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killing stalking, but for kids

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And so he found his (new) mother??? 

The end????

Lance would probably be the type of boyfriend that would compliment the heck out of Keith at any given chance, call him ‘babe’ and ‘love’ and yell ‘looking fine sweetheart!’ across the deck during training sessions

and then Keith would struggle, wanting to return the sentiment before turning to him one night and saying ‘If I ever had the chance to trade you with the mothman, i wouldn’t.’


Sam Winchester meme;

✿ favorite quotes about sam {¼}

Michael in 5.13 saying what I’ve always thought since I started watching this show  (▰˘◡˘▰)

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53? Pls

53. Take off your shirt.

AU and totally OOC (Aaron as a masseuse wtf am I doing!) but I’ve spent the day at a spa so indulge me okay?

“Robert Sugden?”

It came from behind him, where he was sitting in the small waiting room of the resort’s Spa centre.

He’d been expecting a female voice, if he was honest, but he soon reminded himself to avoid stereotyping and to be just as comfortable with a man doing his massage.

He stood up and turned to signal his whereabouts to his therapist, struck immediately by the sight of the man standing by the reception desk, looking in his direction.

“Mr Sugden?” The man asked, holding his gaze, and Robert’s voice seemed to betray him as he failed to get the words out to confirm his identity.

It’s just that he wasn’t sure he could concentrate on anything with this man stood before him.

He might have been the most attractive man Robert had ever seen. His eyes were blue - bright blue, under the LED lights of the spa’s tranquil waiting room - and yet his features were dark and rugged; his hair cut short with a patch of fluffy curls styled minimally on top, and stubble covering the bottom half of his face. He looked slightly out of place in such a delicate setting - the spa being located at the quiet end of the island resort, set up in a wooden row of huts on stilts above the calming sea - and yet he looked confident in his surroundings in a way that only came with experience. 

Robert knew he was staring - knew he’d taken far too long letting his eyes linger up and down the man’s body, noticing the way his black uniform stretched over his muscular biceps - but Robert realised he couldn’t find it in himself to hold back.

“Follow me,” the man smirked back at him, knowingly, without Robert having to confirm who he was. He was the only male in the waiting area, and his therapist had clearly made a fair assumption.

Robert followed the man out of the reception and along the open air walkway above the sand below them, heading towards the therapy rooms; his eyes fixed on the man’s delectable behind the whole way.

He didn’t even realise he was licking his lips, until the man glanced back at him and he was forced to avert his gaze.

“I’m Aaron, by the way. I’ll be doing your massage today,” the man introduced himself as they took a turning into one of the therapy huts along the walkway.

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