dont judge this ok its so bad


Normally i dont really like having my picture taken. In fact. I am usually the one behind the camera. Because of my size. I find my body looks aweful in pictures. Plan and simple i think i look fat. Unless i take the picture myself and get just the right angle so i dont look as bad. It is a real struggle for me to be comfortable with the way i look. I know that im overweight. I know that im unhealthy. I know that its bad for my bones. I know all of those things. Its just hard. When you are constantly being judged by people whether with words or just stares. Its hard to want to go out and walk or go join a gym when people judge you for the way you look. Its hard. But. I am learning to become a bit more ok with the way i look. I have curves. I have hips. I have an ass. I have boobs. And that has to be ok. Cause thats the way i am.

These pictures were taken by my boyfriend. I had to tell him that i want more pictures of me that arent selfies. I am constantly taking candid snaps of him(hes so photogenic its maddening). He said fine. But only if you dont critic them before i post them or make me delete them because you think you look bad. So i agreed. The pictures never got posted. I just found them on my phone and was looking through them. I thought to myself. I look pretty darn good in some of these. Im no supermodel but im ok.

So please. Just be nice. It takes a lot of courage for some people to post pictures of themselves. So no negative comments please. Think of how you would feel. Or how your child would feel before you say something hurtful or rude.


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i just hate mondays

ignored by my idols all day all night

just wreck me 

all i wanna do was break your walls

the worst thing about your lies were that they made me feel loved 

2 sassy 4 you

i just really wanna be alone

not really sure how i feel about you, something in the way you move make me feel like i cant live without 

cool story bro

im a boss as bitch bitch bitch

we dont like “anal sex” in, try again!

im so prada you are so crocs

if u dont have pizza i dont know what your doing here

i dont care i love it 

hi stalker

maybe ok will be our always 

but you are perfect to me

shes lost control

my pu$$y taste like pepsi cola

but i wish i was dead

everytime i close my eyes is like a dark paradise

victoria tell me your secret

its not a bad day, its a bad life

bad boys, good lips

only god can judge us 

who need friends when u have vodka?

its 11:11 make a wish

its my mouth i can say what i want to

no because you suck

im electra heart

dont be gucci be yourself

santa, where is my idol under the christmas tree?

hate me, dont hate my idol

let me live that fantasy

cause we were born to die

leave me alone

dont make me sad, dont make me cry

i broke a million hearts just for fun


honestly that hug couldn’t have come at a better time. when aaron is feeling so upset and insecure and hurt and utterly traumatized to relive all these horrible memories going thru this trial and then getting such a shit result from today and rob is just there for him like truly and it’s so beaut. the final act of just hugging him this ep w/physical comfort like feeling rob’s arms around him and in his care as he’s feeling just so many things and the pain overwhelming him and i just cry. gosh…

random bios

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if you dont have pizza idk what the hell youre doing here

i hate mondays

im a boss a$$ bitch

you turn me on

hi stalker

hi hater. kiss kiss, see ya later

i dont wanna wake up from this tonight

boy i adore you u u 


everybody hurts someday

its ok to be afraid

shine bright like me

me > you

you make me glow

bad boys, good lips

only god can judge us 

who need friends when u have vodka?

its 11:11 make a wish

its my mouth i can say what i want to

dont be gucci, be yourself

im so prada, you are so nada

buy me pizza and touch my ass

to do list: kiss 100 boys

i dont care, i love it

hakuna matata

hate me, dont hate my idol

stop being fake

no bc you suck bitch

walk like a champion, talk like a champion

twerk it, twerk it, twerk it.

everything comes naturally

dont be a bitch, so i have to be a bitch too and i do it better

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anonymous asked:

hi, im a Deaf person. today i went to a starbucks and had my order written on my phone's note app ("venti iced coconut milk mocha, slice of coffee cake, warmed up :)" ) and the barista visibly sneered at me, acting as if i were a difficult customer (i saw her walk over to the other barista, glance at me, and whisper something to which she laughed, the other barista did not). i feel like this is something a manager should know but i dont know if its worth emailing?

I would contact the store manager. That kind of behavior is definitely not ok and I hope you don’t encounter it again. In the email, include the date and approximate time of the incident so the manager can look to see who was working. He or she needs to have a conversation with those partners about accessability and ensuring that customers with disabilities are not made to feel less-than.

I’m really sorry you had that experience. Please don’t judge all Starbucks Partners by those baristas’ bad behavior!