movement of a completely random private jet and a comment 2 people in an entire auditorium heard

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nickname: Ali

starsign: Aquarius

height: lmao 4′10″/147cm

time right now: 9:37PM

last thing googled: “jungkook” i caN EXPLain i needed a drawing reference for work okay alskdjgalk

favorite music artists: i’ve been listening to a lot of Catfish & Bottlemen lately but some other recent faves are Dean, Two Door Cinema Club, AKMU, DAY6, Gallant

song stuck in your head : Spring Day 

last movie watched: Castle in the Sky

last TV show watched: The People v. OJ Simpson

what are you wearing right now: a grey anorak i picked up at this recycled clothing store akdljglak it’s so cute i love it but im so broke lmao

when did you create your blog: april 2016 but ive been on this hellsite for almost 5 years lmao yikes

what kind of stuff do you post: mostly reblog kpop, sometimes i shitpost and as a finishing touch, i sprinkle in the occasional aesthetic reblogs

do you have any other blogs: yeaaa but i dont rlly use it (i also have an astro side blog if anyone’s interested it’s kinda lame lol)

do you get asks regularly: haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

why did you choose your URL: i rlly love jimin and the number 13 so i thought why not 

gender: female

hogwarts house: slytherin (but everyone including my sister thinks im a ravenclaw??? cant relate)

pokemon team: ummmmm i was either team instinct or team mystic i dont remember i deleted the app to make room for other stuff srry dudes

favourite colour: pastels!

average hours of sleep: idk like 4-5

lucky number: 13

favorite character(s): prince zuko (ily u angsty lil shit) and katara from a:tla, raven from teen titans, ron swanson from parks and rec

how many blankets do you sleep with: 3

dream job: i’ll settle for cafe owner or beekeeper. (s a v e  t h e  b e e s)

following: 448

‘Your Gz sans is just useless’

 I’d like him that way, because I love him being useless and look pathetic at the same time.

That’s make him unique <3

Yuri on Ice prediction

it’s not really a prediction so much as something I think would be interesting to see happen. So basically:

Yuuri wins gold.


It’s only because Yurio got injured and had to be disqualified.

Talked about a little in this post, Yurio has been pushing himself to his limits. It’s very possible that he’s going to try to push himself beyond what he’s done before, and it’s very possible that he will get hurt because of it.

The score he WOULD have gotten would’ve put him at first, but because he couldn’t finish, he was disqualified. And now that Yurio’s out of the competition, Yuuri lands the gold medal.

Yuuri, on the other hand, doesn’t feel like he “earned” his gold medal. He doesn’t feel comfortable with the fact that he only placed first because another competitor got disqualified. So what does he do? Yuuri gives his medal to Yurio.

Because Yuuri doesn’t need it. He has something else “round and gold”. He has Victor. He already won.

one direction's song titles
  • one direction's song titles
  • as sung by one direction
  • (current as of made in the am)

(an updated version of this post

what makes you beautiful / gotta be you / one thing / more than this / up all night / i wish / tell me a lie / taken / i want / everything about you / same mistakes / save you tonight / stole my heart / stand up / moments / another world / na na na / i should’ve kissed you / forever young / live while we’re young / kiss you / little things / cmon cmon / last first kiss / heart attack / rock me / change my mind / i would / over again / back for you / they dont know about us / summer love / shes not afraid / loved you first / nobody compares / still the one / truly madly deeply / magic / irresistible /one way or another / best song ever / story of my life / diana / midnight memories / you & i / dont forget where you belong / strong / happily / right now / little black dress / through the dark / something great / little white lies / better than words / why dont we go there / does he know / alive / half a heart / steal my girl / ready to run / where do broken hearts go / 18 / girl almighty / fools gold / night changes / no control / fireproof / spaces / stockholm syndrome / clouds / change your ticket / illusion / once in a lifetime / act my age / home / hey angel / drag me down / perfect / infinity / end of the day / if i could fly / long way down / never enough / olivia / what a feeling / love you goodbye / i want to write you a song / history / temporary fix / walking in the wind / wolves / am / just cant let her go

For the people who wants an update about me:

I wont try to kill myself anymore.. and I dont want to self harm again.

I have been feeling so much better since I got out of tumblr, I want this feeling to keep going.

I dont want to stop posting my art online tho.. I still want to animate something that makes people happy.. I want to grow up as an artist and I want to keep growing up as a person. I want to keep learning and I want to find a style for me.

I dont want you (people who has supported me through the years) to be sad bc you wont ever be able to see my art.. I know some people got smiles whenever they saw me in their dash, so I wont be away from you, I know many people discovered that datfeli was me (yep. it was me. I didnt do a big effort hiding it tbh.. What a surprise. But good job to everyone who found out..? idk im surprised,,).

I am still on Internet tho.. I dont post drawings as often tho.. and I’m watching SU again (just wont interact with the fandom by drawing shipping, or drawing so much of it,, I just will maybe draw new charas and enjoy the show’s excllent character design.) I wont get back in tumblr in a long while (idek if i will ever come back tbh) but I am in another social media: Instagram. If you find out what my username is there, youre free to ask if its me i guess. I still dont know if I will be open about it there on IG, but, still you can ask, I have nothing to hide.

Also, I’d like to give you a clue for what the account name is.. it also has “feli” on it, and atm it has 3 posts.

And yeah.. my name is Florence Felipe.. heh. also yesterday (january12th) was my bday and it was quite nice! 

I also want to mention someone: @wal-uigi, for being one of my most active followers, thank you so much for always being so nice to me. Im sorry I left,, but dont worry, Im ok, as in your dreams, and Im posting my art again. Thank you for being a loyal follower who could always agree with me, and defend me, even tho I used to have a bad behaviour in the past.

I know there’s a lot like them, but I hardly remember many names of many people, I have some of you in mind, but I cant remember the exact url, so i cant mention you,, im sorry.. but you gotta know that I love you, and I want to thank you for being there for ne when I needed you.

I dont know what else to type, so, bye, and thank you all for understanding. I might have forgotten something, but if i remember, Ill type it in a new post.

Music Vocab in Mandarin

i dont know if this has been done already but music is the one of the only things that i love just as much as languages. so this is for all you music loving mandarin learners out there!! (A LONG POST!!)

音乐 (yīn yuè) - music

管乐器 (mùguǎn yuèqì) - woodwinds

*乐器 (yuè qì) - instruments*

  • 长笛 (cháng dí) - flute
  • 短笛 (duǎn dí) - piccolo
  • 单簧管 (dān huáng guǎn) - clarinet
  • 低音单簧管 (dīyīn dānhuángguǎn) - bass clarinet
  • 双簧管 (shuāng huáng guǎn) - oboe
  • 巴松管 (bāsōng guǎn) - bassoon
  • 萨克管 (sà kè guǎn) - saxophone

铜管乐器 (tóngguǎn yuèqì) - brass

  • 小号 (xiǎo hào) - trumpet
  • 长号 (cháng hào) - trombone
  • 大号 (dà hào) - tuba
  • 圆号 (yuán hào) - french horn

弦乐器 (xián yuè qì) - strings

  • 小提琴 (xiǎo tíqín) - violin
  • 中提琴 (zhōng tíqín) - viola
  • 大提琴 (dà tíqín) - cello
  • 低音提琴 (dī yīn tíqín) - double bass
  • 琴 (shù qín) - harp

打击乐器 (dǎjí yuèqì) - percussion

  • 马林巴 (mǎ lín bā) - marimba
  • 木琴 (mù qín) - xylophone
  • 颤音琴 (chànyīn qín) - vibraphone
  • 钢琴 (gāng qín) - piano
  • 电子琴 (diànzi qín) - keyboard
  • 钹 (bó) - cymbals
  • 架子鼓 (jiàzi gǔ) - drum kit
  • 铃鼓 (líng gǔ) - tamborine
  • 三角形 (sān jiǎo xíng)  -triangle
  • 锣 (luó) - gong
  • 电吉他 (diàn jítā) - electric guitar

记谱法 (jì pǔ fǎ) - music notation

  • 歌曲 (gē qǔ) - song
  • 高音谱号 (gāoyīn pǔ hào) - treble cleff
  • 低音谱号 (dīyīn pǔ hào) - bass clef
  • 音符 (yīn fú) - note
  • 本位号 (běn wèi hào) - natural
  •  升号 (shēng hào) - sharp
  • 降号 (jiàng hào) - flat
  • 休止符 (xiū zhǐ fú) - rest
  • 节拍 (jié pāi) - beat
  • 旋律 (xuán lǜ) - melody

音乐风格 (yīnyuè fēnggé) - music styles

  • 流行音乐 (liúxíng yīnyuè) - pop
  • 说唱音乐 (shuōchàng yīnyuè) - rap
  • 爵士乐 (juéshì yuè) - jazz
  • 雷鬼音乐 (léi guǐ yīnyuè) - reggae
  • 蓝调音乐 (lándiào yīnyuè) - blues
  • 朋克音乐 (péngkè yīnyuè) - punk
  • 民间音乐 (mínjiān yīnyuè) - folk
  • 重金属音乐 (zhòngjīnshǔ yīnyuè) - heavy metal
  • 乡村音乐 (xiāngcūn yīnyuè) - country
  • 古典音乐 (gǔdiǎn yīnyuè) - classical

(please feel free to correct me if i made any mistakes!)

Flower Embroidery jacket buddies!!! 🐙🐚🌊🌸🌻🌷🌼

Suri and Lante are uni students and best friends!
They have very different schedules but they try to meet up once a week for chit chat.

Suri is an oc, a female octoling I never introduced even tho she has been around for a long time! She is really busy with uni studies and works but she is a cheery helpful octoling. When she plays she likes to use the octobrush to run all over the place for fun.
tho her lack of direction sense makes her always lost…

LANTE use he/him!!