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What has he actually done to be adopted tho? Like, dont get me wrong. His whole band sounds super lovely and I do think he and Harry are good friends. And his story coming from working in a pizza place is super cute. But other than that what has he done?? And are people not noticing how they are literally introducing a new bromance for Harry and everyone is falling for it?? Say they are very good friends. Harry always talks more about him than the rest of the band... it's anyone but Louis

I do agree to a certain extent, but I don’t really see them positioning their friendship as romantic (I haven’t seen this but then again I’ve had a lot going on so not online as much and maybe I missed something?). To me, it seems his team is pushing the het narrative embarrassingly hard.
As far as adopting him, for me it’s a bit premature (but the post was cute so I reblogged it). Part of the allure to Steve was his actual character (I learned about him and actually heard the positive and glowing words he spoke about Louis, 1d and their fans) and we don’t “know” of Mitch the same way so you’re right in that sense. I’m guessing that most people are charmed by the words Harry has spoken of him. Straight from his lips: he has become one of his closest friends and he wrote most of his songs with him–with a group that he trusted and felt comfortable with. So even if I don’t feel the same way about him as I do about Steve (bc I don’t “know” him yet), I also haven’t seen any reason to dislike him. He seems like a quiet chill musician to me. So yea. That’s where I’m at.

I am a JYP Stan and proud of it..

You know it hurts a lot when you only see comments like “JYP is over”, “JYP is none of the big 3 anymore they just suck” or “JYP ruin all their bands” like really who are you to say such things? do you sit straight next to them when they have their meetings? do you know that much about it? I guess not so who are you to say such things? I am not saying JYP is all perfect sure a lot of stuff is going wrong there, sure he may push suzy a bit too much (let her rest serioiusly) but guess what? SME and YG do exactly the same (EXO, SNSD and GDragon? hello? no shame on the groups just statting out that yg and sme are “biased” as well not JYP only)  But do you even know how buisness works? You offer things and people buy it or dont, suzy is popular so people buy it and jyp just try to make as much profit as possible just like you would do as well. 

If you look at the bands which are under JYP you would know that JYP Bands are all at the top in what they do and JYP had a HUGE success with Got7 as well, Miss A, Wonder Girls and 2PM always have nr 1 hits and always sell a lot of albums. sure he might have some lesser popular bands/singers (like Joo, 15&, San-E or 2AM) but just go and watch JYP Nations concert, they all get so well supported by us fans and by the other jyp artists, I bet they are happy in JYP and wouldnt want to join another directory. 

What I am trying to say is that it hurts me to see all those bashfull comments, I may not support all the stuff the management did the past few years but I love and adore JYP for creating (for me) the best bands in KPop. People always praise SME and YG while they exactly the same things like JYP and this thing is called music. You cant say “2ne1/SNSD are better the Miss A/WG” cause other people might think different about it, maybe for you it is like that and I fully accept your opinion so why dont you accept ours and stop bashing on JYP cause you bash on the Bands who work their ass for JYP in the same moment. I bet you wouldnt like me saying things like “YG/SME is over” as well right? 

I am proud of every artist in JYP and I love and support them no matter what and I am thankfull to JYP for introducing me to this wonderfull people.. and I kinda miss his “JYP” whisper…  

You can say what you want but no matter what JYP do he is doing good and you can feel the deep friendship between him and his artists, if he would treat them bad they wouldnt give a damn about him.

So maybe next time you want to say “JYP is over”, you should think about how we JYP stans will feel about it and maybe think about how you would feel when you read such things about your own favorite entertaiment.