dont hate me please

  • youtubers when the sam pepper stuff was happening:be free thinkers!! don't idolise youtubers! be educated!!! let them know when their behaviour is unacceptable! call them out!
  • youtubers when we call them out:you're all so negative!!! spend your time doing positive things!! we're gonna delete the comments!!!1! Stop being so critical!
A quick PSA

DO NOT BUY NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC AQUARIUM PLANTS. there are metal wires in the plants that will rust. i found this out because there was a sharp bit that was tearing one of my bettas fins. so i pulled the sharp thing off revealing a rusting wire. thats why my water was tinted and odd yellow! i ended up tearing whatever cycle i had going apart to get the rust color out of my aquarium.(i dont have a filter yet so please dont hate me) 

heres a link to the plant:

To all Victor Rasuk/Jose Rodrigues fans

Can we please talk about Victor Rasuk aka Jose Rodrigues face in this gif

i groaned…poor thing and i know the circumstances he kisses Ana are not in his favor- lets be fair here- but he’s the cutest little puppy in this gif and i have feels for him ok so excuse me not really haha

gif belongs to ohmrgrey