dont hit me up


You don’t have to tell me if you ever think of me. You don’t have to tell me, I can still believe

colder weather makes me want to be in love

when the breeze kisses my cheek

I wish it was you

when I wrap myself in a sweater two sizes too large

I pretend it’s your arms

when I listen to the quiet sound of rain on my window

I dream it’s your laugh

when I reach out to close the door

I ache because it’s not your hand

I want to be dizzy and bubbling over

and the only person I want to be with

is you


how to be a schnee: own only white and light blue outfits ( and tiaras )

junhui is rly… one of the best ppl on earth… he’s full of so much warmth n optimism. he has this gorgeous glow tht hovers around him. when u look at him u just feel safe, u resonate with this sense of comfort bc u see how kind his eyes are, they are rly just the most gentle n welcoming pair of eyes. soft, curious, innocent brown eyes!!! u know tht lil smile tht he does? the one where he ever so slightly tilts his head, tiny crinkles map very lightly near his eyes, his lips tip upward into this sincere, bashful lil smile n u can just tell his heart is made of soft gold n tht he possesses so much lov yet he’s held back by his shyness. junhui just wants everyone 2 feel like they mean something u know?? he silently watches over everyone n ensures they feel comfortable n appreciated. his kindness, his innocence, his wonder, it just glows!!! he is so cool!!




how did lena go from “and who are you exactly?” to lets-walk-to-the-press-conference-with-this-rando-girl-i-just-met-and-talk-about-my-torn-relationship-with-my-incarcerated-brother in .002 seconds? 

like, if that’s not instantly whipped, i don’t know what is. 

i guess with all this discourse it’s time for the Allura/Plaxum headcanons I’ve been sitting on for fOREVER to COME ON RIGHT THE FUCK THROUGH??????? maybe??? no??? TOO BAD

  • the team goes back to the water planet
  • why? unclear. maybe they need more allies or they need to protect them from lotor or maybe they need the mermaids help finding shiro or SOMETHING
  • it doesn’t matter
  • i want plaxum to be like the head scientist or like the new commander of the mermaids troops or like ooHH shit girl there are so many possibilities
  • I just want her promoted to some cool ass position because she deserves it
  • anyways everyone is excited to see their heroes lance and hunk again
  • and the rest of the team is like ???? they are heroes and lance and hunk get a feast and shit
  • and plaxum is flirting with lance and lance is just eating it up because like you know he’s still kinda immature and loves that #attention (tbh same lance… same)
  • and keith is sitting there like >:[ i don’t know why i don’t like this but i sure as hell don’t like dis shit
  • and allura sees keef’s >:[ face and takes it upon herself to distract plaxum on her own because she’s a homie ya know
  • another way this works is keef’s already aware of his SOUL CRUSHING FEELINGS and asks allura for help distracting plaxum from lance
  • because the best choice would be shiro but he’s currently unavailable in the fucking void of space and he can’t very well ask hunk to do it (shay) or pidge (only cares about robots)
  • anyways allura is like sure we can just talk strategy. i sure do love diplomacy
  • so allura stops plaxum on her way to meet up with lance and hunk and asks if she can get a tour of her troops or maybe their new garden for their safe food supply or whatever plaxum is working on
  • and plaxum is beaming because the girl loves new friends cause she was stuck with the same two people for god knows how long and all her other friends like DIED so even though she’s got the new kingdom this girl values new friends like no other
  • and she loves showing off her troops and their skills so like duh
  • so she happily swims with allura to display her ladies’ strength and allura is like v impressed (and also like blushing????) when plaxum steps in to adjust the fighting stances of a few soldiers. she even gives a demonstration with a solider so they can mimic her movements
  • allura can feel herself getting antsy (probably just cause she wants to fight right???) so she swims down and asks if she can try sparring too
  • plaxum is like oh but sweetie you dont have a tail it’s not fair
  • and allura is like psh no problem and shapeshifts herself into a mermaid
  • and plaxum is suddenly like x100000 more attracted to allura than previously
  • she’s like watching allura learning some moves from her troops who are all kinda getting sloppier watching this warrior princess effortlessly slice through the water with a trident and hHOOOOO boy
  • plaxum stops them and stammering she’s like “o…k… righ—t this way uh you can kiss– i mean kill– I MEAN FIGHT ME”
  • and allura is just like um ok
  • and so they like take their places and stare each other down
  • there’s a moment where everything melts away and they are just like lost in each other’s eyes and they can hear their heartbeat pounding in their ears
  • they charge towards each other to shake off the feeling and it’s incredible. it’s like dancing. the adrenaline is kicking in at full blast, they’re struggling to keep up with each other but also having the time of their lives
  • and just as plaxum is about to dodge an incoming strike, allura smirks and plaxum just mcfreaking loses it (i feel u girl)
  • she may or may not get full on smacked in the face
  • allura may or may not be completely panicking
  • plaxum may or may not have completely fallen the moment she blinked her eyes open and saw allura’s concerned, frantic expression
  • allura princess carries plaxum back and asks coran if the healing pods would work with the mermaids like isn’t it bad if we take them out of the water like??????? how does this work???? and coran is like princess calm down and plaxum’s grip tightens on allura’s waist and allura just panics even more because this surge of protectiveness is like rushing through her veins
  • and she’s just like i just need to know she’s ok and not concussed
  • the queen is like chill child we got healing methods of our own we can take care of her
  • and allura just doesn’t leave her side all night even though the queen promises she’ll be fine and will wake up tomorrow morning completely healed
  • allura may or may not be holding her hand the entire time too
  • plaxum may or may not wake up to a sleeping allura perched against the bed, completely exhausted from staying in the mermaid form for so long, with a vice grip on her hand
  • plaxum may or may not gently nudge allura awake with her head
  • they may or may not stare lovingly into each other’s eyes, foreheads pressed against each other
  • there’s no kiss, there’s no confession, only a silent moment of understanding, eyes closed and breathing even
  • we have something
  • and on days when the fight is tough in their respective battles against the galran empire, they both look back on that moment and smile

It’s so nice to finally share this with the world. It felt a little niche so I’ve been waiting until I’ve had time to fic it but I figured we need some fluffy positivity in the fandom rn. I have a reunion scene also tucked away somewhere in the corner or my brain that I might share at another point AND ALSO A LITTLE MERMAID AU where allura is an altean princess engaged to keith who’s a galran prince (both against their wills) and plaxum is a landlubber-hating mermaid with a HUGE CRUSH on a famous mermaid singer named lance who falls in love with said galran prince OOOoOoOHHHH BOY.


pairing: evan hansen x reader

word count: 312

warning: reader is a teasing little shit. that is all.

a/n: hello i’m new and can’t remember the last time i wrote fanfiction lmao. evan is also probably most likely ooc here,, avert your eyes children. i’m working on becoming better tho just you wait!!

“Do you ever, um, draw people?”

You raised a brow at Evan, because really? You were in the middle of sketching his portrait, as per his request, and he decided to ask if you ever drew people. God, he’s lucky he’s so cute.

Sensing your unimpressed thoughts, Evan fidgeted in his seat, waving his hands around in an attempt to explain himself. “No, like, uh, people? The sort of- The kind where they, um.” Wringing his hands together in unease, his stammering comes to a stop. The tips of his ears were beginning to flush as the wheels in your head clicked into place.

“Oh, you mean, like, erotica?” You snorted. What an innocent dork.

Evan’s face turned completely red and oh no he’s so cute this is so unfair. “I mean, because you’re really good at art and everything. And, and I kinda wondered, you know, I figured you’ve probably done something like that before, sorry, I don’t even know why I’m—”

You tuned him out and placed your sketchbook down, moving to stand behind him. “Well, sometimes,” you answered, effectively shutting him up. “Do you mean in positions like…” You leaned down to hold his body close to yours, chest to back, and you could feel his heart pounding a mile a minute. “…this?” you whispered into the shell of Evan’s ear, delighting in the sharp intake of his breath.

Your fingers danced along Evan’s arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. A small smile crept its way onto your face. “Or maybe even”—you slowly circled around him, seating yourself comfortably on his lap—”like this?”

Evan’s hands hovered uncertainly in the air, then settled lightly, hesitantly on your hips. Softly stuttering out your name, his half-lidded eyes flickered to your lips, brushing ever-so-slightly against his. You laughed tenderly and tilted your head.

“Aren’t you going to kiss me?”


I don’t want to have any secrets from you. I never want to have any secrets ever again. 

September 2, 2017

Jade: hiveswap is not out yet!!!

Jade: but…it will be soon!! :)

Jade: i am really excited to see what will come of this game

Jade: it has been in development for so long, and has overcome so many hurdles, i think i cannot help but be excited to finally see it come out!

Jade: i heard you are able to combine every item with EVERY ITEM!

Jade: it already sounds like a lot of fun!

Jade: it is also apparently about my grandpas children??

Jade: ummm…

Jade: but i guess we will learn more about that when it releases! :)

Jade: there are t-[12] days until hiveswap releases!

Jade: and it has been (-245) days since “january 2017″! wow!

anyway consider this: transman neil josten
  • ALRIGHT ALRIGHT SO he doesn’t shower with the guys anyway, which is obvs because of his scars but IMAGINE
  • and when the girls say he can shower is there before them cause theres no stalls?? cause the girls just know and theyre trying to help
  • Also could be a reason it took so long for his father, the moriyamas and kevin to recognise and find him after he joined the foxes, cause they were looking for a WENINSKI DAUGHTER ay
  • plus two of his fake names were kinda genderneutral, alex and chris? im connvinced
  • he realises that it’s not just how much he looks like his father that makes him hate his appearance, even with contacts and dyed hair he feels physically sick seeing himself, he realises he’s trans, But dimisses it because it would oonly cause trouble for his mother
  • after his mother dies, he cuts his hair off and changes his name. he only starts binding when he goes to millport (but takes it off for games because he plays better without it)
  • wymack signs him under neil josten and all his paperwork as male, without being asked to
  • the foxes ARE 100% SUPPORTIVE, unquestionably 
  • kevin deadnames him when he finds out who neil really was and ANDREW GETS REALLY DEFENSIVE
  • even on the court, when someone makes a sly comment to neil, if any of the foxes hear it, they come to his defense
  • matt got countless red cards for starting fights with people who harrassed neil
  • once he is officially neil josten, he can get on testosterone and get top surgery
  • his top surgery scars are the only ones he’s proud of, standing out amongst the rest of his deeper and uglier scars because he loves them, they dont bring back harsh memories like the rest
Don't You Worry Child
Swedish House Mafia - For A Season Cover
Don't You Worry Child

~Ferriswheelshipping Song of the Week~

Don’t You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia - For A Season Cover 

-This is it! This was the the song I HEAVILY associated with ferriswheelshipping back in 2013-


more fountain pen art
i was practicing COLE
dunno why it was movie cole i just had his minifig on me and was in a movie cole mood i guess
also jay and show nya?? on the side
dunno why i did that but uh
so the one with jay in it is basically cole dragging him to a social event and jay hates it and wants to go home (me too jay)
the other one with nya is cole drawing on a wall and nya questions it