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i dont give a shit anymore so im posting this now, I JUST DONT CARE IM TIRED


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dont know how much it will help but I reported Abbytran13 for harassment against you. I saw on some of your posts that youre not the only one who shes attacking and I think she needs to be taken out. Youre a sweet gal and you dont deserve this shit.

Thank you so much!!! I just made a post about her being abusive to someone who messaged me about it. (They would like to remain anon) that abby girl is fucking dangerous. The police have even gotten involved with her (but unfortunately the one who was being harassed didn’t have enough evidence). I hope tumblr terminates her shit. But I just have one question, why do I always have to encounter these weirods???? 😩😩😩😩

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Why do I get so scared when the Straights™ claim to have a really good gaydar??? Does anyone else get just the slightest bit worried when a neighborhood Hetero says "Oh, that person's definitely gay, my gaydar has never failed me" because my gay ass is sitting there QUAKING

Dont trust the Straights™, they don’t know anything. This actually reminds me of a hilarious post I saw a while back, let’s see if I can find it. Yup found it, this is one of my all time favourite posts. The clapback at the end tho, I’m living

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I dont know where anyone found that information about a 3rd Muster DVD. It looks like someone leaked it and it shouldn't have been leaked because I cannot find anything about it on official Big Hit sites...

kfans have a way of tracking the manufacturer or something and they post the next merch in production. or that’s what I understand. so it’s really not in any of the bighit sites. fans just tracks down the manufacturer/publisher so we get the info. we’ve been doing this since NOW last year.


I’m gonna stay away from here for a while. Or well, at least I’m not gonna be as active as I am now. Maybe it’ll be a day, maybe a few weeks, I really don’t know. I’ll be posting stuff whenever I have time though

I’ve always wanted to be a part of something and that’s the reason I love being here. I’m so happy I can bring something into this community, and I’m sorry I have to do this. I’ll be back at some point<3

i had a dream last night and during one part i remember specifically there was a tumblr post showing the section of the Overwatch wiki showing what the character is weak and strong against

and it was Bastion but it looked like

an the OP was like, “Bastion is weak against..? who..?”

and someone replied

Bastion is strong. He has no weaknesses. And he will come for the nonbelievers.” 

and that’s all I remember from my dreams last night.

some petekey stuff i ran into today:

“ill see you in the spring. first pew on the left. wear your white veil and dont forget the words.”

If this was the summer of 2006, I would guess Pete is refering to the spring to come, the spring of 2007. 

Not to mention that last part of the journal post: “warped tour. sun drenched days. bestfriends.”

The the next day’s entry of course starts with “the fraternal order of the handsome boy” which we all know mikey is the duke of handsomeness of. 


The fact that I have to justify myself and state that I am not a Trump Supporter, because I posted “There are people who honestly and full heartedly believe [that] Donald Trump is a good president and will make a strong difference for the good of the American People….We have to respect other people and their opinions, regardless if it goes against what you think.” 

I understand that Trump is a sensetive topic for some people, it’s understandable. There are some people who hate Trump with passion. And then there are others who support him, who see him as an amazing man/president. 

The thing is though, is that your political beliefs/values shouldn’t determine wether or not you’re a good person or not. What determines your character, is your actions. There are plently Trump Supporters who are racist assholes just like there are many Anti-Trump Supporters who are the exact same. No person should be scared to express their opinions knowing that since it doesn’t match the vast majorities of peoples ideals/values they will recieve heavy backlash. 

You do not have to explain/justify yourself, for whatever your poltical standing is.  

Also to the lovely Anti-Trump Supporters who don’t bother to be civil in a dicussion and go straight to yelling (with no evidence) at people who don’t agree or match your opinions. You’re not helping your cause. 

And to those people who kindly went to my blog and decided to leave me a kind message, anonymously .to tell me how wrong I am for apparently being a Trump Supporter (trust me there was a lot, not going to bother replying to any of them except the first 2 i posted). Thank you for taking the time outta your lives to say what you did, it was really insightful to read messages from people who didn’t bother to fully read my post. Theres a reason why I reblogged 2 opinions on Trump. 

The post that caused so much controversy.


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my dudes what do you think about namjoon's grape hair!!!

I think that grape Namjoon means the death of us fangirls 😭🍇😭🍇😭🍇
Dont know how you’ve been doing but im suffocated after posting those HQs cause RM IS TOO DAMN HANDSOME 😭😭

there’s a lot of discussion about how important it is to comment on fics and support fic writers and make sure they know their hard work is being appreciated and to try to remember not to be too pushy or unreasonable with regard to demanding updates and to be be discerning when it comes to the type of criticism you give which is indeed important but also i’m starting a new conversation called i wish some fic writers knew that it costs $0.00 to not be rude and ungrateful toward your readers