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And so it was that The Joshua Tree 2017 Tour started with Larry No Fucks Given Mullen Jr strutting down the catwalk like a motherfucker. And so it also was that Larry No Fucks Given Mullen Jr ignored the crowd as he went, giving no fucks as he proceeded to slam out the intro to Sunday Bloody Sunday like the cool motherfucker that he is. I Love You, Larry No Fucks.

  • me: i'm 19 and i can confirm that people my age view 15/16 year olds as children. there is no reason a decent person my age would be with someone that young romantically.
  • ot*yuri shippers: um?? but its only a 3 year age gap?? which is perfectly healthy?? gosh stop hating omg you don't know what you're talking about

I got tagged by my sis @stupidineverything to post my lockscreen, homepage, last song i listened to & last selfie i took
Basically my lockscreen is just a rainbow and homescreen is Ariana from her One Love Manchester concert
Last song i listened is by SZA she’s so calming
Last selfie i took is rlly bad lol sorry idk why i look like i’m crying i probably was
I tag: @girlsnsleep @themgmqueen @kattlolo @9310x @unheardreasons @zharokiid xx

For this earlier post about punk Mob, the idea I had in mind for him putting that mouth on his face mask was because when I first watched the anime, that first fight scene where he demolishes those spirits scared me a little.

I mean, he was depicted in black all up until that point then he makes THAT face and I was really taken aback by it.

So for punk Mob, I’d like to think one of his posse members got a photo of him in some 100% making that face and saying how terrifying he looked, and he wants people to know that by just a glance, so he draws that over his face mask. (His members probably smoke too, which is why I think he’d wear one. Its not his job to police what they do, but hes not going to risk his own lungs).

so i had a fight with my mom bc i asked her for 2€ and she said i didnt want to earn money etc. And so i told her about what i go through every day and my intrusive thoughts and her response was, “where did you read that, where did you get that from”

And she also said its my fault im unlovable, that nothig makes me happy anymore, that I want to die and that i should shut my damn mouth and stop annoying her:)

I’ve been thinking a lot about Gravity Falls lately?

I have to say, I owe a lot to that show–

- I had my first real crush (yes, a fictional character, I know, shut up)

- It and MLP were what got me into art (which has been quite therapeutic for me)

- It the first real passion of my teen years

- It gave me something to look forward too every time a new episode was on its way

- Dipper in particular was special to me because he is very similar to me– striving for intelligence, in desperation for strong relationships, socially awkward and unsure of how to face his challenges

- I found my favorite band (Icon for Hire) and some of my other favorite music (Set It Off, Halsey, other songs, etcetera) from watching stupid AMVs and loving the music

- It was the inspiration for the longest story I’ve written to date (about 50 pages). Even though I eventually abandoned the story because I soon realized it was basically just a rip-off, at the time I was very proud of myself, as were my friends and teachers

- My friend once messaged Jason Ritter on Instagram and told him I had a massive crush on Dipper and that he was important to me and asked if he had anything to say about that he said to keep dreaming and keep looking for the right guy because I’d find eventually (even though I’m gay now)

- I never would have talked to that friend had I not seen the Gravity Falls wallpaper on her laptop

- It just generally made me really happy and helped me to find many other things I love that are important to me

However, I’ve noticed that I’ve kind of been ignoring it. When I see a post about it on my tumblr I scroll past it, I don’t pay attention to the google+ communities, etcetera. I haven’t worn my Dipper hats in ages, I forget I have everything for a perfect cosplay of him, I don’t draw him anymore, I could buy one of Mabel’s sweaters from Hot Topic but I don’t, I never hum the theme song, I don’t watch it when it’s on TV… It has started to disinterest me, I think? The characters and songs and quotes still make me happy, but not like the used to. Is it because I’ve been neglecting it? Am I just moving on? 

I’ve noticed the same thing happening with Star vs. the Forces of Evil, but that happened a while ago and I’m pretty much okay with it because it wasn’t too special to me.

I just can’t help but feel like I don’t give Gravity Falls the appreciation it deserves. I think maybe it’s just because there’s so many other things I like. And I think it’s natural to still appreciate something even if your affection for it deteriorates. 

I still very much love and appreciate Gravity Falls, I guess it’s just not at the forefront of my mind anymore.

Just his stupid desk floating off into space. AH yes my true life goal has come true. Everyone shall fear the power of my organizational desk skills, until he knocks off his pencil cup and all his favorite pencils just float off. Help soundwave come in we got a situation. I’ve lost all my favorite pencils with the colored lead in them. How am I suppose to organize my enemies demise without my color coordinating diagrams.  

  • Yakov: I think you could do this and that to improve your performance.
  • Yuuri: Oh. Okay. Thanks.
  • Yakov: DONT IGNORE ME YO- wait, what did you just say?
  • Yuuri: Hm... I said 'okay'? You are a coach, I should listen to you, right?
  • Yakov: ...

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Okay, i'm gonna give u more than just K... I love cats and i have 2 namely miley and sabrina, 19, student, i love the moon even before i knew that it was a camren thing. I cant give u my name because i only have 2 social media accounts, twitter and fb, and i use them for personal purposes. and yes i am bi, and i really like u. i don't know but i like u. i havent see u yet but here i am. dont be mad or dont ignore me okay. thankyou xx --- K

I won’t ignore you. And I think you’re sweet and love the names of your cats. I’m a strange gay girl though I’m not a huge cat fan. But I’m sure yours are precious. But my question is…how can you like me without seeing me and just from our small interactions through the asks? I mean what if I’m a DUFF? LOL


It took me days to comprehend and come to ‘realise’ this, per say. I said I don’t want to comment further on the whole issue so I’d try not to touch on that, but if there’s one thing I wanna add, it’s about leadernim.

The silent but observant guardian, Shinhwa’s otaku, leadernim Eric.

Everyone knew how much he’s invested in Shinhwa, time, effort, money. How much he’s done for the group, for the members he treat as his family. Eric’s kindness to fans is known too, never mind his occasional eccentricity (endearing, really ; u ;), but he’s not the kind to provide fanservice like Minwoo, with all the ‘my pretty orange princesses~~I love you~~”, the kind to like the spotlight…

But when the first tweet came out, there’s one thing I felt.


Eric has been a brick wall not only for his members to lean on, but for us, SHCJ as well. There’s bound to be criticism and backlash. If anything, the first arrow was to land on him, but he did it anyway. Did he not care, or did he not anticipate? I don’t know, but I doubt he is totally oblivious to the kind of waves he could push with just a simple tweet, from the official Shinhwa twitter not to mention, not his own E&J twitter account.

Part of me just thinks that he knew, but he needed it to be seen. Not by anyone else, but us, SHCJ. With what he’s been through, I doubt he’s very much more concerned about the backlash of the netizens then he is able to showcase his support to the fans who followed him all these years.

Which brings me to revive this little memory. I haven’t been a fan for long, but watching the old 10th anniversary concert belatedly, Eric’s speech is one of the most memorable ones I’ve remembered. 

“As I get older, I realised I don’t have many people on my side.
Really, when you’re working,
you meet many people who try to hurt you,
you meet people who want to step on you,
and those who want to break you apart.
When that happens I thought no one was by my side.
But seeing you, all of you are on my side.
I am so, so grateful.
To see so many people gathered here with my members, in the name of Shinwha,
it’s so fascinating and I’m very very thankful.”

- Eric, speech at the 10th anniversary [ watch here ]

Because SHCJ stood by his side, he will stand by SHCJ’s side too.

How many idols are willing to take a stand with their fans, or are able to? Eric does, the members does. Certainly, it spurred an even heated debate, and when fight occurs nothing good sounds out of it. But damn, it felt great to hear that we’re on the same line with our idols. Not about fighting for a color, but feeling, acknowledging and knowing that this color means a lot to both of us.

Whenever we need, Eric will stand up, not just for Shinhwa, or himself, but for SHCJ as well. As he wrote, “Orange is Shinhwa Changjo’s color since 1998”, not ‘Orange is our color’. 

And the recent surprise appearance with Junjin at the orange dress-code fansign? Of all the stories I’ve heard, he seems like one of the most difficult person to meet, but he always shows up to show his support to his members, and this one has never been more timely. Bodyguard concept? I don’t know if they planned it or it just so happened, but this…protecting orange-orange Junjin, protecting us, isn’t that a message to say on its own? [ read ]

So…the way they say things, the way Eric sounded blunt in his tweet, might or might not give him a favourable image to those who don’t know him (or do know him). But it doesn’t matter to me anymore. The fact is, we’re on the same line, and I just wanna support them in ways that I can. Vote, buy an album, listen to their songs…next year, when you guys are back, hopefully, I can join that orange ocean and support you face-to-face. 

Does it matter if they change their lightstick color anymore? Perhaps. Of course it’d be great if they do, but really now I just feel…I am simply proud to be part of this fandom, to have an idol who will back up his fans and watch as other fans back them up in return. This orange orange bond is amazing, okay? My only regret is not meeting them any sooner, but my motto is that it’s never too late. ; u ;

So to our lovely leadernim, thank you ♥♥♥♥♥ 문정혁사랑해!

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*awkward pats like Baymax* I saw you seemed kinda upset which isn't okay Cuz you're like the coolest. I'm a mess that can't talk good but I didn't wanna just ignore you. Umm, sorry for rambling, you're awesome, bai *sinks into the shadows*

!!! oh its okay, you can totally ignore me!! i dont want anyone to feel pressured to message me! but thank you for the kind words and the baymax pat, even tho you say you aren’t good with words.
im just very stressed bc its the end of the school year, and bc of that stress, dont have the means to cope with getting upset right now ^^;