dont hate the breed

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Your blog promotes ridiculous amounts of negativity & it's sad that instead of fighting for a cause you're fighting against one with nothing but hate. Hate vs hate only accumulates more hatred. Stop with the negative perspectives with politics & political speculations.

You dO know tumblr has a block button, right? You can push it FOR FREE DOLLARS and you will never ever have to see another post of mine. BAM! We’re both happy, just like dat

And this is my B-Log so generally speaking, I’ll blog whatever tf I feel like. You understand those two facts of life, right? 

And as far as what you seem to think of as my “negativity” and “hate” blogging…I’ll leave you with a quote and a reference post:

True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice - Martin Luther King, Jr  

Reference post on why the “Hate Breeds Hate” mentality is wrong and ignorant: (please read)

Also, you might wanna google the words “paternalism,” “patronizing” and “self-agency” and think about **why** I’m asking you to reflect on those concepts: (please read)

Please do us both a favor and don’t come back into my ask box to respond with any bs, or you know what I’ll have to do

Just gonna leave this here and personally invite everyone to physically take a shit on this video and the mozarella cheese that’s making it

Essentially it all boils down to:

“i’m not homophobic, but i hate when gay people are gay. If only they would act more straight and…i dont know….normal :(”

Straight people are literally incapable of putting themselves in shoes that arent their own. They’re uncomfortable with gay people being gay in public? So it’s okay to be gay…but only if no one is watching and it’s in private. Stop making rules for a whole group of people, you aren’t the fucking gatekeepers of a bunch of strangers’ lives. If seeing/hearing about gay people makes you uncomfortable, you’re fucking homophobic, you aren’t ‘woke’ or ‘telling it like it is’. You’re a bad person. What we do is none of your fucking business. Straight people can honestly be so pathetic when it comes to LGBT rights - we aren’t taking away your toys, we have our own, you dumb motherfuckers. Let us live.

How the fuck do you think we feel everyday of our lives having to only see straight people in movies, shows, books, magazines, irl? ‘Stop shoving your gay propaganda down our throats’ then stop shoving your hetero bullshit down ours and LET US LIVE.

I had a pit bull for nearly a decade,her name was pink because her white fur was so thin that half of her was pink.she was the sweetest most understanding animal I have ever met.when I felt horrible and everyone else believed my half hearted “I’m fine” she came to my side and wouldn’t leave me. She left us early…ironically because she wouldn’t do the one thing all our neighbors gave her dirty looks for.she wouldn’t fight. Another dog attacked,backed her into a corner and she wouldn’t fight. She was bleeding from everywhere,her soft white fur was now red,and for all I tried to stop the bleeding after fighting off the other dog,being bitten a few times myself,it was too much….But she didn’t lose,she died because she won against all the hate and wouldn’t die a monster.


Me and this dick went places and did some stuff today and not once did someone shy away from him or freak out. Instead they asked to pet him, laughed at his pig noises and let their children touch him. Shaq had a great day and I’m glad that no one scolded me for owning the sweetest, smartest, most caring and well trained dog around. I’m proud of my town.

ok….. this is fucking reminding me of the m&ms bullshit….

when I say “hate breeds hate” I don’t mean sit there and take abuse I mean don’t hate an entire group of people for something one of them did.

so in your bullying analogy, its not fighting back the bully and being told not to fight.

its being hit by the bully and then punching every kid on the football team as if its their fault your hurt…

dont punch the whole football team for something the quarterback did….

atheists be like “religion breeds nothing but hate, religious people dont accept anyone who believes differently to them” and then they’ll be like “haha you have a religion? ah ha you fool, those are fairy tale stories…, , u are wrong and i am intellectually superior compared to you”