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everyone needs to know that even’s clip has only been out for like a day and it already has more likes than any of the other clips this week, i dont mean this to offend any character we love all of them but i just want it to be known how loved even is in this fandom.

I know, you think my generation doesn’t give two fucks about anyone else but themselves. but honestly why should we. everyone we loved left us for someone better, someone with longer legs or bigger bank balances. everyone we respected disappointed us by weaving us in a myriad of lies. everyone we idolised betrayed us. in a generation where everyone is letting everyone down, everyone is too stressed or too anxious, do you except us to care about other people. do you expect us to protect people from drowning when we dont even know how to swim. do you expect us to save lives when we want to end our own. do you expect us to love when our own hearts have been shattered into pieces. do you actually except us to give fucks about anyone but ourselves.
—  i am sorry i am selfish
Well,I don’t know how to use tumblr, but, I wanna tell you something.

Hi~! in first place, i don’t speak inglish, I’m trying to. 

(Plus, I wanted send you this before, but, my last count don’t work, so I erase that :’c ) 

Now, i’m nervious, heh, the thing is; The first time I saw your draws, I like them. I knew you art when you worked in the story about Peaper Jam and Fresh    (That then you do the first “Freshpeaper” :3 ) , then, i’m start to seach you, it be hard to me, Afternoon three days, finally, I found you tumblr, and I remember I was like: “Ohh no, its all in inglish! :’c “ that’s beacuse, before know you, the inglish was a rock in my shoes, and I hated xD even so, I read the stories, the things you’ll create 2 weeks afther and all before. And, slowly, i’m start to understend!! Even my mom was surpriced Hahah, you help me to like english too much, and that wasen’t all!! To understend better Jammy and Fresh histori , i’m start to order they, like “time line” and, well, thats be Soooo hard, at the same time I was arranging, you stand creating.                             In first place, I wanna just order that Story, but even if others don’t have sentence for me, they are cool too, and I think “Well, why not? i’m gonna order all her draws! cause their are amazing!” Aaaaand here comes my best Breaking-Brain-Ever, cause you have a lot crazy ideas! XD and that is great! but i’m didn’t know how to do them “time line”, again, i’m start to read all the asks of others, an then I understood beter, too beter.                                         I’m notice, one day, when I was end finally! that you draw a LOOOOT  of draws every day, that only makes me feel special, you work was soo ofthen, and then I felt you’re more than amazing, ¿awesome? I dont know, just Wooah.      Every day, start to be an habit visit you tumblr to order new draws, start to look more their faces, your own stile, you inpired me! For 2 years i had “Pain tool sai” in my computer, and  I nerver use to nothing, but, in dicember, of last year i’m start! and I like :3 making my own caracters, chibis, was soo cool.                I like a lot things of you do, more specifically, the faces and expressions you make, or you line art, and the design of your caracters, and others factors, you humor XD and how, “WOAHHH” is for me little things then others maybe don’t care  to much, like you know inglish, french, and well, the last was.. uh ¿arabian? Soo sorry, I dont remember too well (/-\) after you, I’m start to look others cool artists, like jakei and joku for example, but you’ll still my favorite artist, you do too much for me, and I want to say you THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! <3 afther this, maybe I can ask you  things like normal followers XD 

Yup, 2.222 pictures only yours :’D and couting, Love U~!  


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What's the difference between hoodoo, voodoo, and rootwork? I'm kind of a beginner witch and am researching all I can about the different kinds of witchcraft, even the ones I don't practice. But all three get lumped together in everything I read. Are they interchangeable? What even is the correct spelling of "voodoo"? And can you recommend some good places to start researching. The last thing I want is to disrespect anybody!

From an answered ask:

They’re related, but not the same thing. Hoodoo is just an umbrella term for a bunch of other practices that originated in the Western part of Africa. It’s considered just folk magic, not a religion. Southerns of the US practice this, especially Christians.

Voodoo has 2 branches: Louisiana Voodoo, and Haitian Voodoo [Should have been spelled Vodou. You’ll see why later]. It is considered a religion. The only difference really between the 2 is the ritual order (Louisiana Voodoo doesn’t have much of it.) Voodoo is a combination of religion and folk magic (and if you know anything about the history of Voodoo and where is came from, you should know why that is).

Rootwork is just that. Working with roots and flora. Of course, in the past, you used the local plants in your area and today, its much easier to get roots from other places in the world.  

Rootwork and hoodoo are actually interchangeable. Of course, with these definitions they don’t look like it. But if you were to use both words interchangeably to a hoodoo practitioner they most likely wouldn’t bat an eye. And to be a little bit more specific, you use rootwork in hoodoo as it is one of the practices used in hoodoo.

You can also use rootwork in voodoo, but rootwork does not equal voodoo. And hoodoo does not equal voodoo. So~

  • Hoodoo = Rootwork
  • Hoodoo  ≠ Voodoo
  • Rootwork  ≠ Voodoo

Spelling is actually important to know. I think it doesn’t get talk about a lot in the community except for a random tumblr post or blog post floating about saying how that person hates it when people always spell it one way and dont know the other ways. And why theyre used.

(Correct me if I’m wrong anyone) ‘Voodoo’ is not only the mainstream version of the spelling but usually refers to Southern Voodoo or Louisiana Voodoo. ‘Voodoo’ is actually seen as derogatory and wrong to some in Haiti which brings me to the other way spelling it. ‘Vodou’ (or ‘Vodoun’, ‘Vodun’, ‘Vodu’ and sometimes ‘Vudu’) usually refers to Haitian Vodou. You’re going to see the different spellings used all the time. But know that when Someone is saying ‘Vodou’ they are mostly talking about Haitian Vodou and when people say ‘voodoo’ theyre either lumping all voodoo together or theyre talking about American Voodoo. And, all Voodoo came from Coastal West Africa (From Nigera to Ghana).

Also, when it comes to researching, you’re not going to get much when it comes to Voodoo since information is passed by word of mouth. Hoodoo on the other hand is everywhere on the internet. A quick google search and a quick YT search will get you so much. 

Quick note though, If you see anything related to LuckyMojo, take it with a grain of salt. The owner of the website is a bully, and pretty much infiltrated and made money from a community that was never hers.

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i am a white person who desperately wants to adhere to your post about taking responsibility and helping fight against facism, nazism, etc. but, what would the proper response when i am accused of trying to be a "White savior" or being told by a member of a certain demographic that "they dont need my white, straight, help" ive been told this before. sounds fake but... it happens. and i dont know how to react in any useful way.

Sounds like you’re obnoxious and self-centered in your approach and doing it out of an over simplistic sense of …being a white savior. It’s easy to get whipped up in an ego-centric sort of zeal when you’re all hopped up on tumblr activism and ‘gonna save the world!’ optimism, and you’ve forced yourself out of your comfort zone for the first time in your life. It’s all FULL STEAM AHEAD! I’LL DO IT! I’LL BE A GOOD WHITE PERSON! until the first snag and then you’re reeling because you thought it would be easier- specifically, that everything you do would be good and there’d be nothing wrong with it. But it’s never that simple.

Never talk OVER minorities. Spend your time correcting and reining in other white people since that’s like, the main usefulness of white allies- dealing with their own (because white people hardly listen to minorities). At work, school, and in your family life. The places that are your privileged social spaces…you need to make them less comfortable for you and others. You need to be willing to not laugh at that joke, not fill that uncomfortable silence, correct the person spreading propaganda, make bigots uncomfortable and question people’s stances openly.

Also you sound really sensitive and I’ll tell you right now that doesn’t help. Anyway if you want to make sure you don’t react in an un-useful way 1) don’t ever get defensive about your privilege 2) learn to take un-coddling critique 3) talk to, at, and over white bigots bc that’s your main goal 4) every time you get criticized, redirect your efforts: make posts about groups with little media support, donate, etc.

And dear god don’t make it about you. If you ever catch yourself adding to a post “Well I’m white and” while you were attempting to ‘help’ minorities in a discussion you’ve messed up.

I mean overall this is kind of a weird ask because if you know Nazis are bad for instance then what does it matter what sort of difficulties you face in fighting them? Would you still fight Nazis if no one knew? If people misunderstood you, if no one ever gave you praise? Would you still fight if there was no reward other than their defeat?

Because if that’s the case it wouldn’t matter what anyone said. Come hell or high water, insults or ostracization, you’d fight those motherfuckers every step of the way.

tips for writing essays in college

i feel like spongebob for making this list about writing essays to avoid writing an essay but Life Imitates Art and all that so anyway

  1. dont u dare spend 20 minutes of Premium Focus Time thinking of the perfect title save that nonsense for last bc most professors just want a title they dont really care how good it is
  2. put the date that the assignment is due in the header (no one has to know when you wrote it so just put the due date)
  3. figure out how to use the blackboard dropbox before 11:58pm the night something is due bc every second counts 
  4. most dropboxes let you name the file when you submit it but save your paper as something Appropriate just in case please my children im begging u
  5. be realistic about how long you can sit there writing an essay (ie dont block out 5 hours to write a paper when you know youll get bored 10 minutes in and sit on tumblr for 4 hours)
  6. dont write an essay while lying down u Fool
  7. if you have a paper due at 9 am and it’s 1am and you feel like death: sleep for 1 ½ hours (1 REM cycle) - 3 hours (2 REM cycles) and then wake up to finish the essay - sleeping 1 - 2 REM sleep cycles should be enough to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed so take that long nap and then get back to work
  8. be conscientious of your word choice - if you used ‘magnificent’ in the previous sentence then pick a different adjective (but make sure it fits and isnt just a synonym you found on - people can tell when a word is clearly beyond the vocabulary of a paper)
  9. you dont have to start an essay as soon as it’s assigned but at least look at what the assignment entails so ur not emailing your professor at 11pm the night its due bc you dont know how many in-text citations are needed they might be up at that hour but that doesnt mean they want to answer your question
  10. the 5 Paragraph format is crap and i have yet to take a class where the professor wanted me to use it - they care more about pages and word count than paragraphs so write however many paragraphs it takes you to fill x number of pages/words (could be 4 pages could be 6 could be 15 idk bud it’s up to you so get going)

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How do you advertise your cosplays? and how do you start getting hired for cons. I'm looking to branch out with my cosplay work.

Hope you dont mind me answering publicly, I’ve gotten a lot of asks about this recently! 

It’s not so much about adertising as it is algorithms. And luck. At least for the ‘getting my cosplays seen’ thing. 

Theres a lot of luck thats determined by your cosplay quality itself, how recent the series your cosplaying is from, if your the first to cosplay it, and a lot of other stuff I dont even know how to master… hopefully I can help in other ways. 

Most social media run on algorithms of sharing content. For example, only the first 5 tags on tumblr get picked up by the search. Any tags after that are ignored. SO you want to make the first five the most relevent, and the most useful, so your post shows up in those tags. After that make sure to use clerical tags, for your own blogs organization. 

There are TIMES OF DAY to post that vary on each social media platform, and ways to maximize your level of outreach. 

Or another example is that Facebook nukes the promotion of other-app or outside-links. If your sharing from insta or twitter or linking out to a website, facebook purposely doesnt share your post as much. And they prefer image statuses rather then text ones. So always post your info with a photo. LATELY facebook only prefers videos too, cause the company is trying to compete with youtube. Which is why their player doesnt let you leave easy. SO making tutorials and guides and uploading SEPERATELY on fb and then again on youtube is best. Shares are the bread and butter of fb, not likes or comments. 

Then theres sites like ACP, great for getting hired as a cosplayer for events like NISAmerica and Funimation, because they have a long time relationship with ACP. 

DEVIANTART is a dead, dead thing. BUT journalists DONT like linking to things like instagram or tumblr – so they ALWAYS tap from Deviantart. DA has a better landing page for images and people like CosMonde, CosplayCulture, and Kotaku. Or even IGN and CompGamer link back to Deviantart exclusively. 


Social Media Marketing is a different job then getting hired at cons. I talk about that process HERE. 

Convention guesting isn’t always about the number you have, though it helps in  a capacity. Its about what PROGRAMMING you bring, as a cosplayer. Because you are a solution to filling an event. Not filling an event around YOU. 
They need programming to fill the event guide. 

That being said, once you get thats its SUPER easy to find what you can bring to a con. Maybe you love sewing and can host some sewing patterns. Or maybe your a health nut and can host a Cosplay Fitness panel. Or maybe you can talk about wigs or makeup, or heck, if you know a lot about making Gundum models or collecting Funkos, thats a panel too! There a lot of topics one can cover. Anything you’d like to share or help others with! 

I CAN GO IN DEPTH about both, but its really, a lot, a lot, a loooootttt of information. We actually host a panel on SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING for cosplay, annnnd. a panel on Cosplay Career, guesting and creating a job from cosplay experience. But those are 1 hr long panels. 

So if you want more info, you can always email me! I’ve actually thought about hosting maybe a livestream or online talk about these things. Maybe I can organize one after Anime Expo.


I need a real and long interview with Alycia. Like, just her talking about her and what she likes to do. I really need to hear her talking about her drumming and singing and clexa so bad!

aikafuwaa  asked:

what materials did you use for learning codes? if you dont mind sharing! im really interested to learn but i dont know how

To start off from scratch:

  • The most basic thing you need to know about making Tumblr themes is from the Tumblr theme documentation page; it has guidelines and framework on how to make the simplest theme.
  • Some people have also made base codes that you can start off from (shared via theme-hunter). 
  • LMThemes has also made a theme tutorial series that you can follow (I’ve never used it myself but you can check it out!)

After you’ve gotten hang of the basics, you design your layout. Here’s where I look for inspiration:

  • Codrops - web design ideas and tutorials
  • Dribbble - a site where designers share all sort of creations; not all of them are layout ideas, but they might spark your interest!

Now for actually coding the specifics of your layout:

  • CSS-Tricks - exactly what it sounds like! They have tutorials, too
  • w3schools - tutorials and references on web development languages

Where to go when you’re stuck (if you’re like me, that’s most of the time):

  • stackoverflow - search for questions that have been answered by users themselves with answers in forms of code snippets (so you can see how it works), or ask some yourself!
  • Google - yes, I had to put this in. Seriously, you’ll find an answer one way or another; and if you don’t, you’ll still learn something new!

journal page 163-164/?
I can feel losing interest in a lot of things I used to put so much time and passion into and that just makes me sad and I dont know how to stop it


I’m working on the speedpaint now so that should be up at some point?? Maybe???

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i've seen people say that hillary rigged the primary against bernie bc of her emails where her and her team sat "we should say this about bernie" and "we should highlight these differences between bernie and me" like what's unfair, that she had a campaign strategy or that it worked?

Lmao right? Politics is a blood sport and these kids are complaining about something like this? She went so easy on him, it’s insane. Like look at the lies and slander the republicans have thrown at her since 1992. If Bernie couldn’t hold out with this minor of an attack then he wasn’t shit to begin with. I remember having a class argument about it and one dude in the back kept saying that the DNC favored Hillary and eventually I turned around and was like yeah so fucking what? She’s been a democrat her entire adult life and has worked hard to progress the party forward and make changes for its constituents and Bernie was an independent until 3 months before he announced his bid. If anyone is trying to “rig” anything it was Bernie for using our party funds for personal political gain. Ugh! I can’t stand the Bernie wave, anon. It’s the most hypocritical thing. These Woke kids complain about sexism but looked right over the most qualified, hard working, Woke woman of the 21st century for a mediocre white dude who is literally everything feminists complain about and yet they can’t see the irony in the situation. These kids are becoming blinded by Tumblr Discourse. I dont know what’s gonna happen in our future tbh. The Democratic Party already had issues with purity politics. Nowadays… who knows how far it will go.


I’m a drug addict. Duh. I basically had 3 years CLEAN & SOBER, and also lived in/ worked at a halfway house BY CHOICE most of that time. Then a few months ago, I moved back to my hometown. About 1 month ago, I relapsed… I know more than enough about addiction, recovery, relapse, addict behavior and personality, character defects, using patterns, overdose… The list goes on and on.
But what I DONT understand… Is how the FUCK, so many RECOVERING FUCKING DRUG ADDICTS WORKING A GODDAMN PROGRAM, can put those of us struggling with active addiction down as hard as they do. Like, you are so fucking lucky. You should REALLY be praying and thanking your higher power EVERY DAY for even giving you this new chance at life.!! Instead of drowning us in an already deep pool of self-hate, throw us a fucking rope.
Keep your distance.? Of course. That’s where your rope comes in. I don’t expect you guys to put your all into trying to save someone, nor do I reccomend it. Don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation like that.

HOWEVER… Just because you decided to get clean does NOT erase your past, or your mistakes. You are STILL and ALWAYS WILL BE A DRUG ADDICT. That fact will NEVER change. The ONLY difference between us and you; Your addiction will only FOLLOW you to your grave as long as you remain practicing the 12 steps and principles through your recovery….. Our addiction, without that previously mentioned rope, could very possibly LEAD us to our graves…. All you have is TODAY.
You are by NO MEANS, ANY better of a person than those of us still suffering down in that hole. Stop sticking your nose up in the air every time you pass by. Smile. Wave. Ask them about their day. If they need to talk, listen. Do not drill them with quotes about recovery. When they see how the promises are coming true in your life, hopefully they will come to you with questions. Maybe not, but at least you did your part to show them that there is a way out, and a better life.

These people are tortured and suffering… Remember.? You were in that hole with us not too long ago… You have to learn to give back what you were given in order to grow.

Like I said before, all you have is today. There is no telling what will, or could happen tommorow.

Even castles built with the strongest walls can crumble.