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Naruto Fleet

Rule : List your top 10 Naruto ships in order then tag 10 people you’re curious about. 

@gyukashito​ tagged me! Thanks! But honestly these are in no particular order except number one… 

1. KakaIta - Kakashi/Itachi
I really love them. I really really love them. I remember shipping them as a kid. They would be such a cute calm goals couple I swear. They would have really sweet gentle lounging around dates. And let me just suggest, lazy morning sex. Thank you. Let me not make this a literal essay on why I love this ship. Because I could. I will write this fucking essay. Stop me.

2. ShiIta - Shisui/Itachi
Good boys. Such good boys who love each other so much. So close. I’m crying. Fuck- my heart. 

3. SasuIta - Sasuke/Itachi
… I actually enjoy an aromantic Sasuke way more than anything else, but I do ship him with Itachi… I also ship him with Juugo. 

4. KisaIta - Kisame/Itachi
So… I know what I’m about. My favorite character in every fandom I’m in has a main ship I love, BUT I like to pass them around like fucking hot cakes in any damn ship I can. So to be fair I think I’ll just stop listing /itachi or it’ll be this whole list. Also you may or may not already know how much I support diphallia Kisame. I am here for that, and so is Itachi.

5. NaruGaa - Naruto/Gaara
Beautiful. Fucking beautiful. I feel like they really bring beautiful things out in one another. The different ways they would show affection to the other makes me weep.

6. KakaGai - Kakashi/Gai
Very sweet. I love them as a brotp and a ship. I struggle with Kakashi ships that aren’t KakaIta though because I always think ok but date Itachi in the back of my head somewhere—;;;

7. SakuIno - Sakura/Ino
Ideal ship for both of them in my opinion—!!!

8. NejiTenLee - Neji/Tenten/Rock Lee
I know it says otp, but why not an ot3? 

9. KakuHida - Kakuzu/Hidan
Oh the kink and fetish potential for these two… It’s glorious. And them as characters separately, spectacular. 

10. ….. I’m going… to out myself…. The secret Naruto ship I don’t write about on here cause I’m nervous to get shit for it lmao…. … …  Jiraiya/Naruto…

I’ll tag @intheendlessbluewine @lily-lis @dokucchi @theuchihaoftheshadows

Lots of people are getting tagged, I don’t want to double tag someone-

This is Bad™ and two moodboards have already been made for my friend @smackjelly s fic but!!! I was suddenly inspired to do this and Phi deserves all the love and support on their beautiful fic so I had to!!!

RULES: choose any three fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.

Tagged by @light-snow-jess and @goddamnitdazai ♥♥ 

I choose :

  • Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Shingeki no kyojin
  • Shiki

The first character you loved:

  • Dazai. I actually started watching BSD because of him, whoops.  
  • Mikasa. She kinda reminded me of myself. Badass and beautiful. 
  • Tohru. He was my little sunshine ♥

The character you never expected to love?”

  • Kunikiiidaa-kuuun~ I don’t even know why but when I first saw him I thought he was gonna be annoying. Now I treasure him more than anything ♥
  • Levi. He seemed too cold. Now he seems too cool. 
  • Natsuno. I didn’t like his attitude, but after I saw him on that tree, I wanted to do stuff… some naughty stuff

The character you relate to most:

  • Dazai I don’t even have to explain. He has that strange aura, nobody can tell what he thinks and he’s unpredictable. That is exactly what I hear from others about myself. 
  • Armin He is really smart but in the beginning he didn’t believe in himself and thought he was useless. And that was because nobody recognized his skills. Maybe it’s only me who see him like this haha
  • Kaori. At first she seemed pretty weak and useless but after some time she became strong. And also, she was loyal to her best friend.

The character you’d slap:

  • Chuuya.  (I want to slap him because I love him, okay?) Because holy fuck, I want him to slap me back but even harder. Who doesn’t want Chuuya to beat them up?? 
  • Pastor Nick I hate him
  • Megumi. Okay, I don’t even remember more annoying character. 

A character you liked at first but not so much anymore:

  • I have to say it’s the first anime where I can’t find someone I don’t like. I love absolutely everyone. ♥
  • I’m usually loyal to everyone I fall in love with. So sorry, nobody like that here either. 
  • Seishin. I liked him before but then I found out he was a pedo. 

A character you did not like at first, but they’ve grown on you:

  • Chuuya. IDK. Maybe because he was supposed to be an antagonist…. but it didn’t last long. I fell in love with him pretty quickly. Now i can’t go to sleep without looking at his pictures. 
  • Eren’s mother. Don’t ask me anything. 
  • Nao. I usually don’t even know why I don’t like someone but I changed my mind when I saw her in front of that hospital after she came back to life. I thought she looked scary. And I love scary things. 

3 OTPs:

  • I can’t ship something that is not canon so I usually just ship my husbands with myself. So DazaixKoshy, ErenxKoshy and NatsunoxKoshy ♥

I tag you my ladies

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Fun Fact #2

Growing up, I had a friend named Abdullah and we used to get up to no good together. Both our dad’s were struggling physicians from Pakistan trying to make it in South Africa and we lived in the not so good part of town. We were around the age of 12 and we would lurk around the streets and go on adventures, sneaking into hospital rooms and various other buildings we weren’t supposed to be in. As an act of defiance, we would vandalize property owned by rich people and stole little snacks from convenience stores we couldn’t afford. I recall we once entered an abandoned ice-skating rink where someone had dumped several worn out truck tyres. We were small and scrawny, so it took an hour of hard labour to get them stacked on top of each other. We then began aimlessly throwing sticks and trash into this tall tower of tyres we had built. Abdullah pulled out a lighter I didn’t know he had and lit a piece of paper on fire. With this piece of paper burning in his hand he looked at me and said “should I throw it in?”. My dumb ass said YES. He chucked it into the tower and within a matter of seconds there was a freaking inferno on our hands and we had no way of putting it out. We ran for it and roughly 15 minutes later, we heard sirens and saw a bunch of fire trucks zipping by. We hid in nearby park for 2 hours fearing that we would get caught. We never did.

Church Drawing (May 31st, 2015)

This is all I have for a church doodle today. The only one that is presentable anyway. All the others are concepts for a request I’m doing.

Since the request was for Manic and other blogs are mentioning Sonic Underground, I drew Sonia as a kid. This is one of my favorite songs from the series. It was one of my favorite episodes too. Any Manic episode made my day. 

Anyway, for those of you who actually watched Sonic Underground, enjoy having this song in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.


hs au where Dirk and Roxy go clubbing as friends and when they do they dance together and make a scene and its the perfect opportunity for Dirk to have cute guys at the club check him out, and get jealous and ahafnafjfs its hella effective for picking up dudes and making Roxy look like a babe plus roxy gets to have dirk grind on her hohoho

I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long; The beta kids’ aspects! Don’t they look so pretty all together like that?!

(if you like this, I’m stitching all the other aspects too so follow me maybe?)