dont hate the breed

ppl have been complaining about no man’s sky but im sitting here still salty about the sims 4

I had a pit bull for nearly a decade,her name was pink because her white fur was so thin that half of her was pink.she was the sweetest most understanding animal I have ever met.when I felt horrible and everyone else believed my half hearted “I’m fine” she came to my side and wouldn’t leave me. She left us early…ironically because she wouldn’t do the one thing all our neighbors gave her dirty looks for.she wouldn’t fight. Another dog attacked,backed her into a corner and she wouldn’t fight. She was bleeding from everywhere,her soft white fur was now red,and for all I tried to stop the bleeding after fighting off the other dog,being bitten a few times myself,it was too much….But she didn’t lose,she died because she won against all the hate and wouldn’t die a monster.


Me and this dick went places and did some stuff today and not once did someone shy away from him or freak out. Instead they asked to pet him, laughed at his pig noises and let their children touch him. Shaq had a great day and I’m glad that no one scolded me for owning the sweetest, smartest, most caring and well trained dog around. I’m proud of my town.

atheists be like “religion breeds nothing but hate, religious people dont accept anyone who believes differently to them” and then they’ll be like “haha you have a religion? ah ha you fool, those are fairy tale stories…, , u are wrong and i am intellectually superior compared to you”