dont have time to do all today

03.06.16 | I have spent the majority of today crying from frustration over trying to get everything sorted for everyone else. I havent even LOOKED and all the important things I should be doing, I just dont care right now 😓 Instead I’ve restarted a textbook I read but didnt actualy study, and this time I’m taking notes! Yes that is my Frankie diary I spent a good month bitching about; I’ve decided to give it a chance. ☕️🌧

i know im a bit late hopping onto the back to school studyblr train, however its never too late for some homework help!! these are just some tips and tricks that i find useful when doing my homework. They work for me, and hopefully they’ll help you out too!!


  1. Have a journal: Or any type of planner. I don’t know how these things work for other people, but my school gives out journals for us to use. If yours doesn’t, you should still buy one!! It can be a basic diary, or high end with gadgets coming out left right and centre, but regardless, you NEED one.
  2. Write down the homework you get: The second the teacher hands out homework, write it down. Subject : page and question : due date. It’s so frickin handy to be able to go home, take out your journal, look at the day’s homework and be able to immediately say “this is due tmrw, I better do it now”. It’s just so helpful for prioritising, staying on top of things and, most importantly, not forgetting your homework!!
  3. For long term projects/assignments: Write it in on the list of that day’s homework AND on the day its due!! Once the week is over you’re not going to be checking that page again so you need to have another reminder!!


  1. Daily: Figure out how much time you have each day to do your homework. If you know you have basketball training on a thursday night, dont leave all the homework you have due on friday until then. Honestly, it couldn’t be more basic but the amount of people I know who do this on the daily.
  2. Weekly: Try and get all assignments from that week done over the weekend. I always think its far less stressful to start the week with a clean slate. This doesn’t apply to projects and stuff like that, but just the odd question you were given. You know, tidying up loose ends.
  3. Long term projects/assignments: We all know the age old saying “dont leave this til the night before” but, like, seriously don’t lmao. After doing your homework each night, try to do between 15m-1hr of work (depending on how much time you have til the deadline, how big the project is and how much you’ve already done that night).
  4. Write a list: So i have my list of what i need to do from todays homework and the other assignments that have accumulated in my journal. What next?? Write them out in the order you’re going to do them. If you have any short things you can quickly work through, do them first. It shortens your to-do list, gives you feeling of accomplishment and gets you into the swing of things. Next, homework due for tmrw, then the next day, then the next. Last but not least, any projects or long term assignments. Feel free to customize this order to whatever suits you best, but the above works wonders for me.

Random thoughts and tips: 

  1. Eat beforehand: Homework is hungry work, make sure your not going in on an empty stomach because it makes you unproductive and more irritable. Have a glass of water, mug of tea or whatever other drink you like next to you to keep you hydrated. It also stops you procrastinating because you “need” a drink, or “need” a snack. Just start!!
  2. Keep phone/laptop/whatever else ON and next to you: *gasp* i know, i know but honestly keep your device by you. Put it on silent, but have it so that you can do a bit of googling if needs be. Chances are you’ll get stuck on a question and want to look up the answer, or you’ll want some more in depth info on a topic or whatever else. Regardless, you’ll more than likely need it.
  3. Two piles: One for unfinished homework, one for finished. Keeps you organised AND it feels amazing to see the “to do” pile decrease and the “done” pile increase.

Most importantly: TEACHERS UNDERSTAND. You left your book in school, you got hours of homework from every teacher, you forgot your bag on the bus, or you simply just didn’t remember. If you generally have your homework in on time and are a good student, they’ll understand, it happens to the best of us. 

Hope these tips helped and maybe even gave you a bit of motivation!! Feel free to message me if there are any bits of this post that don’t make sense or if you have any thoughts/ideas :)))

listen up heteros!! idgaf how much you try to convince me, fishing is boring af. like i dont care if “it gets exciting once you catch a fish” it’s the waiting 3 billion hours for the fish to come part that is boring i dont have the time for that! i have a million of other things i’d rather do than wait for some dumbass fish to put his little ass stupid ass mouth on my tiny ass fake ass worm and then struggle to reel the poor guy in and see that he’s only a scrawny ass mirco fiber sized mackerel fish it’s just not worth all the effort!! 


16/3/17 I just came out of a mock exam for cultural geography. I think it went as well as I expected it to to be honest. I didn’t get as much revision in as I would ave liked, because I was at the quidditch tournament and then over Monday and Tuesday, it was like… though the sun was out there was this black shaft of shadow that surrounded me? I don’t know. For those two days it felt like the only emotion I had was sadness, for no apparent reason. At first I put it down to being drained from the tournament, but I had a lot of sleep and I was eating… who knows. I think it just sort of happens to people. So I took these pictures yesterday when my boyfriend and I went to one of our favourite cafes to do some revision for todays mock and for him to do his computer sciencey stuff, and then I went into papersmiths and there was a dog!!! So I felt a lot better yesterday, and I feel pretty good today. I’m about to do some catch up for my physical lectures, because my emotions at the beginning of this week held me back from going to some. I hope everyone’s having a better time of it than I have recently. It sort of like, I only feel in extremes right now… I dont know. Love you all thank’s for keeping me motivated to work when I’m like this. xxx emily

this is just a remindre

if you fucked up today, thats okyy, youre still smart, and good, and people still love you

if youre in a dark place today, thats okyy.
even if you feel like you cant get out of bed, and all you can do is breathe, thats okyy. you breathe, take the time you need, and we’ll be here when youre ready

evrey'day is a battle. on some, you demolish on whatevre’s ahead of you. on othre’s, you just have to hang on for dear life. eithre way, youre a fightre, strong person, dont forget it.



And from all the smiles I’ve seen yours are the ones I crave for the most

“Our lives pass by so quickly that we don’t realize that there are so many precious moments to catch in [life]. In our daily life let’s record each and every moment and turn them into our memories. Let’s talk together, laugh together, sing together. That moment we share together unknowingly has already become special in our hearts. One month, you and I, the time we spent together, when we remember about this, it will be an amazing memory to us. That memory to you, I hope it will become your special daily life” - Taeyeon to her fans



good afternoon heres a video about the Creation

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Today in class we were doing a this or that type of game one of the questions was cats or dogs and literally all the people who raised their hands for dogs straight up insulted cats and the whole time I just thought how you would have defended cats really well


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2d just bein really clingy plz

A/N: (::::::::::

  • Your back hurt as you hunched over you computer, typing away furiously as you rushed to get your assignment done. You knew if you hadn’t procrastinated all day, you wouldn’t have been in this situation, but inevitable as it was, waiting until the last minute to complete something was just how you got things done. lol dont lie to me ik yall do this too
  • 2D knew how you worked at times like these. He kept to himself, usually playing around with some of his many keyboards, mindlessly going about his phone, or writing down little things he thought sounded nice whenever they came to mind. 
  • Usually, you would finish within an hour or two but unfortunately today was not going to be one of those days. He found absolutely no interest in doing anything else and laid down on his bed, a few feet away from you, waiting patiently for you to finish. Well, almost patiently. He watched you as you sat on the chair that once held one of his keyboards, laptop on your thighs as you typed impressively fast.
  • He wanted so badly for you to finish already so you could spend time with him, as the two of you had the house to yourselves. He huffed and sat up, pursing his lips when you didn’t notice the movement. He waved his arms about, but you paid him no mind and continued to type, further tempting him. 
  • Cautiously, he reached over to one of the legs of your chairs and pulled you closer to his bed, pausing to see if you would react in anyway. As expected, you continued to type and he slowly inched the chair closer to him until it was right next to his bed.
  • You were confused when you felt yourself being awkwardly moved from the hard material of the chair onto his soft comforter. He pulls you into him, a comfortable position against his small headboard with you in between his long legs. He wraps his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder.
  • “Stuart?” you ask, looking at him through the corner of your eye. He doesn’t answer and pulls you closer into him, humming contently as you finally acknowledged him, “Keep going,” he says and you do exactly so.
  • You finish within a few more minutes and close your laptop, exhaling loudly as that burden was finally done and over with. You look at the time and realize it had been a while since you had eaten. You get up but you’re stopped when the arms around your waist tighten, trapping you against him. You laugh, “Stu, I need food,” you say, attempting to wiggle out of his grasp but he doesn’t budge.
  • He doesn’t answer and you continue to try to escape, laughing in the process which entices his own and you eventually manage to stand up, him still attached behind you like a leech. “Oh my god, Stuart,” you say laughing. You give up and leave him be as the two of you awkwardly hobble over to the kitchen, him following your movements with clumsy steps.
  • He remains attached to you as you fix yourself something to eat and even sneaks a few bites for himself, earning a playful gasp every time he does so. Eventually you finish, and the two of you shuffle to the couch where he plops down, bringing you down with him into a comfortable position on his lap, “Finally,” he says as he turns the TV on in front of you.
  • “Was this your plan the entire time?” you ask, turning around to look at him. He attempts to look as innocent as possible, “Maybe…”
  • “Well, you’ll have to try harder than that,” you say quickly before you jump up and run from him, engaging in an intense battle of tag.
  • He eventually catches you and yall fuck.
Home (Blurb)

Hello lovelies. Hope you’re doing well. So sorry for the lack of imagines/blurbs but I started yet another year of University, so its been kinda hectic. But please please please send me some requests so that it will make the thinking of plots a lot more easier.  Also keep in mind I do imagines based off a character already made up, so if I see ‘y/n’ I will replace it with the name that I have created. But I hope you enjoy

Finally after weeks of not seeing him, I get to see him.
Shawn has been gone for about 3 weeks touring North America doing what he loves, unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit him those 3 weeks because of work so we did what we usually do when he’s gone; Facetime dates.
But its never the same. I truly envy people to get to wake up in their bed and say “I’m going to visit my boyfriend” and able to spend some time, if that’s if you don’t have work or you do and see him after, I envy you; yet wouldn’t want my relationship to change at all.

Today is finally the day where he comes home. I usually wait at Shawn’s condo and not greet him at the airport, because frankly I dont need 50 teenage girls coming up to me.
So I stay and wait for him.

9:05 pm
“Hey! I just landed I’ll see you soon. I MISS YOU" 
I chuckle at the text and finish pouring my tea before responding.
“See you soon. Love you ❤” I press send and sit on the couch sipping my tea, watching some random movie on t.v that doesn’t interest’s me at all.


I finally here the keys and the lock turning. I practically jump off of the white couch and place my tea on the kitchen island and run to greet Shawn at the door.
He comes through the door his body showing he’s completely drained, but his eyes; as soon as they met mine they went wide and a huge smile was plastered on his lips.

I walk up to him and hug him. His arms wrapping around my waist and squeezing me tightly, taking my breath away.
He slightly picks me up where my toes grazing the floor.
He places me down and he looks at me.
His hands slowly traveling up to my cheeks and he looks at my features as if he’s looking to make sure I’m still the same Jaclyn.

“I missed you. A lot.” I chuckle and kiss him lightly. He kisses me back and turn on my heels and grab my tea and he grabs his luggage and we meet by the washer and dryer.

I sit on the bed, sitting on my knees and Shawn watches me as he places his clothes in the washer.
“What are you looking at?” I chuckle while taking another sip.
He shakes his head and shrugs “I just missed your face”

He closes the washer and places a little bit more detergent than normal so he makes sure it gets really clean. He lazily walks over to his bed and takes my mug and I make a pouty face. He takes a big gulp out of it and sighs in relief.
“Want me to make you one?” He chuckles and shakes his head and hands me the mug back.
I take the last sip and leave the room and put the mug in the sink.

I come back and see Shawn sprawled out in his bed looking so comfy.
I walk up to him and straddle him. He takes ahold of my waist and I kiss him.
“I missed these lips” he kisses me again. I lean back and his hands supporting me.
“Well these lips missed you” I come back and kiss him.
We talk about what the other missed until we both fell asleep finally happy that he was home.

Was this bad? I don’t know I’m very indecisive and always think I write horribly so please excuse that.

The Signs as Sonic-For-Real-Justice Quotes

Aries - “Pack up your bags and get the fuck out.” - Mod Sonic

Taurus - “Who the fuck cares, honestly.” - Mod Sonic

Gemini - “DONT MAKE US INTO A MEME!” - Mod Amy

Cancer - “That doesn’t sound very nice, friend.” - Mod Tikal

Leo - “You broke the rules. And by the power of the Chaos Emeralds Rules you were supposed to be responsible for, I banned you. Bye, Knuckles.” - Mod Sonic

Virgo - “why does everyone hate me..?” - Mod Amy

Libra - “Eggman is a supposed feminist.” - Mod Shadow

Scorpio - “I’m not even that edgy, fuck off” -Mod Shadow

Sagittarius - “Today was weird but exciting.” - Mod Tails

Capricorn - “How many smug pictures of Sonic do I have? Fuck you. That’s how many.” - Mod Sonic

Aquarius - “what about all those times we watched mlp together???” - Amy

Pisces - “‘Shadow is next on the ban list’ Like I give a shit, I was spacekin anyways.” - Mod Shadow

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More Yoosung and student!MC please? He's my fave...

YAH (he’s like kinda my fav too but um anyway)

  • cooking at MC’s place all the time!!!
  • he mostly cooks while MC does homework, but they put on music so they can both jam together
  • probably says “bone app the teeth” when he’s done
  • also surprises MC with takeout all the time since they’re too busy to cook
  • “this is why i love you”
  • “gotta make sure my sweet heart is fed~”
  • there are days where MC will come home from school and Yoosung is just sitting in their bed playing games
  • “hey hon, how was school today?”
  • MC flops down in bed next to Yoosung
  • “shitty as per usual”
  • “come to dinner with me?”
  • “can we order it instead?”
  • “yup”
  • MC will sometimes just crash on one side of the bed while Yoosung games on the other
  • or MC will study at their desk while he naps
  • they dont have to be doing anything in particular together, they just like hanging out
  • Yoosung visits MC’s part time job all the time
  • he pretends to be cool and MC pretends to hate it
  • “well hey baby, whats a cutie like you doing in a place like this?”
  • “Yoosung, this is a Hollister. why are you talking like i work on the bad side of town or something?”
  • “i was just trying to be cool…”
  • -a few minutes later-
  • “hey baby, what do you say the two of us go out for a little bit when your shift ends?”
  • “where do you wanna go, slick?”
  • “i…um…your apartment?”
  • “sounds like a plan”
  • “nice”
  • everytime MC mentions a study group he gets kind of protective
  • “who’s in it?”
  • “just a couple people from my chem class”
  • “so…these people…”
  • he puts air quotes around people
  • “…just how in love with you are they?”
  • “Yoosung! shut up!”

i really hope you liked those!!! thanks so much for requesting Yoosung ^^

My Writing Process

10:00: Here I go look at me writing. *Stares at tumblr.* 

12:00: Now im all nice and refreshed to start writing. *Stares at tumblr more.* 

2:00: *Blatantly watching youtube.* 

4:00: I’m hungry and need a break from writing. *Hasn’t even opened docs.*

6:00: It’s too loud to write. 

8:00: I’m too tired to write.

10:00: I have too much to do to write. 

12:00: Oh man I wish I had written today. 

2:00: I am a wordsmith. I know all the words. I have work in 4 hours and dont have time to put them down. 


a few people have wanted to see my design for Father Walter Craven’s family, specifically his older sister because they are close! so i finally put my concepts together and designed her.
she’s an elementary school teacher and tattoo artist who is VERY avid on movements toward saving earth and its inhabitants, from all sorts of animals to all kinds of people. she lost her lower arm in her early 20′s [ due to a car crash where she tried not to hit an animal ] and finds it fun when her students think her prosthetic’s cool. she got her other arm’s tattoo because she thought it was a cool concept! under a black light it looks glow-y and blue, which she also likes to share with her students! as well, she likes to dye her hair and has probably gone through every color and style. 

Father Craven and her are and always have been best friends. she wishes he weren’t so busy all the time to come down and visit her nowadays.

[ my ocs ] 

i’m not particularly fond of talking about my follower counts anywhere (i dont mind when other people do! just not really my thing) but i broke 10,000 followers on here today and that feels super whoaaa. 

this account is probs around 6 years old and i know i inconveniently hop interests all the time, but some ppl have told me how they stick around because they like my art anyway, regardless of what i’m drawing, and honestly that’s quite touching to me. :’^) really anyone who’s taken the time to send a nice message or write a nice tag… thank u so much. i really do love drawing for the sake of drawing, and that stuff only makes what i do even sweeter.

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y did yall give this notes you say as you reblog yourself again to get notes to make sure taylor sees it

i dont have the right to be surprised a shit post didnt flop? i also dont reblog stuff for her to see? and while we’re at it, i have no problem with other people reblogging things for her to see? would you all like to get off my dick today or would you like assistance because it looks like you’re having a hard time doing so on your own on this sunny afternoon?