dont know if theyll ever see this

The signs as people i actually know
  • aries: Buries their emotions deep inside them, when somebody confronts them about feelings they act super happy and get really nervous, are strong physically and always wear a fake smile, but gets really protective over their friends feelings
  • Taurus: Acts childish to gain attention and is never happy with whats going on, they share their emotions frequently and dont enjoy when people say they are lying
  • Gemini: Serius and never show their problems because they are busy trying to fix everyone elses, they always have a sad look in their eyes, but they never say otherwise
  • Cancer: Smart, they arent as sad as others because they realize how everything is and dont let it bother them, they are emotionally strong
  • Leo: Shy, they have a really cute smile and always giggle, but they always look like their in a different world, and hate to see others upset, but really, you have no idea hats going on in their head
  • Virgo: Very smart, they cant talk about their emotions, and wont discuss them. ever. theyll change the topic or laugh, they wont take it seriusly causing everyone worry about them, they constantly tear themselves down
  • Libra : They act out alot, but dont let people come close because they dont want to worry anyone, but they have a spark in their eyes, and you know theyll do something great with their life
  • Scorpio: Great smile, but doesnt understand people very well, theyll act immature and will ask questions others feel embarrased to ask, but only because they dont understand whats going on, but has good intentions under everything, and is super sweet
  • Sagittarius: They are ALWAYS sharing what they feel, and everything with them ends up in a deep conversation, its gets annoying but eventually you start to understand that its because they dont know how to deal with their shit by themselves and are really scared
  • Capricorn: Terryfied of the future and are really emotional, they cant stand talking about the future because they have really low hope for themselves, but are very artistic, which seems to be the only thing to relax them, when their playing music, making art, anything like that really
  • Aquarius: A generally positive person, they really love to smile and make others laugh, having the around makes you feel better, but they never share their emotions, like they dont matter, but they do.
  • Pisces: Angry, they are always angry at either their parents, significant other, co-worker, you name it, they think the world ows them something, but really what they need is love, they are lonely and want someone to care for them, and they deserve it.