dont judge me it looks weird

Seventeen as oddly specific family members:

S.coups: The dad that gets really upset and emotional (like with tears and everything) when the family doesn’t cooperate and only complain during a family vacation. The dad who cooks and maintains the garden. (Was the only one that cried when the oldest daughter left for college that’s near the house )

“I’m not mad, just disappointed” *takes off his goddamn shoe*

Jeonghan: The mom that would call your name from downstairs, you’d call back, and she wouldn’t answer, so you have to go down and ask all frustrated like: “WHAT.” But she was actually calling your other sibling.

“I drink to forget, but I always remember”

Joshua: The ‘hip’ uncle that always has money to pass around,obviously having a midlife crisis, and loves to embarrass his wife while awkwardly serenading her during karaoke. preferably with a early 2000s hit like ‘Toxic’ by Brittany Spears. Bonus points if it has rap (that no. He does not know)

*crawling on table dramatically reaching for his spouse* “your toxic tongue slipping under”

Jun: That one little cousin who’s awkward as hell at first, but as you get to know them you learn that they’re a wild child that also favors you

“Wanna play imaginary power rangers with us?” (that game’s lit BTW)

Hoshi: Uncle that yells during sports games or any time tbh and is a lot of the times the life of the party. The only one who is still traveling around the world not completely settled down like everyone else with their damn 60 children

*drunk*  “jokes on you guys, I get to see the world! You guys just have a home! children! Someone to love…a place to always go back to…. HAHAHAha” *intense crying*

Wonwoo: Older Brother who was once a childish weirdo, that then went through a teenage emo phase, BUT is now slowly forming into a new him that is more mature, nicer, and a GROWN UP weirdo…

*attempts a really stupid prank that failed* -me: obviously not amused- “Look at your face I GOT YOU HAHAHA, bitch you just got PRANKED” (<- this happened when he was  in elementary AND college -_-)

Woozi: That old ass dog that just strolls around the party as everyone pets him. Doesn’t mind it until he chooses to mind. He’s super cute and people make a sad pouty “awww” whenever they look at him (lol cause he’s old af, days are numbered bud) but deep down in his dog mind he’s prob. thinking:

“Oh Patricia; still not married huh? oh well… I’m not judging…” *judges*

Dk: Loud ass mother fukn cousin who is on crack 25/8; but then you dont see each other for a couple years and it’s weird, but then you warm up again and YUP. He’s still loud as hell (and you love it)

“BET I can eat this whole tub of ice cream!” -me: I’m not betting you th- *stuffs face* “I can’t believe you’re making me do this :D”

Mingyu: The successful, surprisingly young uncle in the food business who walks around wearing nice things, and looks like he could buy the world, but he and the whole family knows that he’s actual trash and breaks everything; still apologizes to the animals he cooks (it’s what makes him quirky)

*Walks into the party-host’s newly designed home* *Picks up vase* “ Wow where’d you ge- *drops it* *  NO ONE is surprised* “I-I can pay for that…”

The8: The somewhat violent cousin who is in between the “toddler and kid” phase and still looks small, but can form full savage sentences. His mom just put him in karate and he just loves using your lifeless body to showcase his ‘skills’ (but you love him anyway b/c he can play rough without crying like a lil bitch)

* doesn’t cry if you punch him, but cries if you tickle him for too long*

Seungkwan: The aunt who always tries to get your antisocial ass involved in the partay she’s always like “tell the kids how to play the game, sing for us (I’ll give you $5~), or eat EaT EAT.”, Gossips with your mother who was her childhood friend

“Ohhh you’ve changed so much! (from 3 days ago…) So sexy!!”

Vernon:The family friend’s child you grew up with (in which both your moms practically arranged a wedding for already*-_-), but they had a glo up (hot). They look different, have a new taste in music, and SEEM more mature, but act the exact same (stupid and childish. they act stupid and childish.), but you still dont know how to act around them because you’re a naturally awkward bean and they’re ppreeettyyy

*is literally 18* “ so are you gonna play power rangers with us (*cough* with actual 6-10 year olds)  or not?”

Dino: That one chill ass baby that like never cries for some reason. everyone loves him because he doesn’t cry and just seems kinda confused most of the time. Only reacts to certain songs being played. He’d crawl to the dog and feed him some good shit from the table.

*all the aunts pinching his cheeks till they turn red* Chan: *not crying but left with a confused/dIsGuSteD facial expression*

  • me: jesus fucking christ im fat. i need to not eat anything at all anymore. 2000 calories is too much, so i should like eat only a meal and a half a day. small portion sizes and counting calories on everything. i need to get skinny!!
  • me to me: get rid of your internalized fatphobia and love yourself. exercise if you must but don't overdo it. a little chub is okay. it's healthy. eat whatever you want, life is too short to count calories. please love your body
feed that boy a vegetable

inspired by my runthrough of persona 5, in which akira ate like absolute shit all day every day


Ann: Have you ever seen Akira eat a vegetable?

Ryuji: watched him do the big banb burger challenge a few nights ago

Ryuji: thosve got lettuce n tomatos on em

Ryuji: close enough rite???

Ann: Be serious, Ryuji! Man can’t live on Big Bang Burger alone!

Ryuji: u sure? cause i think akiras tryin

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When you try to like your notp so you dont seem otp-ist

“Ok let’s try to just look at the pictures ok?Maybe they look cute together”

“wow…..they….um…..look…something i guess”

*reading notp fanfics**they kiss*
Me:*shudders* ”NOW YOU SEE THAT’S SO UGH-”

tries to like notp pics but couldnt help thinking“how do people even ship them?”


what do you mean they look ‘so in love’ with each other?????

whisper’ wadafuk’ for the 191279319313089392382 times that day as I scroll down in my notp tag

*judging with a shipper friend when some notp shipper said their ship is the “realest “ *

*tries to be happy/fangirl over notp* *gives up cuz it’s not working*

*question life choices*

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idk if its a culltural thing, but im asian and have always taken off my shoes in the house and in my family members' homes. but when i go to my white/black/latino friends homes they dont do it and give me weird looks. like damn i dont wanna track dirt into their house...

you can take off your shoes in my house friend i will not judge


I’ve come back to some weird messages, okay so let me tell you this once and hopefully not again (at least not for another year or so) I’m a witch, and so are a big chunk of my followers. All of us are different in many ways and we sometimes look at something in confusion because were human, but what you not gonna do is try and bash my e-witches. the ones who practice emoji spells and use the candle app instead of real candles etc. everyone has their own method of practice and some of them don’t have the means or authority to practice how they really want. shit some of them prefer practicing magic digitally. what’s the difference between writing and typing if the intent and energy is there? that’s what I thought. let people be, okay? that’s all :)  

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Person: “Hey Mikayla can I use your phone?”
Me: “yeah of course *hands phone*
Person: *looks at lock screen* ……..Is that Michael Clifford….?
Me: Lol ya why.
Person: Ok that’s weird *unlocks phone*
Person: Is that Luke Hemmings?
Me: Yes.
Person: I think I’ll borrow someone elses phone.

reasons why life isn't that stupid (even though it feels like it).

It’s fair enough to say that life kinda sucks sometimes and there are some days when everything is ridiculous and hard and stupid and annoying and aggravating and just ugh haiugshrhsgiofwuerhgvliwabrhfgslifhsvfdhaupighdiafghiuefhbiuehfgiudhguh UEHRGUERGH UGH.

I know. I know.

The truth is, yes, life is stupid. Everythings stupid. Boys are stupid. Girls are stupid. People are stupid. OXYGEN IS STUPID SCREW YOU OXYGEN STOP BEING SO OXYGENY ALL THE TIME LIKE GODDDDDDDD.

But, whether you’re having a terrible stupid day or the best day of your life, here are a couple things to hopefully make it a little bit better.

1. Cats. Cats exist! Specifically kittens! Which is so wrong I know like all cats are beautiful regardless of age but kittens are just so cute and wonderful and here

2. Music. Music exists! I know when I’m feeling really sad, music can make me feel a lot better. It’s really cliche and lame I know, but it’s actually really true. I recommend listening to your favorite song on a loop. Whatever makes you happy. For me, listening to Bon Iver always makes me feel better. ORRRR if you like writing songs, that can be an awesome outlet too.

3. Starbucks. STARBUCKS EXISTS. Hot chocolate/coffee/tea makes me really happy so ya get on that.

4. This may sound weird, but putting on a cute outfit, doing your hair and makeup, that can make you feel better. Even if you don’t leave the house. It’s more important to want to look good for yourself than anyone else.

5. Friends. IT’S SO LAME I KNOW DONT JUDGE ME. Friends are really important though, so when you’re having an awful day, call your friends. It should make you feel better.

6. Movies. Personally, Christmas movies and horror movies are my kryptonite. Watch your favorite movie.

These are really lame things I know, but it’s true. The little things are most important.

Life is really hard, but I think it’s important to have perspective and remember that life COULD always be worse.

But it’s still ok to think that everything sucks. Sometimes it really does.

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im so nervous for school tom, im a freshman, and i went Friday and in English i literally silently cried bc everything is so different and their are so many people, they're all so pretty and i look so disgusting, and at lunch i felt so bad and twisted inside i honestly just don't think i can do it

ok this hurts my heart so bad & i wanna help u feel better bc i feel like u guys are like bb mal bc i had the same kind of insecurities & i remember how bad it feels. soo i would tell my freshman self:

  • you genuinely do not need to feel so self conscious. i promise you no one is looking at that zit on your chin, no one cares if your hair is frizzy, those jeans look fine on you. wear your hair up sometimes, it actually looks good. you’re so much more beautiful than you give yourself credit for.
  • literally no one is judging you for sitting alone at the lunch table because you got there first. don’t sweat tiny things
  • say hi to people in the hallway!! smile!! if u walk around acting shy & insecure youre going to feel insecure. fake it til u make it!!
  • talk to people in class. even if its just a bonding over how much the homework sucked, it will help u feel more comfy & at ease with the people around you.
  • that girl you think is so pretty and perfect feels the same way you do - weird and insecure and sometimes ugly. everyone is in the same boat, even the “hot” people. and trust me, you are beautiful, she is beautiful, and you’re all just getting through this awkward time of life. dont’ judge your progress based on what you perceive other’s to be.
  • dating in high school is stupid. if you find someone you like who likes you, that’s great. have a flirty friend, maybe go out a few times. don’t take things too seriously. if (you think) no one is even looking your way, even better. you do not need to be basing your self worth on whether some greasy 15 year old thinks you’re date-able, and having a boyfriend or girlfriend in high school, especially freshman year, does not say anything about how attractive or “cool” or worthwhile you are. some of the most awesome people stay single all 4 years. don’t worry about it, i cannot stress this enough.
  • these years will literally fly by. i know its cliche but just hang on and try to enjoy it the best you can. good things will come from it, but remember it won’t last forever. high school is only the very beginning

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Okay, I need to some advice I take online classes and I met a guy on there and we started talking a lot and playing Call Of Duty, but he sent me a picture of him, and he has long dark black hair and is chubby/fat. I feel really weird talking to him now, I don't know what to do. about this weird feeling and shit, I feel bad for judging him on his looks, but I don't know what to do.

i know some people dont like to hear this, and it depends how much you like him, but if youre not sexually attracted to someone at all its probably not going to work out