dont kill the butterfly


Can you believe this actual angel I’m ????

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Hi im fairly new to the greyling au and the angst is amazing, I have a couple og questions if you dont mind, how/when does adrien realize that his dad kill his butterflies(and how does he react/the few interactions if any with his father go down), what type of knowledge does alya have about ladybug like who she is (and if she does know does that affect her powers if greyling chooses her to become champion), will there be any more mari×greyling, how does greyling get hit by cataclysm/(part1 sorry

Sorry, I’ve been pretty distracted these past few days! I didn’t mean to put off answering your questions for so long haha.

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Yes, it IS the point of a support ult. Both Trans and Barrier do it in a burst instead of a 20 second slog, that can be activated preemtively, both build slower and both have slghtly more counterplay - you can knock Zen away and you can wear down the barrier on one or two ppl faster than you can kill a spastic ubermensch butterfly. Dont undervalue chain healing and damage boosting as well. Trust me, theres a reason Mercy was in ALL OWL matches, and is THE most picked support on all skill levels.

If only there was a way to stop mercy during those 20 seconds, if only you could somehow stop her while she’s flying around healing people, some sort of “aim” ability…